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Drupal for Activists, Organizers, and Social Change

Using Drupal for good in nonprofits, community organizing, and social change work. #npdrupal

Join 339
West African Drupal Users Group (WADUG)

WADUG is a volunteer IT support group that would enable free flow of support and exchange of ideas in the open source community.

Join 44
2008 Drupal Asia Pacific Conference

A group for organizing and announcing information for the 2008 Drupal Asia Pacific Conference.

Join 28
3rd Party Integration -- Eve Online

A meeting place for devs looking to integrate Eve Online with Drupal.

Join 13
Access Control

Discussions regarding Drupal Access Control mechanisms, and how to make them work better together.

Join 297

Working on making Drupal more accessible to users with disabilities and unusual browsers

Join 678

Development of Drupal actions

Join 68
Activism Labs

Activism Labs is a set of grassroots project management tools and modules developed originally developed for as part of Google Summer of Code 2010

Join 14
Activism module

Planning and developing the Activism framework for Drupal 7

Join 31

A working group for the Activity module and related (activity_stream).

Join 72
Adobe Technologies

Drupal with Adobe Technologies - Bridging Drupal with Adobe technologies for more than just web sites - Flash Player, Flex, AIR, ...

Join 312
Advanced Data-Driven Applications

A group to discuss challenges, advantages, tips, and techniques for using Drupal in the development of complex, data-driven applications

Request membership 24
Advanced Poll

Working group for advanced poll features, bugs, and feedback

Join 102

Discuss advertising and Drupal sites.

Join 274
Aegir hosting system

A group to discuss the automated provisioning and maintenance of multisite installations of Drupal using the Aegir hosting system.

Closed 905

The nascent Drupal community in Africa.

Join 145
African federation

Federate Africa Drupal regional groups

Request membership 30
Aggregation Module

This group aims to gather all interested parties in the aggregation module

Join 72

For Drupal Lovers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Join 188

Discussion, Collaboration, and Planning for Ajax.module

Join 128
Akron Area Drupal User Group

We are Drupal users in the Akron, Ohio area, focused on learning, discussion, and showcasing work.

Request membership 1
Alaska Drupal Users Group

For users of and developers for Drupal who are located in Alaska.

Join 52
Albany, NY

A group for people using Drupal in the Capital District region of New York

Join 204
Alberta (Canada)

Drupal users east of the Rockies and west of the rest.

Join 80
Alfresco Integration

A place to discuss possible integration points between Drupal and the Alfresco DMS.

Join 106


Join 30

Drupal group for people in Alicante (Spain)

Join 59

Working/distribution group to discuss how best to run a school alumni website using Drupal

Join 135
Amazon Web Services (S3, EC2)

Discussion on how Drupal can be used in conjunction with AWS (or for that matter, other similar services)

Join 464

Discuss user data tracking and analysis using Drupal and third party tools.

Join 317

Regional group for Drupal users in Angola

Join 20
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI USA - user group

Join 316
Antelope Valley / Bakersfield

A group for all the people who live near or around either the SR-14 (in north Los Angeles County) or the SR-58 (in Kern County).

Join 14
APE: Ajax Push Engine

Instructions and discussion about the use of Ajax Push Engine.

Join 38

This group for Arabic Drupal community and in MENA area

Join 92

coordinate drupal arabization efforts and discuss building Arabic websites with drupal

Join 118

Drupaleros argentinos unidos

Join 518
Arizona State University

For anyone interested in Drupal at ASU or the surrounding area. Tempe, Arizona

Closed 132

A group for Arkansans

Join 46
Armenia / Hayastan

dedicated to Drupal usage and proliferation in Armenia and Armenian communities in diaspora. Translating Drupal into Armenian

Join 23

Drupal fans and developers from Asia

Join 95
Asterisk integration

United asterisk integration effort

Join 77
Asturias (Spain)

Regional group for drupal users from Asturias (Spanish province located in the north of the country)

Join 38

A group for users of all experience levels, based in Atlanta Georgia

Join 467
Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada Drupal Group

Join 24
Augusta - Georgia

Professional Drupal users group supporting the CSRA.

Join 61

Welcome to the Austin Drupal Users Group!

Join 633

Australian Drupal Users Group

Join 1,433

Drupal community Austria / Österreich

Join 291

A group for Auvergne based (future) Drupal users

Join 23
Backbone.js Group

A group for discussions related to the planning of and development with the Backbone JavaScript framework and Drupal.

Join 157

The BACnet Interest Group - Drupal

Join 12

Bacolod user group

Join 14

The hub for San Francisco Bay Area Drupal Camps

Join 135
Bahia Blanca

Group for Drupal users and enthusiasts in Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Join 12

Local Drupal Community in Bahrain

Join 26

A Drupal user group hosting meetups in Bakersfield, California. Focused on, but not limited to using Drupal in K12 settings.

Join 35
Bali - Indonesia

Drupal Community Indonesia

Join 80

Drupal communities in Balkan region speaking BCMS languages.

Join 78
Bamberg Nürnberg Franken

Für Entwickler und Neueinsteiger aus dem Raum um Nürnberg, Bamberg. Ziel: Austausch & Workshops mit Drupal Profis und Anfängern.

Join 74

Drupal users and developers in Bangalore, India please join

Join 569

বাংলাদেশে ড্রুপল CMS টিকে জনপ্রিয় ও ড্রুপল বিষয়ক সমস্ত কার্যক্রম পরিচালনা করার জন্য উক্ত গ্রুপটি নিবেদিত

Join 70

Group dedicated to the the island of Barbados

Join 9

A meeting point for users who reside in Barcelona.

Join 120
Basel Drupal Group.

Giving consultations on installing Drupal and getting started in the Basel City and Basel Land Canton of Switzerland.

Join 40
Basque Country

Basque Country drupal group

Request membership 22
Bed and Breakfast (BnB) Distribution

Sharing ideas and best practice advice on using Drupal for Bed & Breakfasts.

Join 53

Fostering BDDinD - Business Driven Development in Drupal

Join 399
Bei Jing (China)

Everything about China beijing.

Join 414

Group of the Republic of Belarus Drupal users

Join 55
Belgian Drupal Community

Group of the Belgian Drupal Community

Join 378

Belize Drupal users group

Join 23

Bellingham, WA Drupal Users Group

Join 57
Benchmarking Drupal

Benchmarking Drupal, new code vs older code, Drupal vs other CMS'es and the impact of Drupal modules and themes on the performance

Join 219

A group for organizing the activities of the Berkeley Drupal Users Group (BDUG)

Join 481

Drupal Usergroup Berlin

Join 321

Drpal community at Bhopal in India

Join 86

Drupal Lovers of Bihar

Join 35

Drupal for BioInformatics Software and Institutions

Join 153
Blockchain (Bitcoin & Beyond)

Integrating Blockchain Technologies with Drupal

Join 91
Bodensee / Lake Constance

A regional group around the great lake between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Join 76

User group based out of Boise, Idaho

Join 132

Grupo Oficial de la comunidad Drupal Bolivia.

Join 190
Booking Systems

Discussions relating to creating a booking system api for drupal, or booking systems in general

Join 267

A group that discusses tools and techniques for integrating the awesome Bootstrap framework with Drupal.

Join 343

Le groupe de la communauté Bordelaise de Drupal

Join 35

Boston, MA USA

Join 1,657

This is an organization group dedicated to Drupalcon Boston March 3-6th, 2008.

Join 71

A group of Drupal Developers in Botswana.

Request membership 1

Belgian Drupalers who meet in Braine-l'Alleud, near Brussels

Request membership 42
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