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Convert to Open Source

Hi Guys!

Thanks billfitzgerald for starting this group.

I spent four years teaching in a South Africa. While teaching we developed a school communication tool called ClassNavigator (www.classnavigator.com). I am now seriously considering considering replicating the ClassNavigator functionality in Drupal. Some of the functionality I think is specific to South African schools. We are also a bit behind when it comes to things like blogs, pod casts, online lessons. ClassNavigator is more of a communication tool with the emphasis being on simplicity.

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Installation profile projects now hosted on drupal.org

hello world,

drupal.org infrastructure can now be used to host installation profiles:

1) there's a "/contributions/profiles" directory in the contrib repo.


2) there's a new Project type, called "Installation profiles":


two critical points i wrote in the README.txt:

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what is DrupalEd Distribution?


Sorry if this seems like a ridiculous question but the group descrtiption never actually explaines what DrupalEd Distribution is. I'm working on an education site and am not sure where to create an Education group because i don't one that exists. Thanks,


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I love the google apps idea!!

I think the google apps ideas is excellent! These are some of my favorite tools to use with my students. Unfortunately , I have no idea what an API is or how it works...

Also... What module adds the Wiki pages to this site? I've been looking for a wiki module for a long time! Do any of you have much experience with it? Can multiple students edit the same page at the same time? Will it work with a WYSIWYG plugin?



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Google Apps for Education

This is pretty forward thinking, but I can see a DrupalEd distribution with the ability to hook into the Google Apps for Education API. Imagine being able to create an account on DrupalEd, having a Google Apps account automatically created for the user, and their Google calendar automatically subscribed to their schedule.

Anyone have experience with the Google Apps for Education API?

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Student/Teacher calendars

I've been working with my university to evaluate new email/calendaring applications. One highly requested ability is for student/faculty schedules to automatically be updated in their calendar each semester. With iCal exports of student/teacher schedules, this could work with Outlook/Exchange, Google Apps for Education, etc.

If meeting time information could be attached, to say OG, this could easily be accomplished. Pair this with assignment due dates and Gradebook, and students/faculty could really keep track of everything.

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The relaunch of DrupalEd.org has begun!

Hello, all,

DrupalEd.org is in the process of getting rebuilt as a resource for educators using Drupal -- as I see it, the site can work in a couple ways:

  1. as a social learning space where people can blog, store files, and share info with other educators;
  2. as a place where people can start to document best practices/lessons learned;
  3. a place where pedagogical approaches to using technology (as opposed to just technology) can be shared.
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Handling Roles and classes

I´ve posted at the Drupal Forum a certain problem that I have, and I would like to know if anyone of you have ever have this kind of issue in the past. And if you have, please give me a clue about how to solve this :-)

I´m running a site (of an NGO) that gives all their users free access to articles and information of a certain area. People do not need to registrate.

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drupaled.org not representative

In its current state the drupaled.org site is not very representative. First of all the welcome page is an 'access denied' error. The about and glossary pages give 'a page not found' error. The link to the SVN repository (https://svn.bryght.com/drupaled) is also 'not found'. New user accounts are not accepted either.

Is there a reason the site is nu up-to-date or maintained? I am willing to help to put it all back together if this is due to lack of time or people for instance.

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stickam: Flash Video Chat with an API

Hey everyone...

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up in case you didn't know about it... but I've just been blown away by a social networking widget this weekend called "Stickam" .... Basically, anyone with a webcam can now embed streaming live video into a website...


This site is currently dominated by the myspace / teenage crowd, but the potential applications are fairly mindboggling.

They've got free radio broadcasting in the works... I'm sure it doesn't scale like icecast, but still... for a small site... it could be fantastic.

