Converting themes to drupal

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A working group on converting themes / templates to Drupal, from other CMS like Joomla, or Wordpress, or from HTML open design templates.

1 - We can make a quick convert to drupal
2 - We can make the job easier by making templates for css declaration to use with drupal, for comment, nodes etc.

Any ideas to make this work easier are welcome!

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Junior Web and Graphic Designer | PLAN Institute for Caring Citizenship

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Junior Web and Graphic Designer
Application Deadline: 1 February 2009
Organization: Plan Institute for Caring Citizenship

Are you young, ambitious, multi-talented with small business experience and looking for a great opportunity to grow your portfolio and organizational experience?

Plan Institute for Caring Citizenship is seeking a junior Web and Graphic Designer to take on a creative production role related to their global online activities.

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SEO Web design | Yoga for All Seasons

Employment type: 

We're looking for someone well-versed in SEO considerations for Drupal to develop a website in Drupal. The website is a health education site focused around the therapeutic applications of yoga.

Initially, we need to get set up with a home page, and templates for landing pages and article pages. Over time, we want to add quite a bit of functionality as our budget permits, including forums, video downloads, subscription options, and some eCommerce elements.

Please contact us for more details.


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Convert Mimbo Wordpress Theme to Drupal

Hi guys,
I hope users understand my english,

so I tried to convert Mimbo Theme , one of most good-looking magazine wordpress theme, but i missed,
can someone help me to convert this theme for drupal?

I think it is useful for a lot of drupal users that are searching a good theme.

Tank You,


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Converting theme


I'm Dennis and I'm very fresh on Drupal. Can anyone help me or give me some pointers on how to convert this theme to a fully functional Drupal 6 theme?

Thanks in advance!



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Drupal Developer | Promethius Consulting, LLC

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

About the Position
We are seeking an experienced Drupal Guru very comfortable with developing dynamic Drupal websites. Duties include gathering requirements for projects; prototyping website structure and functionality; implementing, testing, deploying, and maintaining Drupal websites. Experience converting layered PSD files into Drupal themes is a major plus. Your organizational skills and love of Drupal, coupled with a strong desire to be part of a winning team, will be our winning combination.

About US

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how to create your own drupal theme

hi every1

im new to drupal, could any1 suggest a tutorial for creating your own theme. I would jst require a basic guideline.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance

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Theme Developer |

Employment type: 

I need one person to convert a current html site to a drupal theme. I am opening a skateboard retail site. I can send you the current site so you know exactly what I am looking for. Must implement either the Ubercart or E-commerce module.

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CSS | Themer | Developer | Ozmosis

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Ozmosis (htpps:// is seeking someone experienced in CSS for a contract, or part-time position. We are in the process of a comprehensive theme redesign and the qualified applicant will have the opportunity to theme and develop in a cutting edge Drupal based healthcare community.

Comfort with PHP is a must, but the qualified candidate will be working with and have the support of several experienced Drupal Guru's.

We are based near Washington, DC, so a location near there is great, but not a requirement. Please Feel free to contact me for more information.

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Panles with Tranpsarent PNGs

I am hoping someone can help me with a small theming issue, and that I am not posting this question in the wrong place. I am trying to use Schillmaina's transparent PNG trick (at as a custom style for panels. I have tried converting it, but don't have it quite right. I'll attach my style sheet ( file for the panels module) and see if anyone can figure out what I am doing wrong. I think it has to do with how I am trying to split Schillmaina's template across the title content and the panel content itself.

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These are two new African projects that I am about to sign off . The first is self-descriptive and it is the online edition of a magazine named IT Business in Africa which is meant to be a meeting hub for CEOs, CIOs and all ICT professionals in Africa . The second is a public appraisal website for Nigerian leaders.

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Goodnews for Drupal Themes

As i was browsing the website of templatemonster , i found it has also started to provide the commercial drupal themes, you can check them on

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CSS PHP Expert | Self

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Wanted a CSS expert who can theme and is familiar with Drupal CMS. Must have at least 2+ years of CSS expertise and at least 1+ year experience in Drupal. Good knowledge of PHP for CSS implementations to work on full time monthly basis.

1) Must be a master of CSS hacks and techniques to implement in CSS.

2) AJAX experience a plus.

3) Must have experience with CCK theming - no custom coding or PHP module modifications required. Pure theming.

Looking for ongoing relationship.

