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TNT Themes

Fans and users of Acquia Marina, Slate, Prosper or any Drupal themes by TopNotchThmes-- share tips, show off your site, get news of the latest updates

Join 527
New Jersey

North, Central and South Jersey Regional Drupal Group

Join 523

Translation and internationalization of Drupal

Join 520
Event Management Systems

A working group for improving systems for managing events

Join 518
The Netherlands / Nederland

Nederlandstalige Drupalgroep, focus op markt en hulp.

Join 514

Drupal users and developers in Bangalore, India please join

Join 509

For discussing Drupal integration with the new Google + Social Networking toolset. Got invites? Need invite? Post here.

Join 506
Drupal IDE

A working group discussing developement enviroments for Drupal developers.

Join 506

As State and Federal agencies migrate to Drupal, this working group is to discuss best practices, collaborative development and shared resources.

Join 505
Headless Drupal

Drupal as a service endpoint for client templating

Join 501

Drupaleros argentinos unidos

Join 496
Facebook API

To discuss making a generic module and in general integrating Drupal with Facebook

Join 495
Forum development

Working group for developing forum (and similar discussion) modules.

Join 487 Improvements

A group for everyone interested in contributing to and maintaining

Join 481

Discussion of the mercury project

Join 476
Web Managers/Content Editors

Content editing and web management issues

Join 475

Group dedicated to the topic of PHP, the language of Drupal.

Join 473

For discussion about

Join 472
Drupal Türkiye

Türkiye'deki Drupalcıların buluşma adresi

Request membership 469
Chennai Drupal Community

All Drupal lovers and contributors from Chennai are welcome to actively participate here.

Join 467

Grupo de usuarios Drupal de España

Join 467

A group for organizing the activities of the Berkeley Drupal Users Group (BDUG)

Join 465
Amazon Web Services (S3, EC2)

Discussion on how Drupal can be used in conjunction with AWS (or for that matter, other similar services)

Join 464

Marketplace Group offers a Drupal Services Marketplace for Drupal Project RFPs, Website Ideas, Solution Designer/Consultant/Everyone's offers!

Join 464

News and discussions about Drupal documentation

Join 461
Testing and Quality Assurance

For talk about testing frameworks and other quality assurance initiatives.

Join 459
Northern VA Users Group

Northern Virginia Users of Drupal

Join 453
Packaging & Deployment

Discussions about patterns, spaces/context, features, deployment, install profiles, etc.

Join 447

This is a user group of drupal developers of Pune, India

Join 446

A group for users of all experience levels, based in Atlanta Georgia

Join 442
Code Review of Full Project Applications | Home

A working group around the Drupal contribution code reviewing process.

Join 441
Organic groups

Organic groups development

Join 438

A group focused on the development of the quiz module

Join 434

Developers interested in implementing Wiki functionality for Drupal

Join 434
RSS & Aggregation

Working on the improvement of the RSS/ATOM aggregation provided by Drupal.

Join 433

How Drupal can be used in the enterprise

Join 430
Large Scale Drupal (LSD) - Projects and Plans

A group for LSD projects and proposals

Join 426
LMS (learning management system)

A group for coordinating various efforts to build LMS's in drupal

Join 425

Peruvian group

Join 420

A special interest group focused on dealing within images

Join 420
中国 - China

Drupal 中国用户组 - Drupal users in China

Join 419
[Archive] Drupal Association improvements to

A group commited to doing the audience research and analysis for improvements to

Closed 414

Exchange and Discussions for Drupal Users in Switzerland.

Join 413
Conference Organizing Distribution

Developing a Drupal distribution for organizing (un)conferences

Join 412
Lucene, Nutch and Solr

Integration of Drupal, Lucene, Nutch and Solr

Join 408

Delhi Drupal Group - India

Join 396

The Japan Drupal User Group

Join 392
Real Estate

Drupal in Real Estate Industry

Join 390

Geographically-based group for Irish Drupallers

Join 390

The group for broadcast and webstream radio stations

Join 389
Issue tracking and software releases

Discussion about issue tracking, software releases and related functionality in Drupal

Join 388
Mobile User Experience & Design

A intiative to design the mobile UX of Drupal.

Join 386

Drupal user group for Shanghai, China

Join 385
North Texas / DFW

Dallas / Fort Worth Drupal Community, including the surrounding North Texas areas.

Join 384
Converting themes to drupal

Discussion about and techniques for converting themes / templates to Drupal

Join 384

Drupal development and implementation on the Ubuntu GNU/Linux operating system

Join 382
Bei Jing (China)

Everything about China beijing.

Join 381
Content migration, import, and export

Discussion of best practices and tools for moving data into or out of Drupal

Join 371
Silicon Valley

South Bay (Silicon Valley, California region) Drupal Users group

Join 368

Grupo de Utilizadores Portugueses do Drupal

Join 366
Relationships & site structuring

A working group to discuss relationships, metadata, categorizing, and site structuring

Join 365

Drupal Enthusiasts of hyderabad

Join 360
Northern California

Connecting those who manage, use and develop drupal websites in Northern California

Join 358

Belgian User Group - Sole purpose is to publish events

Join 354
Drupal And Git

Follow the lead of, and upgrade your own processes to Git

Join 354
Drupal Commons

Working group for the Drupal Commons Distribution of Drupal for building community websites

Join 352
Latin America

Latin America Drupal community

Join 350
SMS Framework

Share ideas about the SMS Framework, a project for Google Summer of Code 2007

Join 343
South Africa

The South African Drupal User Group

Join 342

MySQL use in the Drupal

Join 342
Research and academia

Discussing issues faced by Drupal installations in the academic world (Bibliographies/Libraries, Research projects, Conferences, Labs, Departments)

Join 341

Drupal Ottawa User Group (developers, users, managers, public servants, clients)

Join 341
Drupal for Activists, Organizers, and Social Change

Using Drupal for good in nonprofits, community organizing, and social change work. #npdrupal

Join 335
New Zealand

New Zealand Drupal Users Group

Join 325
Open Media Project

Information, discussion, and documentation for users and developers of the Open Media Project

Join 325

Group for Drupal users in and around Brighton, UK

Join 324
Quickstart Drupal Development Environment

Quickstart: A pre-packaged Drupal Development Environment

Join 323
Open Drupal - Training

Training materials and knowledge sharing for starting a Drupal career through self-learning, Apprenticeships & Internships.

Join 321

A group for users and developers of Skinr.

Join 319
Drupal Association

Group for Discussion of the Drupal Association

Join 319

Drupal users, developers, and designers in the North Carolina Research Triangle

Join 318
Document Management

Information/collaboration for those interested in using Drupal for document storage.

Join 318
Coding standards

Discussing coding standards for Drupal.

Join 317

Grupo de Drupal de madrid

Join 314
New Hampshire

Drupal Users/Developers in the Granite State

Join 314

Wisconsin Drupal Users

Join 314

Discuss user data tracking and analysis using Drupal and third party tools.

Join 313
Adobe Technologies

Drupal with Adobe Technologies - Bridging Drupal with Adobe technologies for more than just web sites - Flash Player, Flex, AIR, ...

Join 312

Connect and Discuss Drupal related issues in Mumbai, India.

Join 312
Houston Drupal Users Group

User Group for Houston, Texas

Join 311
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