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Toronto Canada Drupal Users Group

Join 941

A Drupal Users' Group for Seattle

Join 949
Drupal for Good

Group for those using Drupal in the nonprofit world

Join 953
Omega Framework

Group dedicated to development & theming with the Omega theme, Delta module, and related projects

Join 961
e-Commerce Module

A Special Interest Group for Enhancements and Development of E-Commerce Project

Join 996

Working group for making Drupal do HTML5.

Join 1,001
Denver / Boulder Colorado (DBUG)

Drupal User Group for Colorado (USA), especially Denver, Boulder and the greater Front Range area.

Join 1,001

Mobile development issues and Drupal

Join 1,017

A group for London and UK Drupal Developers

Join 1,050
Portland (Oregon)

The main Portland Drupal Users Group (DUG) for Portland, Oregon

Join 1,081
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Discussing optimizing Drupal sites for search engine visibility and ranking

Join 1,107

Discuss aspects of running multiple sites from a single Drupal install.

Join 1,128
Semantic Web

Discussions on how to integrate the Semantic Web technologies with Drupal

Join 1,179

This is the place to discuss Drupal in Sweden and in Swedish.

Join 1,216

A working group for the Services module and related modules.

Join 1,226
Location and Mapping

This group is focused on web mapping, cartography, GIS, and anything geospatial in Drupal.

Join 1,291
Views Developers

People interested in the development of Views, Views API and modules that utilize Views.

Join 1,295

Working group for the Drupal UX team.

Join 1,373

A group for Drupal Users & Developers from India.

Join 1,394

The Brazilian Drupal Users Group.

Join 1,410
Design 4 Drupal

A group for designers and themers.

Join 1,416
SF Bay Area

A group for San Francisco Bay Area Drupal meetups, events, users, and developers

Join 1,420

Australian Drupal Users Group

Join 1,454
Consulting and Business

Consultants and businesses that use and develop with Drupal

Join 1,524
Newspapers on Drupal

A place for newspapers running on Drupal to share ideas, problems and solutions

Join 1,531

Boston, MA USA

Join 1,675
Theme development

Discuss and develop improvements to the theme system including including theme functions and templates, CSS, markup

Join 1,721
LA Drupal [Los Angeles Drupal]

The Los Angeles Drupal group, or LA Drupal, is California's largest hub for all things Drupal

Join 1,733
Contributed Module Status

Wiki pages for ANYONE to post the latest status of contributed modules; very helpful for major Drupal releases (e.g. 5.x, 6.x, etc.).

Join 1,785
Drupal in Education

A space to work on building and maintaining a Drupal distribution for Education

Join 1,863
Washington, DC Drupalers

Drupal users group for the Washington, DC area

Join 2,037
Social Networking Sites

Sites that aim to connect people and the modules that make it possible.

Join 2,161
Drupal Jobs

For Drupal-specific job postings.

Join 2,556
High performance

Scalability and performance for high traffic sites powered by Drupal

Join 2,734
New York City

NYC Drupal users group

Join 2,767
Drupal Dojo

A group for apprentice/journeyman developers who want to increase proficiency, and for experts looking to grow the pool of Drupal talent.

Join 3,269
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