Drupal on Windows

Working group discussing best practices for Drupal development and deployment on Microsoft Windows.

Since there are so many combinations of web server and database server be sure to clarify in your posts whether you are talking about IIS, Apache, SQL Server, or MySQL.

Topics of interest are:

  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • WAMP tools (WampServer, XAMPP, etc)
  • Development environments (Visual Studio, Komodo, Eclipse, NetBeans, etc)
  • PHP
  • Integration with enterprise servers
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New to Windows: Proper File Permissions for D8?

Being new to Windows (and Drupal), i'm not familar with the proper setup for which user/group should have which permissions. The search results for "windows permissions" in the Drupal community seem to all refer to the file upload function, but i need guidance for all of the permissions.

Windows Server 2012
PHP 5_6

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How to unify www.site.com and site.com?

I recently rebuilt our site on a Windows server (Server 2012, IIS 8.5). Had to install everything from scratch. It works 99% fine, but one issue has been bugging me, which is that it seems to create separate sessions for you when you log into www.site.com, versus site.com. DNS accepts either, and you are definitely going to the same, single site. But if you log in on www.site.com, and the for some reason type in just site.com, it acts like you are not logged in at all. It does this in all browsers.

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Windows file path format for link in a Configure Block > Block Body

System Information:
-Windows Server 2012 Standard
-Drupal 7.4.1

I'm sharing information that worked for me when creating a link in the block body, to a file folder location. Keep in mind that correct permissions would also be necessary to have the desired result of the user clicking the link and having success displaying the files within the folder. But another part of that success would be typing out the file path using the correct structure.

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Clean URLs not working Multisite setup, IIS 8.5, Server 2012R2

Hi Folks,

New to Drupal and I'm having a problem with clean URL's in a multisite setup.
-Server 2012 R2, IIS 8.5
-Drupal 7.38

I can create a blank dummy site and no issue enabling clean URL's.
However on the multisite setup I have no luck.

The physical file path is as such:
C:\inetpub\wwwroot\"drupal"\sites with all the individual websites in the "sites" folder.

In IIS all the subsites have individual sites that physically point to the parent (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\"drupal")

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Using LDAP for automated login

Does anyone have experience configuring the LDAP module for automatic login?

We are running Drupal 7.39 on IIS 8.5, MSSQL all on Windows 2012 servers. I can authenticate users with LDAP via manual login, and create new users, all no problem. But when we enable LDAP SSO and turn on automated single sign-on we loose access with the server.

The LDAP SSO module says we need to setup LDAP authentication on the web server. Other than configuring IIS for Windows Authentication, what else should be done?

And what are the Authentication Mechanisms set on the LDAP SSO form?

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File_Put_Contents error?

I have an ongoing struggle to migrate Drupal from a Linux box to a Windows box. My current situation is that I have Drupal 7.38 installed and I deleted all the tables from the database. I have just migrated my database over from the live site, without touching the codebase. I don't really expect this to work, but at least I'm getting a different result this time.

When I try to bring up any page, I get something like this:

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Migrating from Windows

Trying to migrate a Drupal site from a Unix (Ubuntu) server to Windows. New server has Windows Server 2012 R2, IIS 8.5, PHP 5.6.0, Mysql 5.5.42, all recently installed on a newly-created VM.

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Drupal 7.x on IIS 8.5 and SQL Server 2012 R2

Does anyone have experience configuring Drupal 7.x on IIS 8.5? We're moved the site from an older server (IIS 7.x).

Drupal site comes up, we can browse all content, but can't edit or add.

Admin user can open Admin Overlay pages, but cannot save any changes (save button just re-writes the overlay page). Edit content opens edit Overlay page, but has not content.

We're not getting any errors in either php or application logs.

Also, how do you handle the URL re-write, it does not seem to be available in IIS 8.5, we had to remove that "bit" from the site's web.config file.

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Poor performance for 10 concurrent users on Win2008+IIS7.5+FastCGI

Hi Experts,

We created a new website using Drupal 7, IIS7.5, PHP5.3, WIN2008, MSSQL2008, and FastCgi, 4 CPUs, 16GB ram, Wincache.

