Welcome to the Bellingham Drupal Users' Group!

***If you've just joined us from, thank you for making your way over to GDO. If you don't usually spend a lot of time here, you should take some time to check out all that GDO has to offer and see if there are other useful groups related to what you're doing with Drupal (or what you want to do). Going forward, this will be where we announce meeting dates and times, discuss your Drupal questions, and post interesting events and ideas related to Drupal.***

The BhamDUG is currently planning its meetups to talk about Drupal, to contribute to regional Drupal events like PNW Drupal Camp, and have some Drupal Fun. During BhamDUG meetups, we showcase modules and projects, share tips and tricks, and answer nagging questions about Drupal.

This is a geographic Drupal User Group, meant primarily for planning local Drupal related events and meetups, and for supporting users locally.

Don't know much about Drupal yet? That's okay. New Drupal people are welcome! To get the most out of our meetups, you should have at least installed Drupal and played around with it some before you attend one. At some point, we may host some opportunities for learning Drupal locally, but this is not a group for learning the basics of Drupal.

Please don't post job offers in this group unless they are local to Bellingham, Skagit, or Whatcom County. Thanks for helping us keep it local.

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PNWDS Session Schedule is Now Online

2015 Pacific NW Drupal Summit
UW Seattle Campus - Oct 10-11

PNWDS Session Schedule is Now Online

We Need Volunteers

If you have questions or comments,
please use our contact form

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2015 PNWDS: Sessions Accepted + Volunteers Needed

Just 17 more days to go!
Register and book a hotel room today.

2015 Pacific NW Drupal Summit
UW Seattle Campus - Oct 10-11

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2015 PNW Drupal Summit is in one month!

Just one month to go!
Register and book hotel room today.

2015 Pacific NW Drupal Summit
UW Seattle Campus - Oct 10-11

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2015 PNWDS - Session submissions close 9/4

2015 PNW Drupal Summit - Seattle - Oct 10-11

Submit that session! Submission will close on Friday 9/4.

We all need a little deadline pressure to get things done so don't miss the opportunity to share your knowledge with your local Drupal community.

You will need an account to submit a session. You can use your one from 2014 or create a new one here:

If you have problems logging in, contact us and we'll help you out:

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2015 PNWDS: Submit your session ASAP!

Register now for
2015 Pacific NW Drupal Summit
UW Seattle Campus Oct 10-11

Login and
Submit your session ASAP! Time is limited.

Proposed sessions

Schedule overview

Reserve a room at Hotel Deca while they are available

Be a sponsor

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2015 PNWDS: Book your hotel room ASAP

2015 Pacific NW Drupal Summit
UW Seattle Campus - Oct 10-11

Book your hotel room ASAP
Hotel info:

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2015-08-10 Virtual Meetup via Slack, open discussion, Q & A

2015-08-10 18:30 - 20:30 America/Vancouver

Informal meet up this month, no fixed schedule or topics.

We're also trying Slack as the venue, a virtual meet up to see if it is viable in addition to in-person meet ups.

We'll use the Slack channel #gdo-meetups as the primary discussion channel.

In order to participate using Slack, you need to be signed up for this group.
To be added to the Slack group, please contact one of the Drupal Group's organizers, at the right side of the Drupal Group page, either:

theMusician (Max)

Trebor (Rob)

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2015 PNWDS Online Registration is Open

2015 Pacific NW Drupal Summit - Seattle - Oct 10-11
Be sure to reserve your hotel room ASAP!

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Meetup at Woods Coffee 2015-07-13 -- RESTful Services and Services module

2015-07-13 18:30 - 20:30 America/Vancouver

Location: Lakeway Woods Coffee (

Meeting topics proposed for the 6:30pm meet up:

  • Web services (REST and Services module discussion)
  • General Q&A time
  • Other topics are welcome

Some discussion of what is being done at WWU with respect to JSON objects and the REST WS module & Angular will be covered as well as (hopefully) some Services integration with Drupal and Adobe Lightroom via either XML_RPC or Atom feeds. Details to follow, so stay tuned.

