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Our goal is to get 1% of active users on drupal.org to contribute to Drupal core by 2014 by organizing "learn sprints" and "issue sprints" at Drupal User Group meetups, camps and conferences.

drupalladder.org is a central place for people to find and contribute lessons and materials. drupalladder.org is built on the Drupal Ladder distro, which people can download and use on their personal computers to work through the Drupal Ladder lessons.

The Drupal Ladder distro and drupalladder.org are products of the Boston Initiative, an experiment aiming to figure out how to make it easier for people to learn about and contribute to Drupal.

Note that we do not accept job postings or non-Drupal Ladder events in this group. Any posts that go off-topic from the goals of this group will be removed.

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Drupal Global Training Day in Chennai - 2nd December 2017

2017-12-02 10:00 - 16:00 Asia/Kolkata
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Drupal Global Training Days is an initiative by the Drupal Association to learn and share new and experienced users about Drupal. The event takes places all over the world on specific dates chosen by Drupal Association.

A few of us local techies are conducting a Free Drupal training program on 2nd December 2017. It will be a lot of fun, and all skill levels are welcome.

Time and Venue
Date: Dec 2, 2017(Saturday)
Time: 10.00 AM - 2.00 PM (IST)
Venue: Innoppl Technologies Pvt Ltd.,
2nd Floor, Tower C, Tek Meadows,

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New UX and UI for Drupal Ladder

Hi, I would like to revamp the user experience and the interface for Drupal Ladder.
Stumbled upon an issue created a few years ago, is dormant at the moment(https://www.drupal.org/node/1504476). can someone help me with the status, as well as the migration status for D8.

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Wiki: contributing to content quality on DrupalLadder.org

Purpose of this document

This wiki is an open invitation to help solve challenges around content quality on DrupalLadder.org. Let's focus on concrete processes that volunteers can follow to improve this community resource.

Please note in the comments below that volunteers have applied security updates and added the honeypot module in hopes it will help reduce the creation of new spam.

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Maintaining the quality of content on DrupalLadder.org

DrupalLadder.org needs thoughtful stewards. If you're willing to help remove spam, peer-review lessons or take on maintainership of specific lessons, please get in touch with me via the contact form.

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Drupal Dev Lead | Taoti Creative

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Your job is largely to quarterback big Drupal projects—not so much from a project manager point of view, but as the tech lead who will determine what to build and how to build it based on the planning documents you’re given. You’re an accomplished developer at this point, perfectly capable of executing the project on your own, but your role is as much about helping other (more junior) devs up the ladder as it is about getting things built.

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Is drupalladder.org coming back?

Just tried to go to drupalladder.org and Go Daddy says it is expored or pending renewal. Will it be coming back or is drupaladder.or discontinued?

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Helpful beginner resources

Hey guys,

I just discovered couple of interesting resources which will be very helpful to new contributors:

  1. http://drupalize.me/community-tools
    NOTE: this is still a work in progress, and updates will be made on a regular basis. You can find this information and materials available on GitHub at https://github.com/DrupalizeMe/community-tools, and we encourage pull requests.
  2. A video series teaching all required community tools: http://drupalize.me/guides/drupal-community-tools-and-core-mentoring

I hope you'll find this helpful.

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Google Summer of Code 2014 Project: Port DrupalLadder.org into D8

Over the past few months we organized an initiative with Google Code-In students to learn, edit, and create ladders. During this time I truly learned the value of the ladder program and how quickly it can help new users learn Drupal with proper documentation. In fact, we plan for GCI students to work on the DrupalLadder every year which will greatly help the project grow in terms of content. Code-In is for high school students taking on basic tasks.

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Working on already existing lessons


Drupalladder contains lessons on various topics. But it is difficult to find lessons. People use ladders to see the list of lessons. There are some lessons which are nice but not easily found. Example 'What to do when you have a white screen when installing Drupal', 'How to troubleshoot database connection problems' and 'How to Start Over if Your Installation is Interrupted'.

I think we should find a way to display these lessons in a better way and create a search to search not only on Project name but also on Lesson title. We should continue to improve these lessons too.

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Drupal Ladder + Google Code-In = Perfect Match

Hello from the Google Code-In Drupal 2013 team ( https://groups.drupal.org/google-code-in and http://www.google-melange.com/gci/homepage/google/gci2013 ).

We recently added every step/lesson in majority of the Drupal Ladders as tasks into Drupal GCI 2013. Students started taking on the tasks and are already willing to help grow the project. Luckily I mass imported all of the steps as a csv and now we can recycle tasks/lessons every code-in contest. You can see we have plenty of tasks open related and not related to DL @ http://www.google-melange.com/gci/org/google/gci2013/drupal

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