It works fine when only 1 visitor browsing the homepage, it takes around 2-3 second to load it. But when I try to conduct a stress test by simulating 10 concurrent users, the loading time for homepage turned into 5-6 seconds and the CPU usage is almost 100%.

Could you please advise how to improve such situation?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards,

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Migrate SQL Server database to MySQL


We have a current Drupal 7 site using SQL Server 2012 but need to export the database and import into MySQL.

SQL server has worked ok but due to the lack of module support we need to change the database to MySQL.

Are there any steps to do this online specifically for a Drupal website?

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Setting up a Windows Server

We went through the process last year of documenting how to set up Drupal on Windows:

There are lots of pieces of documentation, but as a long time LAMP user I couldn't find anything to consolidate it.

This needs some help from Windows System Admins, but should hopefully help some folks take the next step.

Please fork and suggest pull requests to update the documentation.

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How to Create a Subdirectory of a Larger Domain?

We are currently developing a Drupal community site and want to make it a subdirectory of our corporate website. We are running IIS 7.5/MS SQL Server.

Does anyone have any experience on how to make this work?

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Hi there. We're going with Windows 8/IIS/PHP and are wondering which is the better solution: MSSQL or MySQL? We currently have a WAMP box running Drupal 6 and will need to migrate data from the current MySQL db to whatever we decide to use on this new build. Thoughts?

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What's the best setup for a Windows machine using Drupal 7?

Hi there. We're moving from a WAMP machine with Drupal 6 to a Windows machine with Drupal 7. Here's what I'm wondering:

  1. Does Windows 2012 with 64bit work okay with Drupal 7?
  2. What's a better setup, WAMP or IIS? If IIS is the answer, will migrating from a WAMP machine be more difficult?

Thanks for your time.

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uc_paypal: cannot find local certificate?

All -

I've never worked on a Windows server before, and am more the site operator/design than server guy, but I'm on my own on this project. I have an SSL certificate installed on the server, but Drupal 7 with Ubercart is logging the following error:

SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

I'm at a loss, and have been working on this and researching for about a week now. Thanks for whatever help you can offer!


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External Test server Login


In many time We follow the process for site deployment.

First we upload in local then test .
after completing test site then we upload in live site.

but test site URL display in google.

Many User visit the test site and register.

I want to stop access for visitor to visit test site.

any module is there to access test login and visit test site.

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Windows install - Invalid object 'watchdog'


After installing Drupal on Windows 2008 r2, IIS7 and SQL Server 2012, we get errors whenever accessing any of the log pages e.g. under /admin/reports/dblog

gives this error:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'watchdog'.: SELECT DISTINCT(type) FROM {watchdog} ORDER BY type; Array ( ) in _dblog_get_message_types() (line 133 of C:\inetpub\wwwroot****\modules\dblog\dblog.module).

and under



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Install using existing SQL Server 2012


Is there a direct download link for Drupal 7 for Windows?

Using web platform installer forces you to install a SQL Express instance which is not needed as we have a SQL Server 2012 database already in place and having both will cause problems.

Web PI wont let you install without a database selection or give you option to use existing SQL Server?

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Drupal 7 on a Windows production server?

I work in a .Net shop and so, although I am tasked to produce a website for the company in Drupal, I am told that the server has to have a Windows operating system in order to take advantage of in-house knowledge for supporting the server. Windows and Drupal (i.e., PHP and MySQL) are the only given technical criteria; I can dictate what kind of Windows server it will be, and any necessary configurations.

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Upgrade to Windows Server 2012 Now!

Just wanted to report, that after migrating from a Windows Server 2008 - a WNMP stack that was plagued by problems and instability (most notable php-cgi.exe kept hanging) - to Windows Server 2012, it seems not only has stability improved, but the performance is superior to my local MNMP stack (I can't believe I'm saying this).

Here's the results of running mem.php script from 2bits.com

mac: Before boot     0.22MB Boot time     45.5 ms After Boot     5.02MB Boot Peak 5.06MB Module count     128 After fetch     5.02MB Fetch Peak 5.06MB

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