Relevant resources:

REST WS module:

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6/8/2015 Recap

Thanks everyone who attended. We hope to see those of you who couldn't come next month, the second Monday of the month at 7pm.

A few highlights were the following recommendations from DrupalCon.
* Drupal Prenote
* Lean, Collaborative Usability Testing
* All sessions available Just click on a title and the YouTube video will load, and they should be captioned.

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Meetup tomorrow 6/8/2015

We are kicking off our summer season at the Lakeway Woods Coffee. 813 Lakeway Drive, Bellingham, WA

Loose agenda:

  • DrupalCon debrief
  • Slack
  • Migration from Meetup to groups on
  • Site troubleshooting

See you there.

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Headed up to Vancouver Drupal User Group

If anyone is interested in going to the Vancouver Drupal User Group tonight,, I plan on crossing the border around 3:30 in Blaine. Happy to provide a ride if anyone wants to go. I can fit 3 people comfortably and four tightly.

I'll grab a light dinner prior to the meeting and then head home directly after.

Contact me if you want to share a ride.

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Volunteer Designer | LinuxFest NW

Employment type: 
Not allowed

This is a volunteer opportunity and I believe they are looking for someone in the immediate area (Bellingham, WA or vicinity). Just posting on behalf of the group, I don't know anything about what they need. They used to run the conference on COD but I don't know whether that is still the case.

Please follow up using the email given in the announcement.

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Acquia 8-part blog series on Drupal 8

Acquia has a blog series on Drupal 8 that may be of interest.

Summary blog page on Drupal 8:

Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8 episode summary (will be 8 episodes, 6 have been done as of 2014-09-04)

Episode 1 - Authoring Experience Improvements

Episode 2 - Mobile Improvements

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Research Software Developer II | University of Idaho

Employment type: 
Full time

This position will design, develop, and maintain complex software systems to support research computing. This position will develop and maintain research-oriented database and web applications under the direction of a Technology Operations Manager within the Northwest Knowledge Network (NKN) and will work with other NKN staff members to efficiently resolve reported application errors.

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Access site variables via

If you have reason (e.g. troubleshooting) to review and/or edit site variables, you can do this via a GUI interface (rather than drush vget/vset) using the devel module and then going to the following location on your site:

This will provide you with a clear list of all the variables and the ability to edit them via a simple text editor interface.

I found this easier (or at least more straight-forward) than using drush vset, especially when editing arrays.

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Javascript in Drupal - Notes from Meetup

Hi everyone,

I meant to post the slides from our session but it slipped my mind. Thanks to Rob for reminding me.

It is an .odp file so for best results in viewing it I recommend LibreOffice. Keynote and PowerPoint should open it as well.

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Meetup Monday June 9th: Drupal Security & DrupalCon Roundup

NOTE: Last-minute location change! We will meet at The Woods Coffee on Lakeway, where we have a table reserved from 7PM to 8:30PM. Max Bronsema will report directly from his recent experiences at DrupalCon Austin, and we'll talk about security issues with Drupal.

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Meetup Monday May 12th: Drupal and JS Libraries

We've got some great meetup topics lined up for the next few months, starting with this month's meetup on Monday at 7PM, when we'll be talking about the use of Javascript libraries with Drupal. Read more and get all the particulars on our Meetup page:

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Join us for Devsigner (designers + developers) Conference in Portland this May

The first ever Devsigner Conference is happening in Portland May 23-25, and we'd love to see you there!

Devsigner is a brand new event that will bring together frontend developers and technology-oriented designers and invite them to share their expertise, helping them take frontend development to the next level. We will be using Drupal as an assumed base platform, but since frontend development isn't tied to a particular backend, our audience includes any frontend dev and web-focused designer.

More information and registration:

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