Content migration, import, and export

Converting a web site from one content management system (or - ack! - raw HTML files) to another is always challenging. Going to Drupal is no exception. How does one go about it? What are the challenges and what's the best way to meet them? And what about exporting content from Drupal for use by other systems?

This group (formerly Data Import/Export, devoted to one solution) is for discussion of best practices in content migration. How do you manage the process? What are the things that are likely to trip you up? What tools are available?

In the short term, a major focus in this group is seeing if we can consolidate some of the myriad existing tools to aid in migration.

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Migration service is required: Django to Drupal

Hello everyone,

I am looking for an experienced developer who can migrate an informative website from Django to Drupal.

The website is an informative website will 3 content type max but a lot of nodes 370+

For the ones who are interested please drop me an email at:



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Import/Export content from one drupal site to another or custom applications


Was trying to find ways to export/import content from drupal 8 so that it can imported to another drupal 8 site or import into a custom application.
Which modules can help? is obsolete is for entire site/db no releases any more
Anything else I can look into?
Was looking at

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Migrating Ilias CMS to Drupal 7?

I'm looking at a migration from Ilias CMS to Drupal 7.

A search did not produce anything helpful. Any tips or links would be appreciated.

I don't think they are using any SCORM components, they are using Ilias more like a content CMS.

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import csv file to geofield


I have to import information in a csv with poligones information to node with a geofield field.

I have tried feeds import and gdal, but gdal doesn't recognize the kml field.

A sample file with 3 records is attached.

Can anyone help me with feeds or with a migrate module?



I imported the kml data to a text field and extracted the information with geofield from another field!
I uploaded the module and the image of the secciones content type
for this to work, you need migrate_extras module

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Looking for suggestions on how to migrate files from remote server

I am in the process of migrating a large collection of media assets, namely images, documents, and video thumbnails (video is already stored locally) from the Kaltura platform to be stored locally in Drupal. I'm an experienced Drupal developer, but new to the Migrate module. I could just write a custom module that does this, but I feel like the Migrate module may be the better way to go. Unfortunately, I'm just not sure how this would work...

Here are the steps I know I need to take.



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Migrating Drupal6 site


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Advice on migrating a site


I was considering volunteering to update a site and I thought that migrating it to Drupal would be a good way to go.

Can anyone with experience give me a quick indication of requirements and difficulty to do this for this site:

thanks for your help.

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Maybe we should use separate Drupal sites for backend data and for front end presentation

(Here's a post which I originally posted at: )

OK, we’re looking at the development and deployment question.

This is a big area of interest for me. I’ve actually created a framework for development and deployment of web applications (primarily Drupal) and it is at:

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IMMEDIATE NEED: Drupal Migration Expert (6 to 7) | Will reveal organization privately - Staffing industry

Employment type: 

Looking for an expert who has SIGNIFICANT experience migrating content from Drupal 6 into Drupal 7. This contract position is located in Chicago but for the right expert, remote/telecommuting will be considered.

Please contact me at 248-686-1018. Thank you!

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hey guys,

i have a website in .net, a regualar .net website with database, i want that site to be managed through drupal.

every time when i have to upload data into my website it is taking forever, so i want to minimize it. lemme know how it can be done.

if it is possible then how?

P.S i am new to DRUPAL.

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X-cart-4.4.1 to drupal-commerce-7.x > Suggestions?

I'm in need of advice on Migration & Modules for a move from X-cart to Drupal7.

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Data Export Import module now has a Drupal 7 version


I have a module which will export nodes, taxonomy terms and users from a Drupal site to data files. These data files can then be imported into another Drupal site which has the module installed.

The easiest way to try out this module is to:

  • Install it on a test site.
  • Create some content.
  • Install the module.
  • Export nodes (or terms or users) to a data file.
  • Delete the data.
  • Import the the previously created data file.
  • Marvel at the data which has now been re-created.
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Joining up Features and Migrate for entity export?

I've had an idea for a way of joining up Features and Migrate in order to export entities that are data rather than config. I'd be interested in what people think...

The background is that lately I'm working on a project where we have several taxonomy vocabularies that are more part of the site structure than really content, so I used the Taxonomy CSV module to export them to CSV files and wrote a quick custom module with a UI to import them back in, so our various developers could use them to get test sites up to speed.

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Migrate Location Details from Drupal 6 to 7

I need to migrate the location details associated with a node content from drupal 6 to 7 with migration module. I successfully migrated the file field and taxonomy field data but I have no idea in migrating location details. There is no field handler for location in migrate module and I can't find any helpful article in web. Anybody know how to migrate the location details using migrate module(version 7.x-2.3)? Any help on this will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Migrate taxonomy field data from drupal 6 to 7

Hi all,
I am new to this group. Now I was migrating content from Drupal 6 to 7 with the help of migrate module. I had migrated image field having multiple values. But I have no hope in the case of taxonomy terms yet. i tried with reference to the code of some sandbox project but the values were not inserting. Please take a look on my prepareRow function.

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Migrate in Drupal 8: Drupalcon Denver BOF

This week at DrupalCon Denver, we held a BOF to discuss the proposal at to incorporate some form of the Migrate module into core in Drupal 8 to handle major version upgrades.

Migrate module roadmap

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New Export/Import module has been updated


The previously mentioned new data export and import module has been extensively updated.

Now, all content types can be exported and imported - as well as the taxonomy terms.

I would appreciate some help with getting the module reviewed. The project is at:

and the issue is at:

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Freelance Developer and Site Support | Building Materials Reuse Association

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

The Building Materials Reuse Association is seeking contract assistance for two items on our drupal website,

  1. We are seeking a developer to assist in creating an online calculator of lifecycle emissions associated with various uses for wood waste. This calculator will draw on our existing database of emissions values, and must be robust enough to widely usable by the general public. Additional details will be made available upon response.
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Exporting Entities to CSV(or other files)

I have written a new module Entityforms that allows user to create front-end forms that are entities. The submissions are also fieldable entities. I was wondering if there is a module that can export any Entity type, not just nodes and users, into csv files. I would want the ability to bulk export the submission entities(or any entity) to csv files.

I know I can do this with Views Data Export but I would have to make the view for each entity type.

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Web Migration Editor/Analyst Level 2 | CentreIT

Employment type: 
Not allowed

CentreIT Recruiting currently has a position for a Web Editor Level 2 located in Washington DC. It requires someone with web and copy editing skills as well as web content migration experience. Further detailed information can be found at and resumes can either be sent through Climber or direct to

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