Contributed Module Ideas

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

When a developer has an idea for a module, they are often not the only one with that idea.

By announcing module ideas here, this group aims to:

  • Reduce module duplication. We can prevent two independent developers from writing separate, duplicate modules.
  • Increase developer collaboration. We can get interested developers working together at an early stage of development.
  • Improve module quality. Others can shape and improve the ideas, leading to a better module from the beginning (or, at the least, a better road map for future development.)

Before submitting a new module idea, please do a little research and search for an existing module with the same functionality.

sreenivasparuchuri's picture

Please wait text for Form Submit Buttons

I had created a sandbox project for Drupal 7 (

which add a Please wait.. text once we submit the form.

Due to this Submit button will be disabled until the process is complted.

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sreenivasparuchuri's picture

Content type with different logos


In Drupal 8 we have Site Branding Block for generating logo which is same for all page but i want to show different logo for each content types in a site.

So I had created a module ( where we will have a form to supply logo path for each content type, based on this path logo will change whenever we navigate to page.

I would love to hear some suggestions based on this idea.

I had created a module and placed in Drupal Sandbox.

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teeyo's picture

Creating a pre-launch module (Coming Soon Module)

Hello guys, I recently created a module called "Coming Soon" which helps you display a configurable "coming soon page" for your anonymous visitors, while it keeps all the other pages accessible only for users with a permission to bypass the coming soon page.

This way, you can pre-launch your website even before your content is ready (Your visitors will be redirected to the coming soon page while you can keep feeding content to your website).

In addition to this, the module gives you the ability to collect your visitors emails so you can notify them once the website is live.

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cosminfr's picture

Relaxed date/time field type?

I would like to use a date and/or time field that is less strict and can store just a year, or year&month.
When searching for available modules I only found "Partial Date" which is for version 7. Are there any other similar modules available for version 8?

Preferably the module could also handle date/time ranges.
For example "1999/09" is actually an implicit date range 1999/09/01 to 1999/09/30. Or an actual explicit range "2010 Jan" - "2015 Sep".

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Mann06's picture

Populating the SelectBox based on another selectbox selection


JSON is not a must to populate the selectbox based on another selectbox option.

I have developed a module and sharing with you all the module in text file.
It contains one ajax,one menu link and a function.

It is very simple and good for the drupal learners.

Please use it. contact me for any queries @

Best Regards,
Have a happy drupal
Manmohan V Singh
Software engineer
G D Udyog

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selvamkf's picture

Apache Solr View Count module

Apache solr search seems to lack proper support for indexing node view count and making it useful in sorting search results (Somewhat similar issue We recently stumbled upon this and decided to come up with a module that supports both nodeview_count ( and statistics module. I have added the sandbox module Expecting to see your input if any.

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timmillwood's picture

[PR effort] Contrib maintainers should add composer.json

Over in the webmasters queue I have started a discussion around a PR effort to get contrib module maintainers to add composer.json files to their modules.

Please join in and spread the word.

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j. ayen green's picture

Content forwarding

The typical content creation process in for a Drupal site is to have the content creators do so on the production system, because databases are copied down, not up.

I'm working on a module that will be used, as an example, to allow the content creators to work on a staging server, and upon performing any CRUD on content, a transaction will be sent (REST for starters) to the production server, having it perform the same operation.

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Eluchel's picture

I am making a site wide subscription module

I had a need for a subscription module that would let users (anonymous or authenticated) to subscribe and receive an email when site content changed. I looked around and found a module that allowed users to subscribe to individual nodes, but I needed one that would allow a user to fill out one form and then be notified when any content on the site was updated.

So I have started to build one in my sandbox. You can see it here:
Any suggestions from others would be most appreciated.

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paultrotter50's picture

Log of updates performed and send monthly summary

I have a need for a module that logs the core and module updates performed.

Phase 1 would simply display a monthly summary of the updates performed.

Phase 2 would allow the monthly summary to be emailed to the site owner.

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Neil Gardner's picture

SVG Image Formatter

I developed a new sandbox module at and demoed at to enable normal image fields to accept SVG files just like any other images and to display PNG alternatives for legacy browsers. It works with both the default Drupal image upload widget and Media 2's media browser widget.

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Mann06's picture

Data Insertion from a form to mysql - for first time users

I was there in trouble when i get to work with drupal.

I have worked and prepared an example of the custom form module which saves the form field data to mysql.

Its really very useful for the first time users.

Please suggest me the improvements and to add more ajax validations.

Thanks & Regards,
Manmohan V Singh

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Pravin Ajaaz's picture

Automatic document generation for contributed and custom Module

Whenever we install a new module, We will search for its configuration options. Even though the module has description page, there are not many modules which describe what it does in a developer's perspective.

So I decided to create a module which describes a module based on hooks, menus, schema, variables and other drupal entities it uses.

I would love to hear some suggestions based on this idea.

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Noe_'s picture

Module to insert custom Javascript onto pages


I have a lot of Javascripts on my site, VWO, Inspectlet,, Google Adwords conversion, etc.
I know there are modules for each and everyone of these, the problem is the the developer (me) must download these, install them, check into Github, the whole get this online.

What I would want is, people from the marketing department to do this themselves.
This not only speeds up the development time, it also speeds up the site, because all those modules are not necessary.

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ankitchauhan's picture

Social Share Counter for Drupal

Hi Folks,

I'm developing a drupal module that is clearly inspired by the share buttons used by Mashable.

This module gives the share counts for Facebook,Twitter and more which has some excellent features in more elegant manner. If you have a website, then you definitely need this module.

Project URL:

Suggestions will be sincerely appreciated.


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bryantt's picture

CommentPress for Drupal

I'm interested in annotation modules in general put particularly about having a CommentPress style module that allows for threaded comments on each paragraph for any specified content type.

I already have a project started for Drupal 7, and doesn't include threaded discussions.

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frankcarey's picture

Better patch management

Everyone seems to have their own ways of dealing with patch maintenance. I'd like to see this improved and standardized.

So far there is one module called patch_manager I've found that attempts this, but it tries to alter the source code from the UI, which seems unnecessary, and uses nodes for patch metadata. See

Here are some ideas for features I'd like to see:

Standard place to track patches

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A configurable content type plug-in to render any view

Our website will be making strong use of Views, Panels and Panelizer to provide a unique user experience. CTools already creates content types that can be used for Panels for every display for all the views.

I have created a small module that creates a CTools content type plug-in that is configurable and allows a content manager to select a specific view, select a specific display and define arguments if any.

Although it is somewhat duplicative of what views already provides, but sometimes I find it difficult to wade through all of those views.

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BillyTom's picture

Display warning for variables overwritten in settings.php

I am loooking for a lightweight-solution to remind myself (or co-workers) about which Drupal-variables are overwritten in settings.php and can not be changed in the admin UI.

For example, in our prod-host we use compressed CSS/JS-files. The options are defined in

$conf['preprocess_css'] = TRUE;
$conf['preprocess_js'] = TRUE;

In our dev-host we want our assets to remain untouched, so our reads:

$conf['preprocess_css'] = FALSE;
$conf['preprocess_js'] = FALSE;
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vacho's picture

query data to drupal easily

Hi guys

I have started to develop a module that allows to programmers, to collect data from drupal very easily. The ambition is then also able to easily enter datas.


Name:entities data

Url to test and contribute in drupal:


Avoid writing long and complex code

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