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Drupal DojoAre you climbing the Drupal learning curve? Do you want to write your own modules or themes? Have a vision of running a killer Drupal-based site? If you've got big-D dreams, then this is the group for you. We'll make you skilled like a ninja.

The Drupal Dojo is a group for apprentice/journeyman developers who want to increase proficiency, and for experts looking to grow the pool of Drupal talent.

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Drupal Career Online

2018-03-26 13:30 - 2018-06-14 17:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

The DCO’s intensive online sessions, active learning community, and hands-on projects are designed to provide those who need to get skilled up in Drupal with the best possible start. This is not a bootcamp. It is integrated instruction, with an actively-engaged expert teacher focused on student learning, and comprehensive resource materials.

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Could not get help from related module issue pages.

Addressfield_autocomplete / location_taxonomize problem. Could not get help from related module issue pages.

When addressfield_autocomplete module is active, location_taxonomize/location_taxonomize_af module can not parse location as taxonomy terms.
The alternative "addressfield_geocomplete" works normally but, it doesnt support map pinning.

The server is ready to debug and all necessary files are editable with an online editor. I will be sending the password (Same for Drupal User & Folder Access) if you can help me. Thank you.

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Drupal 8 Transaction with entities

Is there any kind of transactional mechanism for Entities (D8), similar to SQL transactions, so that I could conveniently rollback in case of an error?

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Drupal 8 Dojo Reboot

A bold idea: is it time to reboot the Drupal Dojo for Drupal 8? I'd love to hear people's thoughts.

I've also set up a survey to collect some initial input on best practices and areas to focus on lessons. Please fill it out if you are interested!


Also definitely curious to hear what those still subscribed to this group think of the idea.

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Do I have permission to contribute to the Shorten URL's module for Drupal 8?

As a college task I have to contribute to a module converting it to a Drupal 8 version.
And for that I ask the Drupal Community permission to do this, and to start as soon as possible when I have time.

Thanks in advance.

I hope to get an answer soon.

Kind regards,

Bert Verleyen

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The Open Mic Podcast: New Format, New Modules and Drupal 8 Updates

This week Ash and Ben go over new modules and some stories from the week, Hope you enjoy!

Download the latest episode of The Open Mic now: http://theopenmic.libsyn.com/the-open-mic-new-format

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Saturación del servidor: Problemas con autolink y Glossify


Instalé en mi servidor Glossify, un potente módulo que permite autolinkear (etiquetar) en el body de todos mis post los tags creados con anterioridad. Mi problema es que cuando activo el módulo Glossify, este procesa los 15 mil tags existentes a la vez, para crear los links en las más 24 mil páginas existentes en mi sitio. Incluso pese a que utilizo Varnish, el servidor se derrumba cuando hago Cron por ejemplo.


Mis dudas:

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Trouble integrating Taleo API and Drupal 8

I currently have a drupal 6 website that has integration of taleo, pulling in jobs by state, a simple search, job detail pages, and job details via api. I am upgrading the site to drupal 8 due to security issues and am having a difficult time trying to reporpuse the module. I tried upgrading the module to drupal 7 so i could then move it into 8, but it is not working at all in 7.

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New Drupal Podcast Episode: The Project Manager and The Tech Lead

Episode seven of The Open Mic is now available for download on iTunes, as hosts discuss their experiences with project management and leading tech teams on client projects.

Download here: http://www.opin.ca/en/article/open-mic-episode-7-project-manager-and-tec...

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Schema and Microdata: How to add field content = myurlimage and Itemid = id_url in slideshow.tpl.php file?

Hi there

I'm adding directly in code: Schema Microdata and my website, but I have two problems:

1- I want to show the URL of my images in the slideshow.tpl.php module. I need only include the URL of the image in "content = url my first picture

As shown below:

I tried these codes php but without success:

print render($content['field_image']);

echo render(file_create_url($node->field_image['und'][0]['uri']));

thanks for your help

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