Florida Drupal User's Group logoWelcome to the Florida Drupal Users Group! We have members from all over Florida and most meetups around the state are coordinated through this group. Whether you're from the panhandle, northeast Florida, the Gulf coast, central Florida, the Space Coast, or south Florida, you'll find other Drupal developers and themers here.

Currently, we have regular meetups in the following areas:

  • Brevard County (Cocoa Village): first Thursday of each month.
  • Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale): 2nd Wednesday of each month, 7pm - Meetup.com listing
  • Orlando: 4th Thursday of each month, 7:00pm - Meetup.com listing
  • Gainesville: 2nd Thursday of each month, 7pm - Meetup.com listing
  • Jacksonville: 3rd Thursday of each month, 6pm - Meetup.com listing
  • Miami Beach: 4th Wednesday of each month, 6pm
  • Palm Beaches (Jupiter-Boca Raton): 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7:30pm - Meetup.com listing
  • Sarasota / SW Florida: 1st Tuesday of each month 6:30pm
  • Tallahassee: 1st Wednesday of each month at 7pm.
  • Tampa Bay: 1st Thursday of each month - Meetup.com listing

Keep an eye on this page for location and topic announcements for each meetup, as meeting days and times might change month-to-month.

Funds are available for local Florida meetup groups!

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Florida Creatives Happy Hour

2007-11-19 18:00 - 21:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
User group meeting

A few things you should check out if you're in/near Orlando.

First, Central Florida PHP and second Florida Creatives.

I organize Florida Creatives, and we have a large number of web developers and designers attend each month. Our next Happy Hour will be at the Crooked Bayou, across the street from the Orlando Library. Our meetings are always 3rd Mondays of the month in the same place.

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Florida Drupal Meetup Oct 2007 - Gainesville

We need a place -- on campus somewhere? maybe a library meeting room? Is there anyone in Gainesville who can help set this up?

We need a date --- How about Oct 20th

We need an agenda -- we should have some folks fresh from DrupalCon in Spain!!!

We need lots of marketing / PR

We need people to signup so other people know we will have a "crowd"

Please add your name and what you can do to this page (just showing up is good!!!)

Joe Moraca will attend any Saturday in Oct

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jaxphp meeting Sept 4

Hi, just in case anyone interested is near Jacksonville, the JaxPHP meetup group is hosting an introductory presentation about Drupal at their Sept 4 meeting.

link to meeting page


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Dreamweaver Extension Developer Needed | Peter Apokotos

Employment type: 

I am looking for an Adobe Dreamweaver Developer to create an extension that will allow the creation of Drupal themes from novice to advanced designs for any Dreamweaver user on the Macintosh or Windows operating systems. This extension must export drupal themes that are XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2.0, and Section 508 compliant. Please contact me if you think you are the person for the job. And your bid on this project. The main requirement is that this Extension must be always up to date with Drupal's theming methods.

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Tampa or Orlando meetup, this week?

Hello everyone. I'm currently visiting the parents in Tampa Florida and I'll be here for the next week. Curious if there is a meetup going on in the Tampa and/or Orlando area. I'd love to meetup with some Drupalers/Drupalistas/Drupalites in the area.

36 people on this list.. someone has to be in the area, right?

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tomorrow: Miami Drupal meetup 7pm 7/17 at Books and Books

OK, here's where we separate the Drupalers from the wannabes... this is a friendly reminder for tomorrow night's meetup at Books and Books in the Gables

Here's the address:
Books and Books
265 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables
305.442.4408 (if you need directions)

If you haven't yet, please RSVP to claudio@studiomodule.com, so we can get an idea of headcount.

We'll meet in the cafe in the back. Bring a laptop and business cards if you've got them.

See you then!


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Need PHP help

I'm currently working on a site for a client. I do my work for him in trade for credit against what he sells so no money is exchanged.
I'm terrible with PHP (read, I know nothing about it). I could really use some help with a request he made of me and was hoping someone here might volunteer some time. I'd be glad to pass some credit along to you for your time if you like inverts of any sort.

