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Drpal community at Bhopal in India

Join 87

Drupal Lovers of Bihar

Join 36

Drupal for BioInformatics Software and Institutions

Join 152
Blockchain (Bitcoin & Beyond)

Integrating Blockchain Technologies with Drupal

Join 94
Bodensee / Lake Constance

A regional group around the great lake between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Join 78

User group based out of Boise, Idaho

Join 134

Grupo Oficial de la comunidad Drupal Bolivia.

Join 191
Booking Systems

Discussions relating to creating a booking system api for drupal, or booking systems in general

Join 272

A group that discusses tools and techniques for integrating the awesome Bootstrap framework with Drupal.

Join 346

Le groupe de la communauté Bordelaise de Drupal

Join 36

Boston, MA USA

Join 1,675

This is an organization group dedicated to Drupalcon Boston March 3-6th, 2008.

Join 71

A group of Drupal Developers in Botswana.

Request membership 1

Belgian Drupalers who meet in Braine-l'Alleud, near Brussels

Request membership 41

The Brazilian Drupal Users Group.

Join 1,410
Brazos Valley

Brazos Valley Drupal Users Group serving Bryan / College Station, Texas and surrounding area

Join 18

Working on the revolutionary new way to create content in Drupal.

Join 8

Group for Drupal users in and around Brighton, UK

Join 345
Bristol and The West, UK

A group for the beautiful Drupalistas of Bristol and the West of England.

Join 266
Broward Drupal (Broward County, Florida)

Drupal user group for Fort Lauderdale (and all of Broward County), Florida.

Join 90

Drupalian from Brunei! Come and join!

Join 16
Bucharest Romania

Sharing, collaboration and others

Join 4
Buenos Aires

Grupo de usuarios de Drupal de Buenos Aires, Argentina - Hogar del DrupalDojoBaires

Join 169
Building ERP and BI platforms in Drupal

Here we discuss what is still needed for and how to build Enterprise resource planning and Business intelligence systems in Drupal

Join 169

Group for bulgarian users and developers

Join 140
Burkina Faso

Drupal Users Group for Drupalers in Burkina Faso

Join 9
Burkina Faso

To promote the use of Drupal in Burkina Faso

Request membership 51
Burning Man

This group is for regional events, theme camps and anyone else using Drupal for their organizing.

Join 59
Business Directory

A workgroup to discuss and develop a Business Directory using Drupal

Join 308
Business Intelligence

Using Drupal as an Enterprise Reporting and BI tool

Join 107
Business Solution

Drupal for Business Solution

Join 2
BYU Drupal Users

A group to coordinate, collaborate and encourage Drupal Use and practices on campus

Request membership 1

Drupal user group for Calgary Alberta Canada

Join 156

A Group for members of public California Universities to promote Drupal adoption statewide

Request membership 53

Are you or your users using Drupal in Cambodia?

Join 25
Cameroon Drupal 7 and 8

Drupal users from Cameroon and the CEMAC Region

Join 30
Cameroon Drupal Developper

This group is an opportunity for the inhabitants of Central Africa and particularly of Cameroon to exchange with the other groups in order to bring th

Join 5
Cantabria Spain

Grupo de usuarios de Drupal en Cantabria - Cantabria Drupal users group

Join 31

CAPTCHA related interest group.

Join 160

For Drupaler in/from the Caribbean region

Join 47

Group For Moroccan folks in Casablanca city

Join 26

Castilla y leòn (spain)

Request membership 23

Drupal users and developers in Ceará (Brazil).

Join 21
Central Alabama

Central Alabama group on

Join 50
Central Eastern Pennsylvania

Areas in Central Eastern Pennsylvania.

Join 98
Central Florida

Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, Bradenton, Tarpon Springs, and Lakeland on the West coast, though to Orlando and Daytona Beach

Join 222
Central Illinois DUG

A group for Central Illinois Drupal users, including Bloomington, Champaign, Peoria, and Springfield.

Join 190
Central Iowa Drupal Users Group

Ames, Iowa USA - user group

Join 202
Central Ohio

A Drupal User Group for people in Central Ohio. Serving Franklin, Delaware, Licking, Fairfield, Pickaway, Madison, and Union counties.

Join 283
Central Texas

Drupal group for Waco, Temple, and everything in between.

Join 114
Chad Community

Chadian drupal community group aiming to help users to use drupan as a CMS to build professional websites

Request membership 1

Users from chandiagrh can join this group

Join 25
Charlotte Drupal User Group (CharDUG)

Drupal user group for Drupal interested in the Charlotte, NC (USA) area.

Join 107

Transform Data into Information. Charts are a very good way to highlight important information.

Join 163

Coordinate chat development in Drupal

Join 270
Chattanooga TN

Drupal Users and Developers in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Join 69

A place for Drupal users in and around Chengdu, China of all skills to meet and share ideas.

Join 56
Chennai Drupal Community

All Drupal lovers and contributors from Chennai are welcome to actively participate here.

Join 552
Chennai Drupal Group

A group of Drupal users and developers in Chennai

Request membership

All Chess related (development) discussions

Join 26

Chicago's local community of various user groups focused on Drupal.

Join 831
Chico / Butte County

A group for Chico Area Drupal meetups, events, users, and developers.

Join 42

Chilean Drupal UserGroup

Join 242
Cincinnati / Dayton / SW Ohio - CINDUG

Drupal users in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Southwestern Ohio.

Join 192

drupal + civicrm + canada

Join 88

CiviCRM and Drupal

Join 577
Classified Advertising

Drupal based Classified Ads Solution

Join 18

Discuss development of classified ad functionalities

Join 189
Classifying and presenting the contributed modules and themes

Project repository for Modules (Themes, Engines & Languages)

Join 57
Cleveland & Northeast Ohio Drupal User Group

Cleveland & Northeast Ohio Drupal User Group

Join 137

Discussions about using Clickbank on Drupal

Join 28
Clovis Drupal User Group

We focus on the development of modules and themes for drupal.

Join 3
CMS Feature Reviews

Screenshots and Reviews of CMS apps. Especially focused on areas where they outshine Drupal.

Join 137
Co-Maintainers for Projects

A group of developers willing to become co-maintainers of other Drupal projects

Request membership 31
Code Review for opt in security advisory coverage | Home

A working group around the Drupal contribution code reviewing process.

Join 546
Coding standards

Discussing coding standards for Drupal.

Join 321
Colleges in India

Fostering better interest in drupal amongst college professors, lecturers and students in India

Join 110

Comunidad de Colaboracion Drupal en Colombia

Join 345

Grupo de Usuarios Drupal de la Costa Atlantica Colombiana

Join 8

Nous sommes la communauté des utilisateurs de Drupal en Afrique Centrale

Request membership 1

-as in community building. How to go about it. How to do it with Drupal. Etc.

Join 704
Community Media

Discussion on Drupal modules for Community Media Centers and Public Access Television Stations.

Join 167

Getting off the island with Composer and Packagist

Join 183
Comunidad Drupal en Guatemala

Users of Drupal in Guatemala

Join 140
Comunidad Valenciana

Drupal group for people in Comunidad Valenciana (Spain)

Join 128
Comunitat catalana del Drupal

Catalan Drupal Users Group

Join 121
Conference Organizing Distribution

Developing a Drupal distribution for organizing (un)conferences

Join 419

A group for Drupal users in the Constitution State

Join 310

The Drupal Console is a CLI tool to generate boilerplate code, interact and debug Drupal 8. Download

Join 15
Consulting and Business

Consultants and businesses that use and develop with Drupal

Join 1,524
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