Co-Maintainers for Projects

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

This group is intended to bring together Drupal developers who would allow themselves to become nominated co-maintainers of other Drupal projects.

By subscribing to this group you are declaring a willingness to be either an Active co-maintainer [ACM] or a Passive co-maintainers [PCM].

Guidelines for subscribing to this group

  • Please use your Drupal account (<username> login to Groups.Drupal.Org before subscribing.
  • You must already have a CVS account on Drupal.Org
  • When subscribing to this group please state if you are willing to be a ACM or PCM (PCM are expected to be the most common)

If you are a Project Maintainer and have come here to find a co-maintainer, please ensure you contact your selected choice before you add them to your project.

Active co-maintainers

These are developers looking to join a project on an active basis developing or implementing new features and actively driving a project forward along with the project's maintainer.

Passive co-maintainers

These are developers who are happy to be co-maintainers who, for want of a better term, act as "road side repair" maintainers. If a projects maintainer becomes unavailable then PCMs are there to review and commit bug fix patches in the issue queue (note, PCMs are not expected to actually fix bug unless they want to but are there and able to commit potentially important bug fixes in the issue queue if needed).

Note to Project Maintainers

Once you have agreed to have a ACM or PCM on your project you are advised to place this information on your projects description (example). By default, co-maintainers are not displayed to the public and so are "invisible"

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Locked releases (by Git migration?)


I'm doing some housekeeping regarding the releases of the Workspace module, but I cannot update some releases using Git as they are locked:

  • The nearly three year old workspace 6.x-1.4-rc1 never made it to the front page in the first place. Git is complaining about some tag conflict.
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Co-Maintainers for My Modules


As I'm hell of busy these days, I would like to get some co-maintainers to work on my modules issues queue, and of interest please replay or contact me, module list as below.

Please send me which module you want to contribute.

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Co-maintainer Best Practices (also Pathauto Co-Maintainers!)

Pathauto now has 3 maintainers (greggles, mikeryan and Freso).

We've got a couple of practices that we're trying to follow to help coordinate and minimize work and I thought it could be helpful to share these ideas and allow others to contribute their thoughts on best practices for co-maintainership:

  1. Use the Issue Queue: nearly all changes go through the issue queue and are committed using meaningful commit messages
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Contrib modules up for adoption

So, I've been spending a lot time on my Drupal Accelerator project and combined with a wish to get more involved in the Drupal 7 dev process (I was involved in 5 but so busy basically missed 6 completely) that I've decided to free myself from my contribution modules. It's a shame but something has to give.

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Building Drupal Modules

2008-04-05 09:00 - 2008-04-06 17:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
User group meeting

This session will introduce Drupal users to the beauty that is creating custom modules. We will start out by doing an overview of what a module is, what it is composed of, and how modules interact with the Drupal core. The lesson quickly turns from lecture to hands-on when the basics are over and students code their modules and learn all about Drupal's hooks and API offerings.

This session will go over how to build and architecture a new custom Drupal module.

Who is this course for?

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CCK Flashcard needs new maintainer

The CCK Flashcard module is "A CCK field that offers textfields or textareas for "Front" and "Back" (like the sides of a flashcard). Upon display the front and back can be toggled. Useful for testing your memory on things." It needs a new maintainer. Please contact me if you are interested.

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