We are excited to announce the DrupalCon Asia-Pacific Organisers group. DCAPO intends to lay foundations that will facilitate international Drupal Conferences (DrupalCons) in the Asia-Pacific region.

DCAPO welcomes and needs input and assistance from Drupal users and communities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. DrupalCons are a lot of work, and are only possible through the community's effort. Please join the DCAPO group to share your opinions and experience, volunteer your time, or nominate yourself or others for roles on the selection team.

See also our South-American, North-American and European counterparts.

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How pass node id as view argument used as filter to select the nodes in a CCK node reference

I have a view that selects a subset of book child nodes of a given type, where the parent book id is passed as argument. This works fine when I pass a given nid as parent book id in the view preview.

I have a CCK node reference that uses that view under Advanced - Nodes that can be referenced (View), selecting the created view under View use to select the nodes:.

How can I pass the nid of a specific node with an instance of the node reference field to the view under View arguments, which just says:

Provide a comma separated list of arguments to pass to the view.

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creating view

I need help in creating view.

I have two content type(profile and patient_services ) reference nid to connect two are nid and field_patient_service_reference_nid.

I need to display data from both table
where content_type_profile.nid = content_type_patient_services.field_patient_service_reference_nid

Please let me know how to get this result.

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OSScamp Lucknow 11.03

2011-03-26 09:00 - 2011-03-27 18:00 Asia/Calcutta
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

OSScamp Lucknow 11.03 is an open source unconference being organised at the Babu Banarsidas Group of Institutions, Lucknow, on March 26-27 2011, in Lucknow (UP), India

At the OSScamp, we are organising a Drupal Hindi Localisation Sprint, plus have other hands on activities planned around Drupal. Please participate to make it a success.

Registeration/Signup and more details at: http://osscamp.in/event/osscamp-lucknow-1103

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DrupalCon in South Asia? 2013?

Is the South Asian community ready to take on a DrupalCon, perhaps as soon as January 2013?

If so, now would be the perfect time to start discussing it. It would be great to open this discussion before DrupalCon Chicago, next month. Of course, if you are going to Chicago, we can have a very informal meeting there.

To be clear, there has been no discussion, let alone a decision of any kind by the Drupal Association. This is strictly a fact-finding mission by me to gauge the level of interest in your communities.

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DrupalDownunder 2011: Wow!

Thanks to everyone for coming and making DrupalDownunder 2011 such a fantastic event!

We're looking forward to DrupalDownunder 2012: Melbourne!

Don't forget, if you're in Melbourne or Sydney over the next couple of days to sign-up or pop in to the meet-ups planned with Dries! A fantastic opportunity to talk Drupal and hang out with friends!

Looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

Jeff and Sheree
& the DrupalDownunder Brisbane Team

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PHP and Drupal Developer | Ci&T

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

We are looking for dynamic people with great communication skills to join us. If you are in China, speak fluent mandarin, advanced English and is interested in Drupal Development. This is the opportunity for you!

Please send us your resume.










- Experience working with PHP technology;
- Experience working on web basic tools like HTML, CSS & Javascript;

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Merry Christmas from DrupalDownunder!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and as gift we have decided to keep the early bird price in place until Christmas. So for the next 9 days the early bird price will still be available!. For those of you who are still contemplating whether to come but think you've missed your chance to get a bargain, go and grab this gift and sign up whilst the price is right.

Spread the word and sign up now! :)

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Velocity China

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Best drupal chat module for Live chat


Is any chat module where customer can interact with site administrator without login.
Example you can see on http://www.hostgator.com/ here many customer can talk with one or many sales support team.

I implemented few module but not satisfy with result e.g. DrupalChat work after login only

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DrupalDownunder 2011: 15 Days left of Early Bird...

Just a reminder that there are only 15 days left to purchase your Early Bird Ticket to DrupalDownunder.

We have some great Keynote Speakers lined up, as well as some of Australia's most talented currently submitting topics! This is an event not to be missed!

Looking for a something to put in your Christmas stocking? Why not a ticket to DrupalDownunder! The perfect gift for your employees, your family, you spouse. The best gift ever! ;)

Seriously though, if you're hoping to attend, get in early because after the 15th, tickets bump up to normal price!

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DrupalDownunder 2011: Session Proposals Open!

Session Proposals are now open! If you have a particular Drupal topic that you’re passionate about presenting, please submit your proposals!

Once sessions are coming in, we’d like you to vote by registering your interest in the topics you want to hear. The topics that have the most interest will be the ones presented at DrupalDownunder.

Looking forward to seeing some fantastic sessions come forward!

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DrupalDownUnder and Haecksen

Hey hey - a special call out to drupalchix in australia, new zealand and the asia pacific in general....

2 great conferences in Brisbane, Australia in January would LOVE to invite you to present.

The haecksen miniconf at LCA2011 is for women in free and open source software:

See the call for papers: http://haecksen.net/node/273
Or more info on what it's about: http://haecksen.net/node/6

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DrupalDownunder 2011: Dries is coming!

We're excited to announce that Dries will be coming to DrupalDownunder. This will be the first time he's been to Australia and we're thrilled to have him as a Keynote Speaker.

We've been working hard behind the scenes preparing some fantastic things for Drupallers downunder.

The fully fledged site has been launched with new features and more detailed information. Check it out at: http://drupaldownunder.org

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Would you share your Drupal code if permitted?

Yes, I would.
92% (11 votes)
No, it belongs to me only.
8% (1 vote)
Total votes: 12
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Drupal Updates from OSI Days 2010 - Open Source Conference, Chennai, India - September 19-21, 2010

Conference Details - http://osidays.com
Drupal Sessions with Overview and details: http://osidays.com/tracks/60
Conference Registration - http://osidays.com/register-now

Shortlisted Sessions:
Building Powerful search in Drupal by Prajwala Manchikatla - http://osidays.com/proposal/building-powerful-search-drupal

Citizen Journalism on Drupal by Markus Franz - http://osidays.com/proposal/citizen-journalism-drupal

Drupal Theming (Workshop) by Marek Sotak - http://osidays.com/proposal/drupal-theming

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