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joemoraca's picture

Fun was had by all

Great discussion, interesting presentations and just good fellowship...
face to face beats online interaction...

Only local images are allowed.

Don't be sorry you couldn't make it. We are planning the next meeting already.

How about October in Gainesville??

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Florida Drupal Meetup - May 19th in Orlando

2007-05-19 14:30 - 17:30 America/New_York

Lets make the first Florida Drupal Users MeetUp a success!!!

Go to Group. Drupal.Florida for more info

Everyone is welcome. Come to the centrally located Orlando Public Library it's easy to get to see this map

* Agenda
      o Short presentations about what kind of Drupal work is going on in Florida and code we've contributed.
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Florida Drupal Meetup - May 19th in Orlando

Lets figure this out. Please edit this wiki page with your ideas.

Everyone is welcome. Come to centrally located Orlando to discuss Drupal and have some fun

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Best Place for a Florida Drupal Meetup (maybe June 9th or 16th)

56% (5 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Miami area
22% (2 votes)
Sarasota (where I live - we could use a nice conference room with computer)
22% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 9
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DRUPAL JOB: Experienced Drupal Developer Needed for 10+ Sites

We are looking for an experienced Drupal developer to build as many as 10 or more high-quality Drupal sites. We're in Miami but there aren't many Drupal users down here. Telecommuting is OK.

Excellent opportunity for the right person. If interested, please reply ASAP.

  • Experienced with Drupal (1.5+ years)
  • Experienced with PHP/MySQL & CSS
  • Experienced in Drupal module development
  • Basic knowledge of SEO
  • WordPress experience a plus
  • We are in Miami, but telecommuting is OK

Please email the following information to brickell (at) fastmail.fm

  • Resume
  • Information about your background with Drupal and PHP/MySQL
  • URLs of Drupal sites you have worked on
  • Information about modules that you have created
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Florida-based Drupal consultants?

Hello there, I'm one of the newer members of this group, but I've been developing Drupal sites for over a year now. I'm based in Merritt Island (near the Space Center) and I have some experience in writing custom modules, but I'm getting ready to start a new phase of a project where I think I need some help. Hopefully there is another Florida-based Drupal developer out there who can help.

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How many Drupal Dojo Lessons have you had?

23% (5 votes)
9% (2 votes)
14% (3 votes)
5% (1 vote)
What is the Drupal Dojo???
50% (11 votes)
Total votes: 22
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Greetings from Gainesville

I just finished joining up this group. Since I lurk in Gainesville, I thought it would make sense. I do not have anything up right now because I am trying to figure out how to do multiple sites using drupal. Yep, I am that much of a newbie. Be afraid!


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It was the free dues...

... that encouraged me to sign up... ;-) Free beer works even better...

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Jonathan invited me to this group, so you're now up to, .... let me use both hands ... 7 ... no 8 members. Florida isn't exactly the hot-bed of Drupal development, but here we are!

eIntroductions... I have been playing around with Drupal for almost 18 months, having first learned about it at Democracy Fest 2005. I attempted to start my own company using Drupal as a platform, and when that didn't work I went to work for CivicActions. Jonathan and I met in Amsterdam last month at a CivicActions company meeting.

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joemoraca's picture

Now up to 6 !!!!

Our 6th member .... ByteDreams has this web site ... http://poserforensicartists.com/

We need to get to 10 !!!! that is the magic number.

Joe Moraca

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Dues are free ... don't wait sign up now!!

Join the drupalgators. Maybe our next contest / poll should be tocome up with a name!!

We are having exponential growth ... up to 5 now and growing .... please join up SW Florida geeks

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What part of Florida do you live in

8% (3 votes)
44% (16 votes)
East Coast
19% (7 votes)
17% (6 votes)
11% (4 votes)
Total votes: 36
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