Drupal Dojo Sessions: Building With Drupal

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An ongoing series covering all aspects of Drupal web development from site planning, drafting proposals, project management, information architecture, development, design, infrastructure, to business and marketing.

Upcoming Building with Drupal Webinars


Click on the title "Drupal Dojo Sessions" here or above to open and then edit this wiki page. We will take care of the rest--confirming availability, scheduling the web event, recording and posting the archive on https://www.youtube.com/user/drupaldojo, etc. Just let us know what you would like to do and when. Leave a comment If there's something you'd like to see!


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Recent Sessions


September 11
Session: Views: Beginner to Advanced
Leader: Jonathan Daggerhart (daggerhart)
Hosts: Daniel Pickering (ikit-claw)
Archive: https://youtu.be/rWGw5-jO9Co



March 8, 2012
Session: Open your Enterprise with OpenEnterprise Drupal7 Distribution from LevelTen
Leader: Tom Dude (TomDude48)
Hosts: Doug Vann (dougvann)


May 9
Session: Drupal's Payment API and how we built Kickstarter functionality in Drupal
Leader: Barry Madore (bmadore)

April 6
Session: Media Module: Multimedia framework for Drupal 7
Leader: Jacob Singh (jacobsingh)
Archive: not yet available

March 30
Session: Catching up with Drupal 7
Leader: Doug Vann (dougvann)

March 2
Session: Drupal Dojo Session: DrupalCon Chicago PREVIEW
Leader: gdemet & dougvann

February 23
Session: Drupal 7 SEO - Ready for Prime Time?
Leader: Ben Finklea - Volacci
More info: Drupal6 SEO is Rocking, but what about Drupal7? You need to know where we are.

February 16
Session: Pantheon, Mac OSX and DAMP: integrating Drupal workflows
Leader: Kelly Bell - kbell

February 9
Session: Contributing to Drupal via the Issue Queues
Leader: Jennifer Hodgdon
Archive: http://drupaldojo.com/session/drupal-dojo-session-contributing-drupal-is...
Notes/links: http://groups.drupal.org/node/125829

February 2
Session: Drupal Dojo: Open Mic
Leader: eric_sea

January 28
Session: Drush & Drush Make (& features too?)
Leader: Matthew Connerton - mrconnerton

January 20
Session: Rapidly build online communities with Drupal Commons
Leader: Jay Batson - batsonjay

January 13
Session: Site Building in D7
Leader: Matthew Radcliffe (mradcliffe)


December 14
Session: In a Drupal land, not so far away, where CVS is gone...

November 30
Session: DITA Integration module installation tutorial
Leader: Denes Lados (mimrock)
This session will be rescheduled.

November 23
Session: Documenting (in) Drupal: the next generation
Leader: Kristof Van Tomme (kvantomme)

November 16
Session: The Dr. is in [free help clinic]
Leader: Doug Vann (dougvann) and Eric Johnston (eric_sea)

November 9
Session: The Dr. is in [free help clinic]
Leader: Doug Vann (dougvann) and Eric Johnston (eric_sea)

November 2
Session: Ridding your site of Spam with Mollom
Leader: Doug Vann

October 26
Session: Moving your site to a new server
Leader: Geoff Hankerson (ghankstef)

October 19
Session: OrganicGroups+Panels on GDO = Excellent interface for your group members!
Leader: Christefano from the LA Drupal group

October 12
Session: Drupal Modules Roundtable Talk
Leader: Doug Vann (dougvann)

October 5
Session: Deploy module and the future of staging and deployment in Drupal
Leader: Greg Dunlap (heyrocker)

September 28
Session: Drupal Dojo: Open Mic
Leader: Doug Vann (dougvann)

September 21
Session: Massively Improve Your Development Workflow with Tools from WebEnabled
Leader: Salim Lakhani (SalimLakhani)

September 14
Session: Drupal Search Engine Optimization & the modules that get it done.
Leader: Tom McCracken

SPECIAL EVENT: Learning Drupal Chat: Drupal Guilds
September 10
Leader: Aaron Winborn(aaron)

September 7
Session: Communicating Drupal Visually
Leader: Heather James (heather)

August 31
Session: Features Everywhere! Feature-Driven Development
Leader: Jay Callicott (jaykali)

August 24
Session: The Scrum (R)evolution: embrace the future of interactive development
Leader: Tom McCracken

August 17
Session: QueryPath: It's like PHP jQuery in Drupal!
Leader: Matt Butcher

August 10
Leader: Adam Mordecai (Advomatic)

August 3
Session: Node access (using core and contrib)
Leader: Fox (hefox)

July 27
Session: VIEWS 2- Writing plugins, handlers, and supporting new tables
Leader: Bec White (bec)

July 20
Session: Case Study: Taking the Northwestern University Women's Board from a static HTML site to a rich DRUPAL site
Leader: Doug Vann (dougvann) and Hans Riemenschneider (NonProfit)

