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If you have ideas about how the processes, procedures, and tools for Drupal documentation can be improved, the Documentation Working Group (a committee that is part of the Drupal project governance structure) invites you to make suggestions. Information on how to do that is on the Documnetation Working Group home page.

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Clarify scope of PHP coding standards for core (major version) and contrib code

Posted by sun on October 1, 2011 at 8:09pm:


  • Uncertainty about when or how to apply coding standards across Drupal core versions and core vs. contrib code.


  • Clarify the scope of coding standards with regard to:

    1. major versions of core
    2. core vs. contrib code
  • Explicitly specify/state which particular coding standards have been different for earlier versions.

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Move all core Drupal files into /core folder

2011-11-01 (All day) Europe/London

On November 1, 2011, all Drupal 8.x core files will be moved into a /core folder. This will break nearly every patch in the 8.x queue, requiring them at least to be re-rolled against the updated directory structure.

After that date, backporting 8.x patches to 7.x will no longer be trivial.

Dries announced in #22336-254:

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Documentation pages for core modules

Coming back to drupal after taking a year's break I could NOT find the documentation pages for the core modules. It's taken me some time to find that if I want to find, say, documentation for the tracker module I need to type in

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Documentation and Docs Team Proposed Restructuring

As a (partial) follow-up to Towards Docs Sustainability... Here is a proposal (or the beginnings of a proposal) for a major structural revision to how we do documentation on, and to the Documentation team.

Your suggestions and ideas are welcome! Please comment below, and then I'll go back and edit this proposal to incorporate the great suggestions I'm sure you will have.

Note: This is a work in progress, and may have been edited since you last looked at it, or since someone made a particular comment... sorry for any confusion!

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Senior Durpal Developer | CDI Corp

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Senior Durpal Developer in Great Boston, MA Area (contract)
Job Description

looking for a SR DRUPAL Developer. Needs to be onsite and will be building out existing website.
Degree Required: Bachelors in Computer Science desired or a related field
Experience Required: demonstrated development experience with multiple Drupal websites.


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Call for programmers and site builders to help with docs infrastructure!

If you are an experienced site builder, or a medium-to-experience PHP programmer, the Docs Team needs your help! We have several things that we’d like to get done that will improve the infrastructure for documentation and for contributing to documentation in the Drupal project.

EDIT: I'm marking tasks "taken" if someone has spoken up to do them.
Update Sept 23 - new tasks added!!
Update November 15 - task list edited

Site Builder Tasks

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Towards Docs Sustainability

Compiling a bunch of the ideas that have come up over the last week in discussions with the Docs Team folks at Drupalcon London. It's been a running theme that the docs are no longer manageable, and some concrete suggestions to deal with that are as follows. Note they are all options and need not all be adopted, some are exclusive of others:

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Learning series page

Hi all,

These days we see quiet many learning series / articles coming out on drupal.
All these are getting listed under drupal planet along with other articles as well.

Can we have a doccumentation page like we have for success stories, case studies where in we all list / aggregate feeds from all these learning series (another planet kind of page but, dedicatedly contains all the learning series / learning initiatives) ?
I am sure this will improve the ease of finding drupal related materials easily for a new comer.
Right now its hard to search these within planet.

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Information Architect/Interaction Designer | Message Agency

Employment type: 
Full time

Message Agency is an open source design and development shop located in Center City, Philadelphia, that is looking for a full-time information architect, interactive designer, and web producer. The right candidate would have an absolute obsession for developing precise documentation that reflects industry best practices and respects our clients' specific needs.

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Outline for Drupal 7 Site Building quick start guide

The Docs Team has put in a proposal to attend the Google Summer of Code Docs Summit/Sprint in October 2011. This conference includes a sprint, and we decided that we would propose building:

A quick start guide to building a Drupal 7 site (with core Drupal and contributed modules), which we've identified as a missing piece in our official Drupal documentation. (We had a beginner's suite building guide for Drupal 5, which was updated somewhat for Drupal 6, but it has issues and needs to be totally rethought.) This new quick start guide would use a fictitious company web site as an example, and go through all of the steps necessary to build a Drupal site (after the initial installation of Drupal -- we already have good documentation on that part). We would then link to this quick start guide from our Drupal documentation home page, and from other pages on (our intent would be for this to live on-line on, and to be a fairly prominent piece of documentation, maintained going forward in new versions of Drupal).

