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This group is a space for both developers and staff working at/with Community Media Centers and Public Access TV Stations to discuss the implementation of Drupal and CiviCRM based systems. This project has a long, complicated history, but several key contributors have been contributing to this project since 2006.

The "CMDrupal" project focuses on all major components of the operational workflow of a Community Media Center and involves Drupal module development and custom configuration in several distinct but overlapping areas:

  • integration with CiviCRM for membership management and training class enrollment
  • a project based system for resource reservations linked to user training certifications
  • ingestion of video content and metadata integrated with local playback servers

The Community Media Starter Kits distributions provide the structure for the project. The starter kits are available in Easy (ESK), Moderate (MSK), and Difficult (DSK) versions. The starter kits are Drupal distributions that include most modules, libraries, and themes needed to build a community media related site, but are not designed as one size fits all solution. Even the Community Media Starter Kit (Easy) typically requires several hours of configuration and customization to meet the needs of an organization. The DSK is

If you are interested in getting involved in CMDrupal, please read our Commitment to Contribute. Unlike an open source project like Firefox that may actually benefit from just using the browser, this project requires users to eventually become contributors at some level to be successful.

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Reservations Module Complete

OpenFlows has updated and made the latest code available. See the link below on mjgoins' post.

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Utilizing Drupal + OSS meeting

2007-01-04 18:00 - 19:00 Etc/GMT+1
    Meeting Canceled

Over a year ago we started an open source movement to develop software designed for PEG. This past year the project has been stalled, deadlines missed and things seemed to have gone down the wrong path BUT we're back on track and going International! The one thing we've been extremely successful at has been creating a community around the development so that we're all helping one another.

Join me on Tuesday the 4th and lets talk about the current state of the software, our next steps, whose involved now and where we're all headed!

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MNN Reservation Module Alpha Release

We've all been talking about this for a while and we're not totally done but there has been some interest expressed in getting access to our work in progress.

Openflows Community Technology Lab and Manhattan Neighborhood Network have decided to give the pegspace and drupal community an alpha release of the MNN reservation module which will be one of the building blocks of the larger PEGspace project.

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New MNN contact

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let the group know that I'm the MNN contact for any work on the development of the new "system". Jacob has been a really awesome contributor to these efforts, but, alas, he is moving away sniff. While he will still be involved quite a bit (yay!), it'll be my butt on the line for all this stuff (boo!) Please feel free to contact me any time.


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User Badges with PDF-IDCard

I finally was able to release a development version of the PDF-IDcard module. This module allows a site to create templates that consist of a background image and User's data. This template is then rendered into a PDF file that is meant to be printed on badge printer. Currently MNN is printing their badges using a standard inkjet printer, cutting the paper and then laminating the "card".

This module could be very easily modified (or some quick code written) to create a PDF book with pages for every user account to allow for mass badge printing.

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