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Chennai Drupal Group

A group of Drupal users and developers in Chennai

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A group of Drupal Developers in Botswana.

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Drupaleros de Riobamba

Grupo de usuarios de Drupal de la ciudad de Riobamba.

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Akron Area Drupal User Group

We are Drupal users in the Akron, Ohio area, focused on learning, discussion, and showcasing work.

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Drupal users and developers in South China, Guangzhou

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Development announcements

If you are a Drupal developer you want to read this.

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Package Manager

A journey to create a package manager for Drupal, a la Yum, apt-get, etc.

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Drupal Gruppe für die Region Hunsrück

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A Group for Namibian Drupal Users, Developers and Themers

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Migrating from Joomla

A group for those who used to use Joomla and now want to try Drupal.

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Drupal Aceh

The Aceh Drupal Users Group

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Rio Grande do Norte

Usuários e desenvolvedores Drupal no estado do Rio Grande do Norte/Brasil

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Drupal Users in Gabon

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South Sudan

Drupal Group for Southern Sudan and its Neigbouring Countries

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For everyone living in Malta and supporting Drupal

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Pajamanation goes drupal => Your are on your own buy your not alone !

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Welcome to the Kozhikode User Group for Drupal users in or from kozhikode district in kerala state in India

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DUG Gyor

The Drupal User Group Gyor is a local user group from Gyor, located in the north-west of Hungary.

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This group is for all Montenegro Drupal users and developers.

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The Uyghur groups is for Uyghur speakers to share information and coordinate initiatives around the local adoption of Drupal.

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Grupo de Usuarios Drupal de la Costa Atlantica Colombiana

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Martinique User Group

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Group dedicated to the the island of Barbados

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Burkina Faso

Drupal Users Group for Drupalers in Burkina Faso

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Russia/Tambov region Drupal Users Group

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Group of Yemeni Drupal users and developers.

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Drupal Usergroup Harz - DUG-Harz

Drupal Usergroup Harz - DUG-Harz

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Drupal in Schwerin, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany

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This is a group about making Drupal work on Ingres

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Drupal Jeddah

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia based drupal groups

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Western Maryland DUG

A Drupal user group serving the Western Maryland area.

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Ozama - Santo Domingo

grupo de webmasters usando drupal en la Republica Diminicana

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Welcome to the Yellowknife drupal group!

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A Local group to find out how many drupal fan is nearby

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Tri-Cities, Tennessee

Tri-Cities Drupal Community to exchange ideas, improve your skills and socialize.

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Urdu Translation

Urdu Translation

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Bahia Blanca

Group for Drupal users and enthusiasts in Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Group for University of Chicago staff, faculty, students, and affiliates to discuss all things Drupal.

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Kootenay Drupal geeks

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Galiano Island

For Galiano Island Drupalistas (and their friends)

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Terre Haute, Indiana

Wabash Valley Web Guild (WVWG) Drupal Implementation Specialists

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The BACnet Interest Group - Drupal

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3rd Party Integration -- Eve Online

A meeting place for devs looking to integrate Eve Online with Drupal.

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Galax, Virginia

A place to swap notes and commiserate in the New River Valley

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Integrate Drupal with Discuz related products.

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A group for all drupalers leaving in Togo (West Africa)

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LinuxTag 2006, Wiesbaden, Germany

Planning group for LinuxTag 2006 in Wiesbaden, Germany

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Somali drupal users and developers fro across the world

Closed 13

A group focused on promoting Drupal among techie and non-techie alike in Gurgaon, India.

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New Brunswick Events

Drupal events in New Brunswick

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SoC 2006: Imagemagick

This is a SOC Imagemagick group

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Merced Drupal Users Group

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Bacolod user group

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Itä-Suomi / Kuopio

Drupal user group Kuopio, Finland. Drupal for beginners to professionals and everything between.

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Antelope Valley / Bakersfield

A group for all the people who live near or around either the SR-14 (in north Los Angeles County) or the SR-58 (in Kern County).

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Drupal 8 Initiatives

Organization and meta-discussion around the Drupal 8 initiatives

Invite only 14
Activism Labs

Activism Labs is a set of grassroots project management tools and modules developed originally developed for as part of Google Summer of Code 2010

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Sierra Leone

Group for Sierra Leonean drupal developer... A way to encourage and assist Sierra Leoneans in web developing

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Druplers in Tanzania

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Malagasy Drupal's user

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Zambia Drupal Users

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This is a group for drupal lovers in Nottingham

Join 16

Drupalian from Brunei! Come and join!

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Lethbridge Drupal Users Group

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Thunder Bay

Geographically based community for drupal discussions

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A group for Kazakhstan Drupal-Specialists

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This group is for Drupal users living in Liberia.

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Tricity Drupalist

Goal of this group is to bring drupal lovers from tricity (Mohali, Chandigarh & Panchkula) for knowledge sharing and community contribution

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SE KS, NE OK, SW MO, NW AR -- Rural Area

Southeast Kansas, Northeast Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas, Southwest Missouri. Am I the only Drupalista out here?

Request membership 17

Shenyang Liaoning , China (辽宁沈阳) Drupal User/Developer Community

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Williamsport, PA

Williamsport and surrounding area developers group.

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Drupal user group from Floripa magic island , Brazil

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Classified Advertising

Drupal based Classified Ads Solution

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Drupal Sao Paulo

Grupo de Usuarios de Drupal do Brasil

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Brazos Valley

Brazos Valley Drupal Users Group serving Bryan / College Station, Texas and surrounding area

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A German group for all users from the area around Dresden/Germany.

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A Drupal users group for developers of solutions in or for Iraq.

Closed 18

Drupal user group for mauritian developers

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Proscenium is a Drupal distribution targeting online publishing for the performing arts and entertainment sector.

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Redding California Drupal Group

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La Paz

Drupaleros La Paz Bolivia

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Group for the development and use of Drupal and it’s modules with Guyana’s limited communication platforms

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Drigg developers group

The group joined by people developing Drigg and connected modules.

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Lancaster PA Users

Lancaster, Pennsylvania Drupal users group meeting regularly to discuss all things Drupal, mostly from a user and admin perspective.

Request membership 19

Drupal in southwest of germany.

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Group for Drupal users and enthusiasts in Rwanda

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Northern British Columbia User Group

A group specifically for the more remote regions of the province, seeing that it is difficult to participate in events adv. on the South BC Groups.

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Drupal Kent UK

A monthly meetup group for those afflicted with the Drupal in Kent UK

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Regional group for Drupal users in Angola

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