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Converting a custom wordpress theme over to drupal

I am trying to convert over to Drupal from WordPress. Everything is fairly new to me too. Anyway, I have a wordpress theme that I REALLY enjoy, and do not want to sacrifice it. I have already migrated over all of my comments, articles, and pages, but the theme is the last thing to go, then I will do my full conversion. I didn't know where else to ask, how in the hell do you convert a theme? I read the walk-through's, and most do not apply to me simply because I do not have half of the files that you have to merge. So, can someone please help me on converting this over....

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Releasing "Web Application", a Proper Web2.0 Theme

I just finished converting a GPL theme to drupal, if you're an aspiring Drupal Ninja this will be a good theme to learn about custom theme options, clean code, and good coding practice!. I added short comments to the css file to explain some of the more obscure methods in there.

Excerpt from my blog:

I normally don't announce theme releases anywhere but this one is
special. I've worked hard to make this theme work well and the xhtml
template I was porting was well-coded as well.

This drupal theme
will be a nice addition to the drupal theme repository, it doesn't look too
flashy and it can easily be used as a theme for small business
websites. What makes this theme special is it's high flexibility and
configurability, this theme properly supports 1, 2 or 3 columns
layouts, and it gets even better... The themes layout width is
completely configurable, you can set it as a fixed width in pixels or
as a fluid width, that being a percentage of the browser window width.
You can also set the width of the main content area. The main content
area is set to be a percentage of the total layout width, and when you
change it the sidebar(s) will automatically assume the leftover width.

Enough talking, heres some stuff in list form:

Bullit proof

  • Doesn't break any drupal admin pages, or get broken by admin pages
  • small backend interface improvements
  • all structural and contextual layout blocks are flex-height (don't break when upscaling the font)


  • Theme Images weigh a combined 1,6kb
  • Style.css weighing in at 4.4kb
  • Output HTML is just a minimal (full html output size varies with content)

Custom Theme options:

  • set a fixed or fluid width layout
  • adjust the % of
    width the main content area will take up and the sidebar(s) will
    automagically resize to fill up the leftover space
  • subheader and navbar region are dispensable, to get an even cleaner layout!

Supported native drupal elements:

  • 1,2 or 3 columns!
  • main content / sidebar width configurable through theme options
  • blocks
  • primary menu
  • secondary menu
  • logo (including optional ie PNG fix for transparent backgrounds)
  • logotext
  • slogan
  • mission

Tested to work with:

  • Internet explorer 7
  • Internet explorer 6
  • Firefox
  • Opera 9
  • Safari (Safari for windows)
  • Netscape 9
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adding/overriding the class of links in menu blocks.

Hello everyone.

I've been reading the menu api docs and can't figure out how to add a class to links within a specific menu ID block. I was hoping for some help.

Case. I have created a menu (id 87) with several links in it. I am tring to get all link in that block to display via thickbox - requires over riding...

  • title
  • with

  • title
  • can anyone provide any assistance?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Drupal 5 Theming by Ric Shreves Review

    Drupal 5 Theming by Ric Shreves

    If you are a designer wanting to learn Drupal, this book is for you. It is written by a designer so there are no programming sections full of code. It shows you how you can customize Drupal's HTML and CSS in detail. The book has a good amount of screen shots, charts, and other visual aids that really help the right side of the brain.

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    Converting the Search Button to an image

    Does anyone know how this is done? The button I am referring to is the one that appears on all pages along the top. How would go about changing that button? Thanks in advance.


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    Free Drupal Themes Wanted!

    I'm peach, or Jurriaan, from All Drupal Themes and I'm having some trouble finding good themes to port and release to the community. I've already ported several themes but it turns out there were some problems:
    -Apparently people were more interested in 3-column themes
    -Some of the themes were not deemed useful at all
    -Most good looking themes I find are Creative Commons licensed, which makes sense from the designers point of view, but unfortunately they are not allowed on I was reassured when I signed up for a cvs account that I must not upload CC2.5 licensed themes, only GPL.

    I've created this post to communicate with the Drupal community, for whom I make the themes, and hopefully some people have good ideas for themes to be ported to drupal! If anyone has a GPL theme in mind please post it in the comments sections.

    If you know of a gorgeous CC licensed design, it's also eligible for a free drupal port but I will put it up with my free drupal themes department but it won't show up on

    Looking forward to your input!

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    Convert the Fresh (Expression Engine) Theme to Drupal

    I have never used the Expression Engine (EE) before, so this is a complete experiment. Let’s see how it goes… with the Fresh theme


    From what I can see, EE has a file called index.txt that displays almost everything. This file is our page.tpl.php candidate.

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    Convert a Word Press theme to Drupal

    The example WP theme I am trying to use is sodelicious_black.

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