Drupal for Good

This group is a place to share ideas, organize and generally put our heads together regarding how Drupal is, and can be, used for nonprofit, charitable and social justice purposes.

Join us on the third Thursday of every month, at 1:00 PM U.S. Eastern for our group meeting by phone. View our next discussion date.

All calls are free and everyone is welcome! While "#npdrupal" refers to "nonprofit Drupal" (similar to "#nptech") our focus is broader than just nonprofit/NGO-specific uses of Drupal and encompasses all "Drupal for good" work like advocacy, community organizing, fundraising, and campaigns.

Our meetings take place at 1:00 PM US-Eastern/10:00 AM US-Pacific/19:00 CEST. (Convert to your local time zone.)

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UN Millennium Campaign to Use Drupal

The United Nations Millennium Campaign, a global campaign to end extreme poverty by 2015, will relaunch their website on Drupal in the coming weeks and months. The campaign chose Drupal based on the software's flexibility, scalability, active user community, and proven track-record in managing large sites among other reasons. The Millennium Campaign will use the new platform to give greater content control to partner organizations and encourage online participation and contributions by individuals interested in holding their governments to account on implementation of the Millennium Development Goals. The United Nations Development Programme, which manages the Millennium Campaign, joins other UN Departments like the World Food Program in adopting the Drupal platform as a strategic campaign tool promoting activism.

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I'm Gregory Heller with CivicActions, we are a firm specializing in Drupal websites for good.
you can check out some of our current and past clients at http://www.civicactions.com

Currently I am working with 2 state conservation voter leagues on drupal websites (in the USA) as well as http://www.defectivebydesign.org a campaign of the free software foundation that aims to raise awareness about DRM (digital rights/restrictions management).

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Western Mass Drupal Web Sites

I'm starting work on a new not-for-profit Drupal site on the side called WesternMassBuyLocal.org. There are a few "buy local" sites out there already, but I have some new ideas that I would like to try with this one. (Update: just created a national site on the same subject called http://www.buylocal.net/ -- live, but still in development. Also building related site http://www.pioneervalley.org/ in Drupal.)

I see a lot of box stores moving into the area, and local businesses that have been around for 20 years are closing down. When people type in things like "[product] store amherst" into Google, I want them to come up with information about local businesses and to not end up at one of the "box stores". We also have a lot of CSA here and it would be good if more people learned about how they can buy locally-grown produce direct from the farms.

Another project that I would like to start on in the next few months is a multi-blog Drupal site about the 2008 presidential election (USA). The idea is that the voices of a large number of regional (national?) bloggers would be able to get higher search engine rankings and a louder voice than if they were just blogging independently. A multi-blog project would get more coverage than a single blog.

Just some ideas that I am working on. I have the domain names ready, but haven't installed Drupal on them yet...

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Drupal key to our non-profit progress

Hi Everyone

Keeping this short is tough (and off to a bad start ;) - at home (South Africa) there is huge social disparity which is perpetuated by only the well-off having access to resources that could potentially break the cycle. We are focused on education. Many students in poorer schools (>50%) do not even have sufficient textbooks. Enter our project - a note: without publishers', editors' and authors' royalties a hard cover 250 page books costs less than ZAR20 (<$2.5) to print:


FHSST (Free High School Science Texts) is a project that aims to provide free science and mathematics textbooks for Grades 10 to 12 science learners in South Africa.

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A Note on Subscriptions

Some of you may have already subscribed to this group and now realised your subscription is missing. The Drupal Groups admin accidentally deleted this group and all data was lost. Luckily only a poll was posted at that point. Make sure to check your "my groups" block to see if you are subscribed.

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Greenpeace and Drupal for Good.


A quick note to the Greenpeace support group members: some of you might be interested in the new Drupal for Good group just started by Jason.

If Greenpeace ends up adopting Drupal, someone might want to list their site here. You can do the same for your sites that are, one way or another, working to create a better tomorrow for ourselves and our planet.

Blessings to all.

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How to cooperate?

After having introduced yourself and your site, you can share your ideas here or do some brainstorming about ways we can use our sites to cooperate in order to collectively have a greater positive impact on our world.

Since I am the first one to post in this group, and I don't know yet what other sites there are and what topic they cover, I don't have any specific ideas on this topic.

Generally, though, here are a few thoughts:
1) Since it is a Drupal specific group, which Drupal modules/tools can we specifically use to work together?
2) we can have a block with the rss feed of other Drupal for Good sites, especially those working in the same field.

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List of Drupal websites working for Good (introduce yourself and your site).


First of all, many thanks to Jason for creating this group.

I am Augustin.

There are many definitions of what is "Good", and I won't attempt to give one: we all have our own understanding of what needs to be done to create a better tomorrow.

To get the Drupal for Good group started, it would be a good idea to list the variety of Drupal sites working for Good.

Also, new people joining the group can use this thread to introduce themselves and their site for Good.

I'll start with two Drupal sites who are not registered charities, but whose purpose is definitely to create a better tomorrow for ourselves and our world.

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