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Anyone can contribute to documentation, and the entire Drupal community will benefit from your help! You do not have to formally join a team (or this group) or ask for permission -- just start writing and editing. The Contribute to Documentation section on has more information, and the New Contributors section on has some tasks that will help you get you started.

If you have ideas about how the processes, procedures, and tools for Drupal documentation can be improved, the Documentation Working Group (a committee that is part of the Drupal project governance structure) invites you to make suggestions. Information on how to do that is on the Documnetation Working Group home page.

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Anybody else working on Accessibility docs yet?

I'm about to tackle a modest project in the Accessibility pages and just wanted to be sure I wasn't reproducing anyone else's work. Anyone here working on those docs? (Our Accessibility group actually is coordinating a project to improve that content. I am plugged in with [the rest of] them.) If so, please touch base with me so we can collaborate.

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DrupalCon CPH Docs Sprint

2010-08-27 09:00 - 17:00 Europe/Copenhagen

There will be a room set aside for Docs Team at the DrupalCon CPH code sprint tomorrow. I will do my best to be there for the day (stomach permitting), but in case I am very late (or only join virtually on IRC) or anyone is looking for an outline of what to work on, I thought it'd be good to put up some info to get started with if you are planning on attending.

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Documentation-related activities at Drupalcon CPH

With a quick run-through of the program, I didn't see any talks of BoFs related to documentation on the CPH site.

I'm very interested in starting to help out with Drupal documentation, and I know there will be a need for a big push with D7. I'm just not sure where to start. I was hoping to meet up with some people in Copenhagen to give me a quick primer and sketch out some of the areas most in need of work.

A DITA documentation distribution for Drupal


A couple of weeks ago we launched Modulecraft an awareness & fund-raising project that aims to rally Drupal professionals around a shared effort to create the ultimate toolset for Drupal business. The first fundraising round has as goal the development of a documentation distribution for Drupal that uses a similar approach as the localization server and that enables a distributed/federated documentation architecture for the Drupal project. As a Drupal user you'll be able to get a set of documentation from the docs server imported into your own site. You will than be able to edit it and build subsets of the documentation for your own projects. You'll also be able to submit topics that were edited or created by you on your own infrastructure and add them as suggestions to the Drupal documentation server.

The following is a first proposal for the specification of the Documentation system we want to build as part of the modulecraft project. It is by no means complete, and it strongly needs your feedback. This is our first encounter with DITA and our ideas should really be proof checked by technical writers that have extensive experience using DITA. It also contains some proposes a somewhat exotic usage of RDFa, feedback is also very much needed here. In the coming days I'll be adding new sections to the specification here. This is a wiki so be bold! You can add comments either here or at the original posts on the Pronovix blog. I'll be incorporating feedback into this wiki.

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Need a +1 or twelve for a simple issue: Add an "Associations" field to our d.o profiles

Apologies in advance for this crossposting to 11 groups. I recently started an issue to help us get to know each other better: Add field for "Memberships in Associations, Societies, and Other Professional Organizations" to User Profile. The initial response was, "Don't see why not, but let's hear more support before we do." So this is an appeal to read the issue and consider giving it your support.

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Check out Ariane's post...

For anyone needing motivation to get involved with Documentation -- NOW -- check out Ariane's post:

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Volunteers for a more visual Drupal!

Looking for "Volunteers for a More Visual Drupal" can you help us organize a crowd?

Would you like to help make Drupal documentation more visual? Communicating Drupal visually will be a chance to create some good contributions to and the community.

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Does anyone care to track Handbook stats?

Neil (drumm) just responded on an old issue I'd filed, - I've got enough occupying my brain that I don't think I'm the right person to be tracking stats, but I thought I'd post here in case anyone would be interested in trying to get access to Google Analytics, and occasionally checking in on stats to see if there's any useful info about oft-used handbook pages and such.

If you are interested, drop a note here and we'll see if we can get access to the analytics account.