July 13
Session: New ways of adding content on Drupal 7
Leader: Doug Vann (dougvann)

July 6
Session: Media for Drupal 6
Leader: Aaron Winborn (aaron)

June 12
Session: Git with Drupal 7 bootcamp and code sprint
Leader: Scott Nelson (snelson)

June 1
Session: Sustainable Theming with Fusion
Leader: Sheena Donnelly (sheena_d)
Archive: http://drupaldojo.com/session/sustainable-theming-fusion

May 25
Session: Drupal Commerce - Under the hood of a major Drupal 7 contribution
Leader: Ryan Szrama (rszrama)

May 4
Session: Aegir hosting system
Leader: Miguel Jacq (mig5)
Archive: http://drupaldojo.com/session/aegir-hosting-system

April 27
Session: Extending your Views-Displays with Relationships and Node-Reference
Leader: DougVann

April 20
Session: Live from DrupalCon!

April 13
Session: Distributed Feature Servers
Leader: Kris Vanderwater (EclipseGC)

April 6
Session: Drupal 7 Fundamentals: Installing and test-driving Drupal7
Leader: Doug Vann (dougvann)

March 30
Session: Demo and Demo_Profile Module -- Unleash The Power
Leader: Doug Vann (dougvann)

March 26
Session: XMPP and Drupal developers' round table
Leader: Kristof Van Tomme (kvantomme), Aaron Winborn (aaron), and others

March 23
Session: Contextual Administration
Leader: Kris Vanderwater (EclipseGC)

March 16
Session: Knowledge management in Open Atrium
Leader: Kristof Van Tomme (kvantomme)

March 9
Session: Drupal Media and the Media Module
Leader: Aaron Winborn (aaron)


Producing 20 sessions to kick things off

gusaus's picture

As part of our effort to help get the Dojo running again, we'll be producing 20 live sessions on a wide range of 'good for Drupal' topics. We have a short list of presenters and topics, but it would be ideal for other community members to suggest and/or lead sessions. It's a wiki, so please don't hesitate to add your comments, ideas, suggestions, and let's get this party re-started!

Gus Austin

changing graphics in themes

Anita Hall's picture

I'm JUST learning Drupal, after many years designing in Dreamweaver. I'm not a programmer, I'm a graphic designer who sees the value in Drupal's versatility, but a lot of the stuff I'm viewing in tutorials has to do with knowing a lot more code than I am familiar with. Is there a simple way to take an existing theme and delete the header graphics to add my own design? I know enough to click configure to turn off the title, logo and slogan. Now my head area is clean, if I could just modify the art/image. Will I need to learn all about CSS to do this? Will the "Contextual Administration" Dojo session on March 23 help? I downloaded the linked module(?) from The Worx. Since it's in Alpha status, don't know if it's safe to add to my Drupal core modules.

See - just now learning, and at the bottom of the learning curve. Any words of encouragement would be welcome.

header may be logo

BastouBach's picture

Did you try to consider your header as a logo?
Turn off title, but keep logo and upload your graphic as a logo under 'Logo image settings'. It works for me most of the time. Make your graphic the same size as the header region of your theme.

header may be logo

Anita Hall's picture

Whoa! That is simple. Basically, as long as I can find a theme to match my concepts, I'm still in business. Thanks so much!

Ha yes

Smon's picture

Thanx both of you ,, just what i was looking for too .. ( also a Drupal noob, peeking from behind Dreamweaver..)

Introductory tracks and sessions

gusaus's picture

Looking like we need to balance out these advanced/niche sessions with some basic concepts for those still familiarizing themselves with Drupal. What topics would you like to see? Anyone interested in leading a session?

Gus Austin

Yes, lots of introductory tracks, please

sdiener's picture

I am also a newbie, but I am beyond the "here is how you install drupal modules and set your permissions" stage. I am now trying to customize the theme, create forms, and do lots of other things that are just not working as it seems they should! I think a track on using outside graphics would be great (as backgrounds, logos, buttons, etc.), one on creating forms that work, and one on animating your website. Thanks!

Commencing an Introductory track focusing on Drupal 7

gusaus's picture

In addition to mixing in more topics on Drupal fundamentals, we've decided to create an an introductory track focusing on Drupal 7 (http://groups.drupal.org/node/59743). Keep the great suggestions and feedback coming!

Gus Austin

other sessions

Anita Hall's picture

I reviewed an online video from a past Drupal conference where the emphasis was on bringing more designers into the Drupal groups. "Designers" is a vague term, since they come in every creative category, but from a graphic designer's standpoint, I've discovered that the flexibility I want from Drupal cannot be attained without learning CSS. I want to do simple things like drop an image into a background and take out space where I don't want it, and move content around on the page. If you have a tutorial for that - I'm in.

I've yet to discover any way

figart's picture

I've yet to discover any way of getting around knowing CSS when it comes to translating design into code that browsers render as the designer intended. I can't blame Drupal for that. This challenge and many others will be solved along the road to technological progress, as new challenges arise.