What I'd like to do here is make an outline, so we're ready to get to work on this when we arrive (if our proposal is accepted).

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Contributed modules documentation

This might be a wrong group to ask, but I will try anyway :)

Why can't we have a simple link to the contributed module's README on top of the module page, beside the "Version control" link ? And a similar "Documentation link".

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GSoC Doc Sprint Summit

In conjunction with Google Summer of Code (GSoC), Google is hosting a "Doc Sprint Summit" at Google's Mountain View headquarters (California) 17 October - 21 October. I don't know anything about it besides what's here:

The summit will consist of:
a) An un-conference on open-source documentation topics

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Need info on "Standard Issue Tags for Drupal core"

I've been asked to edit the Standard Issue Tags for Drupal core page to correct its characterization of accessibility issues, and, as usual, the editorial eye found more needing to be fixed than it was asked to review.

Specifically in this case, there are cases in which two issue tags are difficult to distinguish from each other. "Accessibility" and "needs accessibility review" is one such instance. Another is "usability" and "needs usability review." The definitions given for these terms don't help clear things up, either.

Before I make sweeping changes, I would like to get feedback from folks who are familiar with the issue queue about a role- and intent-based approach for telling who should — or, sometimes, who may — use any particular tag.

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Takin a break for summer

Hey Team -

I just wanted to let you all know I'm going to be scaling back my duties for the remainder of the summer (until DrupalCon London). I'll still be around-ish - will keep an eye on the docs queue for urgent business and probably work on some docs independently, but I won't be doing much team management until closer to the Con.

If you need my feedback on something more urgent, feel free to email me through the contact form, or leave a message for me on IRC (though I may be slower than usual to respond).

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Building a mentoring guide/a new user howto

Before diving into this post let me tl;dr: Fostering good communication with new users.

So I asked around on #drupal-contribute to see if there was a guide for helping and guiding users who want to help out with Drupal. There does not appear to be one so here is an attempt to make one. The goal of this discussion is to create an outline which will then get folded into the Drupal documentation for mentoring users. Lets play out a scenario to show where guidelines could help.

A user comes into the irc channel and states they want to help with a project and asks "Where should I start?"

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Host a doc sprint!

Ariane and I have been getting inquiries lately about whether we can come to various regional events to host a documentation sprint. It's always exciting when people are interested in working on documentation, and we're glad that there is so much interest in sprints -- they are a great way to get some work done and introduce new people to contributing to documentation. But unfortunately, being a Documentation Team co-lead is a completely volunteer position, and neither of us has unlimited travel time or budget (even if the regional camp offers to pay travel expenses).

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linux server / dev environments, opensuse and others

I started writing an OpenSUSE tutorial for drupal:

What I want to do is get feedback and develop a template/checklist to follow to make sure no important information is left out of a server config.

So far I have these categories some of which are not written on the above page yet:



  • Downloading and Installing the software
  • Config file locations
  • Configuring the software
  • Example config files
  • Application locations
  • Checking version numbers
  • Log file locations
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    Docs hour tomorrow + Docs team block is back!

    Two announcements:

    Docs hour Tuesday (tomorrow!)

    June is Bring a friend to Docs month! Join us tomorrow for Docs hour, bring a friend if you can, and we'll work on getting pages set back to "No known problems" (or review/discuss anything else needed).

    Tuesday, June 7, 1pm PST/4pmEST in #drupal-docs on IRC.

    Documentation contributor links block is back!

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    June is "Bring a friend to Docs" month!

    During Docs Hour on IRC today, we thought up something a bit different to do for June...

    June is "Bring a friend to Docs" month!

    There are no issues tagged for a June sprint this time round, instead we're going to do a fun team building sprint to help get new people introduced and oriented with how to work on docs! Here's how it works:

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    Docs Hour - planning for June

    2011-05-31 13:00 - 14:00 America/Vancouver

    Just a quick reminder that we'll be talking about priorities for June during today's docs hour at 1pm PST, #drupal-docs on IRC.

    Please join us to help pick out some issues/areas to work on!

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