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Drupal 5 for teacher/school website

What: Setup teacher subsites/groups complete with calendar, stories, and classroom rules/information


Drupal 5
CCK and all its glorious fields
FCK or tinymce
Organic Groups
Calendar View
Views & Views UI
Views Bonus Pack
IMCE (optional)

Create simplified content types for teachers:



  • Teacher Calendar
    • Name: Teacher Calendar
    • Type: teacher_calendar
    • Description: Create homework or event calendar items.
    • Title field label: Title
    • Body field label: Body
    • Default options:Published (checked)
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    Drupal Training for Educators

    2007-01-31 08:30 - 2007-02-01 16:30 EST

    Hello, all,

    On January 31 and February 1, I'll be running a two day training on using Drupal in the classroom. The training will be held in Philadelphia, at Science Leadership Academy.

    So, if you're around Philadelphia and want to dig into using Drupal, come on down! These sessions are geared toward end users, as opposed to developers or site admins. The emphasis will be on training educators how to use Drupal in an online class or a blended learning environment.

    Click here for an overview of the session.

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    NYC-based open-curriculum non-profit seeks advisors

    Based in New York City, Open Educator, Inc. develops and supports open-source knowledge-sharing communities that make it possible for every motivated K-12 teacher to be highly effective.

    Open Planner is Open Educator's free, easy-to-use, on-line planning community.
    Registered members can



  • author and maintain "open-source" unit plans for review and use by a community of colleagues
  • peruse, use, and learn from the planning work of others
  • start or join collaborative curriculum authoring teams.
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    Instructions for Elementary School Admin

    I implemented drupal at a public elementary school. Not sure if this would help anyone but here are some instructions I gave them:

    This website was setup to help teachers & administrators communicate with parents. The site can be expanded to have teachers create and maintain homework/classroom calendar up-to-date along with class assignments and work samples. In addition, more than one administrator can create and maintain general site information to help keep information current.

    In order to add and maintain information, you must use a web browser that adheres to internet standards: Firefox, Opera, or Netscape. If you are using Internet Explorer or Safari web browser, you will need to disable "Use Rich Text" and use HTML instead.

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    A personal/community workspace, or another look at social networking

    I've been thinking about some of the specifics of creating a personal workspace within Drupal -- although my main area of interest is education, these thoughts have applications outside education -- these are some rough notes, and I'm curious to see/hear reactions about what I'm missing/overlooking. These notes are not intended to be comprehensive, but a starting point in a conversation about some specific functionality

    Some basic functionality--



  • Let users define who can see their posts --
  • To accomplish this, I was thinking about some integration between BuddyList (http://drupal.org/project/buddylist) and the ACL (http://drupal.org/project/acl) or NodeAccess (http://drupal.org/project/nodeaccess)module -- members of a user’s Buddylist can be used to form an access control list on a node by node basis-- I’m leaning toward the ACL module as I think a generalized API that can be used by other modules provides some advantages long term. However, was the ACL module designed to work primarily with roles, or with individual users?

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    Vaporware documentation... Hubris, anyone?

    [ Edit ]
    To make a long story short, it turns out that robroy was already well ahead of me in figuring out why the old documentation wasn't helping people and will update the documentation next week. Serious props to his chops for the effort.

    If you're interested in how this is shaping up, take a look here.

    [ / :) ]

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    Some Options wrt functionality

    On the basis of some of the comments in this thread, here are some thoughts about a first iteration:

    All development here assumes development in 5.0 -- this means that some of the modules will need to be updated to 5.0 if they are not already there.

    There are three types of functionality to consider for the initial distribution:

    1. The public facing school web site
    2. Classes; ie, the classes of an entire school in a single install
    3. Student and teacher work areas -- this can be considered a PLE, but it will allow the learner-controlled space to exist alongside the more structured course area.
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    What are the initial goals? The long term goals?

    Hello, all,

    I'm putting down some quick ideas here to start getting feedback --

    A distribution for Education will mean different things to different people: a set of tools to support classroom blogging, a set of tools to support teacher professional development, a set of tools to allow a school to track student progress (aka a SIS), a public-facing school web site, an internal teacher professional development site, a personal learning space (the PLE), to say nothing of the library sites, the LMS's, etc, etc, etc.

    Drupal can do all of these things well -- some with existing modules, where others will require development. The question is, where do we want to start?

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