On the lookout for theming and design presentations

gusaus's picture

We've been scouring the drupalsphere for folks interested in presenting/workshopping on some aspect of theming and design. Most likely you'll see a few slotted in very soon.

The request lines are still open!

Gus Austin

These webcasts look great but

BeMathis's picture

These webcasts look great but I am little confused on how to join them when they start. Where can I find that information?

If you understand what you're doing, you're not learning anything.

Also a little bit confused

ron_peter's picture

Me too. I'm also, like BeMathis, a little bin confused on how to join those webcasts. Could you give us further informations?

To Join A Webinar After The Scheduled Start Time

eric_sea's picture

If you are coming in late, simply bounce over to the #drupal-dojo room in the IRC. We will be there and happy to help anyone gain access.

The easiest thing to do is to click on the registration link available in the list above. This will take you to the GoToMeeting registration page set up for this event. On the upper right side of the window there is a join button which you can use once you have filled in your name etc.

You can also join a session that is in progress by going directly to http://www.gotomeeting.com. Here you will find a link to "Join A Meeting". If you click here then all you will need is the meeting code number. We generally post these at the start of the meeting, in addition to tweet them and post it to various IRC channels.

After the fact you should still be able to access the archived version of the event using the link provided on this page. Alternatively, you can go directly to http://DrupalDojo.com and find the event in recent or archived events.

Please let us know how we can help. Thank you for your interest in the Drupal Dojo!

IRC Help

BozHogan's picture


[Edit] Answered own question. To set up IRC goto http://drupal.org/irc/setting-up . No need to buy anything. [Edit]

I'm new to IRC. I just bought a license for mIRC and tried to add #drupal-dojo. but when connecting it asked me for a server, network, and password. What should I put in here to join the 12:30 session today. Thanks, and sorry for the hopelessly noob question.

If it helps, I keep getting the following message:

* Unable to connect to server (Connection refused)

* Connect retry #68 irc.irc-chat.net (7000) (dns pool)

Boz Hogan

IRC tips and webchat (revised)

jdwalling's picture

** Revised **

I don't have mIRC, but these would be my first guesses:

Server: chat.freenode.net
Freenode has several servers: http://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml
If port becomes an issue: "All freenode servers listen on ports 6665, 6666, 6667, 7000(SSL Only), 7070 (SSL Only), 8000, 8001 and 8002."

The network is Freenode.net. I'm not sure what the input format should be.
Other networks: http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/networks/

I would leave this blank. Freenode doesn't require a password.

Until you get mIRC working you can use your browser with webchat
Nickname: BozHogan
Channels: #drupal

Once you are connected to Freenode IRC, you can join other channels using the input text box: /join #drupal-support

Other drupal channels are listed here
and here

Or get a list on the IRC server:
/LIST drupal*

IRC help and IRC commands

Good luck.

For others who do not yet

eric_sea's picture

For others who do not yet have IRC software...

There are a number of fast and easy ways to get connected to IRC.

One is downloading a free IRC chat application. I have taken a liking to Colloquy for the Mac. On Windows SILC & ICB are recommended.

Another simple way to get started, without all the features included in an IRC application is to use a Plug-In for Firefox called ChatZilla. To Install ChatZilla in Firefox you can simply select the
Tools Menu | Add-ons | Get Add-ons then type Chatzilla in the search box.
Once it comes up you will have a button "Add to Firefox".
You will have to restart Firefox for ChatZilla to load.

Once you have the application you can follow jdwalling's directions above. The thing you will need to remember is that after you launch your program is that:
1- you need to first join a channel: Freenode is the one for Drupal, then
2- you need to enter a chat room: #drupal-support, or #drupal-dojo
When you enter the name of the room, on most of the applications you need to add the '#' pound sign.

To get someones attention or direct a comment to an individual simply start your line with

Firefox/Chatzilla tips for newbies

jdwalling's picture

Example URL for FF/Chatzilla:

FF Chatzilla download URL:

Random newbie tips:

When you enter IRC commands, start with a forward slash and indicate channel names with # prefix. Examples:
- Joining a channel: /JOIN #drupal-geo
- Thinking outloud: /ME Boy, IRC is great!
- Creating a temporary channel: /JOIN #my-big-adventure-in-juarez

Use tab to complete a nick, e.g. jw<tab> random comment:
- jwalling: random comment
(note: using a nick: before a comment alerts the recipient, handy on long multi-party threads like you find on #drupal-support channel)

More tips: http://drupal.org/irc/usage

Colloquy for Mac/iPhone = awesome

kbell's picture

As a Mac user, I really love Colloquy IRC client. They have an iPhone app that's totally integrated and wonderful, and I use it all the time. Highly recommended. http://colloquy.info/

--Kelly Bell
Gotham City Drupal
twitter: @kbell | @gothamdrupal

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