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Groups.drupal.org facilitates collaboration for collections of Drupal fans everywhere. We host local meetup groups like Toronto and South Africa. We host working groups like Views developers and High performance. These groups each get a home page where they can collaborate. Posts are available for subscription via email and RSS. This site expects all users to follow the Drupal Code of Conduct.

Site maintainers

Scott Reynen (sreynen)
Naveen Valecha (naveenvalecha)
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Former Site maintainers


We have a few policies for how the site runs. In general we follow all the rules of drupal.org. Then beyond that:

  • Group submission guidelines for what kinds of groups should (and shouldn't) be hosted here.
  • Taking over an abandoned group or having it deleted is also documented.
  • Moderation guidelines for new groups for what happens after your new group enters moderation.
  • The Permissions on the site for different types of accounts explain how and why you want want to use the site.
  • We use a form of preventive spam protection called Mollom - you should be aware of their terms of service. Mollom will sometimes present users with a visual or audio challenge (CAPTCHA) which must be solved to post to our site. If you are unable to solve these challenges please contact the site maintainers and we will investigate the problem with the team at Mollom and perhaps change your account so you don't have to interact with Mollom.
  • We also use a form of detective spam protection called manual reporting. If you see spam on the site please report it at groupsdrupalorg issue queue
  • You can see the "organizers" of each group in the right sidebar when looking at a page or a group homepage.
  • Site admins/moderators/editors are encouraged to promote broadly interesting content to the site homepage. If you would like your content promoted there, you can join #drupal-groups on irc and ask someone there to promote it OR post about it to the groups.drupal.org queue.

Problems with this site, Helping with this site

You might want to subscribe to the general discussion group about this site. Editors and interested users might be interested in the Maintenance group which discusses the day to day operation of this site. You may also contact the site maintainers with any questions or concerns. There is also a queue where you can add an issue if you're having a problem with this site.


For more information about Drupal Groups policies and processes, see additional documentation at http://drupal.org/getting-involved-guide/groups