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DrupalDocs Twitter account

I'm going to be working on a push for help with the D7 docs in the next little bit and thought it might be helpful to register a proper Docs Twitter account to announce sprints, ask for help with specific tasks, point out major discussions that happen, etc.

If anyone else wants the password so they can use the account, just send me a message or ping me on IRC and (as long as I know who you are) I'm happy to have multiple people use it.

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Better structured modules list page

Hi all,

Most of us is very enthusiastic about the user experience improvements for Drupal 7. The restructure and renaming is very welcomed and I am sure it will make it much easier for newbies to get started.

There is though one area that I still see as untouched, namely the Modules list page. After installing a number of modules it is quickly becoming a bit of a chaos list, especially since a lot of modules aren't using the "package" field in the [module].info file and thus their module end up in the Other category.

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Looking for Documentation Mentors/Teachers for Summer Garden Technology Project

This summer, we are doing a project in which we learn Drupal/Open Source skills while helping gardening initiatives. Participants will build Drupal projects that foster "Garden Storytelling." Technically, we might create: recipes for Drupal sites, glue modules, and simple sites that act as web services. Our audience is primarily Drupallers & Community Gardeners. There are about 40 participants overall, half of whom are already involved with Drupal in some form.

An important part of what we will be learning will be documentation.

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Documentation related DrupalCon proposals?

Deadlines for submissions to DC Copenhagen are approaching...

In addition to BoFs, I wondered if other people might have ideas for submitting sessions at DrupalCon Copenhagen to get people interested in Documentation, or make contributions to documentation, in addition to the sprint model?

I proposed a session which will first talk about how to communicate ideas visually, then we'll look at some tough Drupal concepts new users struggle with, and we'll actually make stuff. That 'stuff' can be contributed as documentation or used by others to help teach/evangelize Drupal.

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How to kill handbook comments

Just had a bit of a lightbulb moment (and maybe this idea has come up before?) about how to eventually kill comments on handbook pages. Someone asked how we could make sure conversations about a particular page were still visible if they were happening in the issue queue instead of as comments.

I thought, and this is what seemed like a good idea:

  • add a field on the issue node-add form for a referenced d.o NID (to reference the handbook page the issue is about)
  • build a view block for the handbook pages that displays any issues related to the page


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Editing module pages on

I tried searching, but I couldn't find the answer. Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place...

I see that I can edit handbook pages. I'm wondering why I can't edit module pages. Many times I've found a module on and the module's page is less than stellar. It would be great if I could edit them to help make them easier for others to understand. Since there is revisioning, I don't see the harm (though perhaps an approval workflow moderated by the module's maintainer might be better). Who IS allowed to edit a module's main page?

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Technical Communication System with Drupal

Per a conversation at the documentation BOF about how we are approaching managing documentation at CSU Monterey Bay, here's a screencast and additional information about our approach. Sorry it's been a week, but after the figurative "Drupal Fever" of last week I had a literal fever that laid me up for a while.

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Examples Project Code Sprint for Thursday

In San Francisco we're going to sprint on improving the Examples for Developers project. You're welcome to join us wherever you are in the world. We'll be meeting 9-5, see meeting information. See you there!

Here's a list of fun things we can work on:

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Technical Communication System in Drupal - notes from BOF at DrupalCon SF

LeeHunter organized a BOF gathering today at DrupalCon San Francisco related to his thread here about building an awesome technical communication system.

Here are my notes from the session. Enjoy, discuss, etc. They are a bit rough, but hopefully readable...

Lee's Goal: Make a tech communication platform that everyone will want to use, based on Drupal

Addison's Goal:, new IA, new tools (not necessarily the same thing as Lee's platform)

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How Can We Take Advantage of Drupalcon

Hey doc folks,

Saturday was great... but the task is BIG.

How can we take advantage of Drupalcon to get more people to help?

Should we do a BOF?


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Doc Sprint Happening at Drupalcon - Join Us

Come by to help with docs, I'll Photoshop (actually "skitch") you into the picture!

We'll be in 305 after lunch.

Doc tool user stories

This page is for gathering user stories for the development of technical communication tools within Drupal.

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