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Peer Review

A group for website developers, themers, designers to get feedback on modules, themes, projects

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Minnesota's Own Drupal Community

Join 173

Getting off the island with Composer and Packagist

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North West UK

Monthly meetup for all Drupal users in the NW

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Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein

Drupal User-Group für Norddeutschland

Join 176
Drupal Sports & League Management

Discussions about running a website focused on providing services to sports clubs and leagues.

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Drupal Camp Seattle

Come join us at Drupal Camp Seattle, June 27th and 28th

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Graphing & SVG

Using Drupal to generate visual representations of data.

Join 177

A Group of Pakistani Drupalers.

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Santa Cruz

A group for Drupal nerds, newbies and ninjas in and around Santa Cruz, California.

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Dating Sites using Drupal

Join 179

A core install profile for small groups telling the world about their passion.

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Projects Needing Financing

A group to match financial donors with Drupal projects needing financing.

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OpenMusic-a network of Drupal based social music communities

A drupal installation profile for networked social music communities -myspace style- where artists and fans work together to promote music

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Tips, tricks, and code-sharing for users of the MySite module

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For Drupal Lovers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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Michigan Drupal Users group.

Join 186

Discuss development of classified ad functionalities

Join 189

Ukraine Drupal Users Group

Join 190
Central Illinois DUG

A group for Central Illinois Drupal users, including Bloomington, Champaign, Peoria, and Springfield.

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Grupo Oficial de la comunidad Drupal Bolivia.

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Cincinnati / Dayton / SW Ohio - CINDUG

Drupal users in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Southwestern Ohio.

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Entity API

All entity API related development discussions, Drupal7 and Drupal 8.

Join 192
LAMPuniversity (e-learning application of Drupal)

e-learning aspects - integration of Moodle, Civicrm and Drupal

Join 193
Miami, Florida

Miami Drupal users

Join 194
Hudson Valley, NY

Developers in the Hudson Valley region of New York, including Poughkeepsie, Beacon, Kingston, New Paltz, and Albany areas.

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Drupal Coworking

Discussions and resources about Drupal coworking spaces.

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Drupal Camp India

A group of volunteers that plans and organizes Drupal Camps in India

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St. Louis

Drupal Users of St. Louis, MO

Join 195

Creating and implementing a groupware solution using Drupal.

Join 196

Seville(spain) Developer community - Comunidad de desarrolladores de Drupal en Sevilla (España)

Join 201

For people who do: irc core mentoring office hours, mentor at sprints, or are interested in the general principles of mentoring in the drupal communit

Join 202
Central Iowa Drupal Users Group

Ames, Iowa USA - user group

Join 202
Albany, NY

A group for people using Drupal in the Capital District region of New York

Join 203
Mark Boulton Design Drupal 7 Project

A group to facilitate the efforts of Mark Boulton and Crew

Join 203

This is the Metro Detroit, Michigan USA Users Group

Join 203

Organizing ideas, maintaining code standards around Drupal and PostgreSQL

Join 203

Connecting the Drupal Community in Pittsburgh and Western PA

Join 207

Drupallers and such (devs and themers alike!) in and around Western New York State

Join 207
Drupal Fit

A group for people who are interested in fitness-related discussions and activities at conferences, in their local Drupal user groups.

Join 208
Small Business

A working group to implement drupal distribution as IT solution for small business and small business website

Join 208

Adding more Games and Gaming type features to Drupal

Join 209

Drupal users group for Melbourne, Australia

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Multi-user blogging

Configure and maintain multi-user blogging environments.

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Micro Shops

Discussion of the unique challenges of life and work in a very small (<=5 person) Drupal shop.

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Learn, teach, and coordinate creating screencasts about Drupal

Join 211
Optimizing Themes & Modules for iPhone use.

Discussion area exploring themes and standards optimized for Drupal use with Apple iPhones

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DrupalCon Asia-Pacific Organizers (DCAPO)

People interested in making DrupalCon Asia-Pacific happen.

Join 213
Gallery2 Integration

A group focused on the 'gallery' package for integrating Gallery2 into Drupal

Join 214

Indiana Drupal Users Unite!

Join 217
Drupal Rainbow

A group for gay/lesbian/bi/trans/queer/intersex Drupalistas

Join 217
Suisse Romande (Switzerland Romandy)

A group to connect all the Drupal users in Romandy. Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey, Fribourg, Bienne Neuchâtel...

Join 217
Phoenix Metro

Users and Developers in Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler and other Phoenix Metro cities

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Benchmarking Drupal

Benchmarking Drupal, new code vs older code, Drupal vs other CMS'es and the impact of Drupal modules and themes on the performance

Join 219
Prairie Initiative

Prairie Initiative: Redesigning our issue queue and dev process; social architecture project for

Join 221
Kansas City

Kansas City Drupal Users Group

Join 223
Köln & Bonn

A users group for Köln/Bonn, Germany

Join 223

This is an open discussion on the development of OpenPublic, a drupal framework for Government.

Join 224
Central Florida

Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, Bradenton, Tarpon Springs, and Lakeland on the West coast, though to Orlando and Daytona Beach

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Projects Needing Volunteer Developers

Wiki pages to match volunteer developers with Drupal projects needing volunteer developers.

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A group for discussing the upkeep and maintenance of this site

Join 225

Discussion of the phpbb module

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Google Summer of Code 2010

A group to help coordination around the 2010 Google Summer of Code

Request membership 225

Discussions about a database schema API for Drupal

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Waterloo Region Drupal Users Group

A group for Drupal users in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and surrounding areas in southern Ontario, Canada.

Join 227

PDF generation with Drupal

Join 229

Drupal for Healthcare institutes, Hospitals, Health professionals

Join 232

Is all about audio and video podcasts. Actual tools, todo´s list, wishlists ...

Join 232

Chilean Drupal UserGroup

Join 236
Spanish association

Spanish association of Drupalers

Join 236
Project Management Module

A group to discuss and support the Project Management set of modules (previous name: Storm)..

Join 239
Titanium API

A group for drupal developers using Titanium API to create Drupal based i-phone/android apps.

Join 242
File API

A special interest group focused on the File API and file operations

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Local User Group Organizers

Resources, Discussions, and Best Practices for local user group organizers, administrators, and managers.

Join 243

Import API in Drupal core

Join 244
RedHen CRM

Working group for the development of the RedHen CRM module/distribution(s)

Join 246
Sacramento Area

Sacramento, CA regional group

Join 246
Membership / Association Website Building

Tips and Tricks on how to build a professional membership website for association/industry organizations...

Join 247

A working group coordinating development of the Panopoly distrobution.

Join 251
Google Wave

A group to discuss the implications Googles new product, Wave, will affect drupal.

Join 251

A group to discuss the use of Drupal for photography website

Join 252

For Drupal users and developers in Europe

Request membership 253
SoC 2009

Google Summer of Code 2009

Join 253

The Danish Drupal Users Group

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Local government

Drupal for cities and towns: encouraging adoption and developing features for people's participation.

Join 255

An end-user oriented CRM group that works in parallel with the CRM-API group

Join 255

Drupal по-русски

Join 256

Polska grupa użytkowników i administratorów drupala.

Join 257
Voting Systems

A working group for voting, rating, and recommendation system developers

Join 258
Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, Michigan Drupal Users' Group

Join 259
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