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Drupal Users in Gabon

Join 5

A Drupal Group for the Gainesville area

Join 60
Galax, Virginia

A place to swap notes and commiserate in the New River Valley

Join 13
Galiano Island

For Galiano Island Drupalistas (and their friends)

Join 12
Galiza Drupal Group

Instalación, configuración e traduzón ó galego do Drupal.

Join 77
Gallery2 Integration

A group focused on the 'gallery' package for integrating Gallery2 into Drupal

Join 214

Adding more Games and Gaming type features to Drupal

Join 209

Working/distribution group to discuss how best to integrate genealogy and media albums/galleries into the Drupal platform

Join 137
Gensan Drupal Users Group

Drupal users group in General Santos City, Philippines.

Join 46
Georgia (republic)

Drupal community in the Republic of Georgia

Request membership 1

A central place for all German speaking Drupal users and developers

Join 645

Group devoted to gather drupal developers, designers and enthusiasts in Ghana

Join 42

Drupal Group at GIT

Invite only 1

A group for people interested in building a community at this beautiful place called Goa.

Join 20
Google Code-In

Working group for the Google Code-in contest

Join 295
Google Highly Open Participation Contest (GHOP)

Working group for the Google GHOP contest

Join 73
Google Summer of Code

Group for students/mentors/alumni of Google Summer of Code (GSoC).

Request membership 344
Google Summer of Code 2010

A group to help coordination around the 2010 Google Summer of Code

Request membership 225
Google Summer of Code 2011

Google Summer of Code 2011

Join 262
Google Summer of Code 2012

Google Summer of Code 2012

Join 158
Google Summer of Code 2013

Group for everything related to GSoC 2013

Closed 102
Google Wave

A group to discuss the implications Googles new product, Wave, will affect drupal.

Join 249

For discussing Drupal integration with the new Google + Social Networking toolset. Got invites? Need invite? Post here.

Join 508

Drupal Göteborg [Gothenburg Drupal User Group]

Join 26

For service providers and agencies interested in the Australian Government govCMS program

Request membership 2
Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, Michigan Drupal Users' Group

Join 261
Graphing & SVG

Using Drupal to generate visual representations of data.

Join 177
Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD)

With several weekly and monthly events, the Greater Los Angeles Area is one of the most active areas for Drupal in the world.

Join 602
Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp (GLADCamp)

GLADCamp is a DrupalCamp serving the Greater Los Angeles Drupal community.

Join 126

Greek group for sharing advice & thoughts about Drupal

Join 161
Group for installation profile "Drupal Jobs" (not a job board)

Support group for the Drop Jobs distribution. NOT A JOB BOARD!

Request membership 80

For discussion about

Join 477

Creating and implementing a groupware solution using Drupal.

Join 196

Drupal local group for Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Join 49

Drupal users and developers in South China, Guangzhou

Request membership 1

Workspace for discussion, debate, certifications within, and the continuing development of the Drupal Guilds and Open Guilds.

Join 75
Gujarat, India

A Drupal user group for everyone in Gujarat & those organisers who want to invite this region to their events.

Request membership 58

Drupal Gujarati Translators

Join 43

A group focused on promoting Drupal among techie and non-techie alike in Gurgaon, India.

Request membership 13

Group for Drupal users and enthusiasts in Northeast India

Join 42

Group for the development and use of Drupal and it’s modules with Guyana’s limited communication platforms

Join 19
Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein

Drupal User-Group für Norddeutschland

Join 177

Drupal in Hannover and southern Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen)

Join 24

A group for Drupal developers in Hawaii to plan meet-ups and network.

Join 93
Headless Drupal

Drupal as a service endpoint for client templating

Join 830

Drupal for Healthcare institutes, Hospitals, Health professionals

Join 233

The Greeck Drupal Users Group.

Join 73
Help system

Discussion and task group for improvements to Help System

Join 80
High Desert - California

Drupal group for people in Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia, Adelanto, and Barstow

Join 85
High performance

Scalability and performance for high traffic sites powered by Drupal

Join 2,731
Higher Education Europe

Drupal for Higher European Education

Join 66
Highlight Marketing

Here we will discuss about the whats going ON in marketing field

Join 1
Himachal Pradesh (India)

Group for Drupal community in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India

Join 58

Hindi Language

Join 55

Group Designed for discussion about hiring in the Drupal universe

Join 6

Honduran Group of Drupal Users and Developers

Join 38
Hospitality Network

Initiative to make more important connections happen and spread ideas when we travel

Join 53
Houston Drupal Users Group

User Group for Houston, Texas

Join 331
How-To: Basic Site Designer Tasks for D8

How do I create a xxx in D8? I knew how to do it it D7.

Join 3

Working group for making Drupal do HTML5.

Join 1,002
Hudson Valley, NY

Developers in the Hudson Valley region of New York, including Poughkeepsie, Beacon, Kingston, New Paltz, and Albany areas.

Join 193

Sharing events and news from Hungary

Request membership 61

Drupal Gruppe für die Region Hunsrück

Request membership 3
Huntsville, Alabama

Drupal users from North Alabama and the Tennessee Valley including Huntsville, Alabama.

Join 70

Drupal Enthusiasts of hyderabad

Join 492

Icelandic Drupalers unite.

Join 53

A special interest group focused on dealing within images

Join 417
IMBA Affiliated Drupal Sites

Development of a Drupal distribution for the websites of IMBA Affiliated groups

Join 23

A group geared towards integrating with iMIS CRM/Association Management System

Join 47

Import API in Drupal core

Join 246
Improvements to core

We are trying to improve core.

Join 262

A group for Drupal Users & Developers from India.

Join 1,393
Indian Drupal League

Drupal Ninja Group is always ready to help community

Join 4

Indiana Drupal Users Unite!

Join 219
IndiaNic Group

Indianic Group is working group

Request membership 6

The Indonesian Drupal Users Group.

Join 156

Tempat Drupal Indonesia

Join 5
Indonesian Nubie zone

Tempat ngumpulnya para nubi

Join 2

Drupal Indonesia

Join 87
Indore Drupal Devloper Team

Indore Drupal Devlpoer Group

Request membership 1
Indore, India

This is a group for all the drupal developers and users who are in Indore city of India. I welcome all Indoris to be a part of it.

Join 2

a group for people using Drupal to host Indymedia sites to discuss ideas and share code.

Join 126

This is a group about making Drupal work on Ingres

Join 10

Grupo de usuarios Drupal desde la Mitad del Mundo

Join 96
Inland Empire Drupal (IE DRUPAL)

Group targeted toward the Inland Empire in Southern California

Join 105

Groupe d'expérimentation des usages

Request membership 1
Integrating desktop/browser features/addons/plugins

Desktop programs, browsers & plugins can do a lot these days; let Drupal just help them to do the job?

Join 51
Interaction Designers Network

A space to discuss, taste and contribute to the future Drupal-based networking platform of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).

Join 98

Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington Drupal Users Group

Join 26
International Drupal Associations

A group for those involved in organising national Drupal associations, whether formal or informal

Join 114
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