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Working group to drive work on i18n in Drupal

Join 826
Internship and Exchange programs

Providing young people the opportunity to work with Drupal firms in another countries.

Join 72
Intranet Sites

Usage and Deployment of Drupal as the main intranet site.

Join 137
IP.Board (IPB) forum integration

How to use Drupal with IP.Board

Join 21

Group for Iranian (Persian) drupalers. The main target of this group is developing Persian (Farsi) drupal sites.

Request membership 88

A Drupal users group for developers of solutions in or for Iraq.

Closed 18

IRC matters

Join 128

Geographically-based group for Irish Drupallers

Join 427

A group for Drupalers from Israel

Join 108
Issue tracking and software releases

Discussion about issue tracking, software releases and related functionality in Drupal

Join 388
Issue Triage

Working group for issue queue management on

Join 21
Itä-Suomi / Kuopio

Drupal user group Kuopio, Finland. Drupal for beginners to professionals and everything between.

Join 14

Italian Drupal User Group

Join 287
Jackson, Michigan

Jackson Drupal Users Group, a user group for Jackson, Michigan.

Join 63

A Drupal Users' Group for Jaipur - India

Join 89
Jalandhar Drupal Camp

Drupal Membership Group

Join 10
Jalandhar, India

Web development

Invite only 1

Jamaica Drupal Users Group

Join 77
Japan Tokyo

A Japan group for Drupalers in the Kanto region

Join 93

A working group to discuss AJAX and Drupal

Join 816

Drupal module and theme development group in Jordan.

Join 107
jQuery Mobile

The jQuery Mobile group is dedicated to discussions of the Mobile jQuery theme/module and related projects

Join 305

A group for community discussions about using Julio.

Join 53

Hello Kakinadians, Let's share our thoughts and new learning in Drupal

Join 2

Mentoring and Learning Drupal in Kansas

Join 60
Kansas City

Kansas City Drupal Users Group

Join 228

Karachi Drupal People

Join 3

Drupal Community in Kashmir

Join 33

A group for Kazakhstan Drupal-Specialists

Join 17
Kemal Sunal Filmleri

Komedi ustası, unutulmaz üstad Kemal Sunal.

Join 2

Working group for Drupal projects fostered by Kendraio

Request membership 27

A group for Drupal enthusiasts in Kentucky

Join 62

Drupal Group for all in Kenya

Join 64

Group for Drupal Users in the State of Kerala, India.

Join 173
Knight Drupal Initiative

Enabling community conversation with open-source software

Join 306
Knowledge sharing developers

How to enhance Knowledge sharing via Drupal

Join 133
KnowledgeTree Integration

A meeting point for developers interested in discussing integration with KnowledgeTree, a popular easy to use document management software application

Join 41
Knoxville, Tennessee

Group for University of Tennessee and Knoxville area persons interested in Drupal

Join 107

This is a community for Drupal'ers based out of Kochi

Join 59

This group is for spreding Drupal in Kokan region of Maharashtra by having Drupal related activities

Request membership 1
Kolkata (Calcutta)

Group for Drupal Users, Designers and Developers in and around Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta), India.

Join 170
Köln & Bonn

A users group for Köln/Bonn, Germany

Join 223

Kootenay Drupal geeks

Join 12
Korean Users

Korean Drupal Users Group

Join 80

Welcome to the Kozhikode User Group for Drupal users in or from kozhikode district in kerala state in India

Request membership 7

Drupal Cracow Community Group

Join 3

Kuwaiti Drupal Group

Join 27
LA Drupal [Los Angeles Drupal]

The Los Angeles Drupal group, or LA Drupal, is California's largest hub for all things Drupal

Join 1,733
La Paz

Drupaleros La Paz Bolivia

Join 21

For users and developers interested in putting Drupal to good use for organized and unorganized workers

Join 49

The Lahore Drupal Group welcomes all Lahori Drupalizers to stay in touch with each other and work together.

Join 2
LAMPuniversity (e-learning application of Drupal)

e-learning aspects - integration of Moodle, Civicrm and Drupal

Join 192
Lancaster PA Users

Lancaster, Pennsylvania Drupal users group meeting regularly to discuss all things Drupal, mostly from a user and admin perspective.

Request membership 19
Language Learning Communities

Group for people interested in developing a set of Drupal modules for creating online communities for language learning

Join 77
Lansing, MI

Lansing Michigan Drupal user group

Join 73
Large Scale Drupal (LSD) - Projects and Plans

A group for LSD projects and proposals

Join 448
Las Vegas Independent Development Group

This is a group for indepebdebt Drupal Developers that create their own projects and share information and development techniques.

Join 2
Las Vegas, Nevada

For all those placing bets on Drupal.

Join 134
Latin America

Latin America Drupal community

Join 405
Latvija (Latvia)

Latvijas Drupal lietotāju grupa

Join 54
LDAP integration development and modules

Group dedicated to people interested in development of integration modules between drupal and LDAP

Join 124

A group to gather all Lebanese drupal users.

Join 37

Discussion of legal matters surrounding Drupal

Join 284
Lehigh Valley

Drupal group for the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton area.

Join 72
Leipzig (Germany)

Community group for Drupal users in Leipzig (Germany)

Join 53
León (Spain)

Local Drupal users group in León, Spain

Request membership 28

Lethbridge Drupal Users Group

Join 16
Lets Learn Drupal Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh

This group aims to grow the Drupal community in Dhaka .

Join 7

This group is for Drupal users living in Liberia.

Join 18

Using Drupal to put libraries of all types on the Web

Join 857

Discussion and support for running Drupal from the Lighttpd (Lighty) web server.

Join 97
Links Exchange engine.

We would like to create a Links Exchange engine to automate this process for Drupal sites.

Join 50
LinuxTag 2006, Wiesbaden, Germany

Planning group for LinuxTag 2006 in Wiesbaden, Germany

Join 13

Lisp for Drupal - Making the Dript Lisp module work better with Drupal

Closed 34

Drupal community of Lithuania

Join 56
Little Hackers Education Group

Active group established years ago. Spreading STEAM centered education around cheap Linux based Chromebooks.

Request membership 41
LMS (learning management system)

A group for coordinating various efforts to build LMS's in drupal

Join 464
Local government

Drupal for cities and towns: encouraging adoption and developing features for people's participation.

Join 257
Local User Group Organizers

Resources, Discussions, and Best Practices for local user group organizers, administrators, and managers.

Join 245
Location and Mapping

This group is focused on web mapping, cartography, GIS, and anything geospatial in Drupal.

Join 1,291
Lodges and other Fraternal/Community Organizations

Discussion around creating an install profile for fraternal/community organizations (Freemasons, Odd Fellows, Elks, VFW, etc.)

Join 30

A group for London and UK Drupal Developers

Join 1,050
London UK

For Drupal developers in London UK

Join 10
London, Ontario

Group for Drupal users, developers and newbies in the London area, including St. Thomas, Exeter, Ingersoll, Woodstock, St. Marys, and Aylmer

Join 91
Long Island

Long Island New York User Group

Join 149

A group to gather the Drupal developers of the "Bayou State".

Join 67

Drupal users, developers, and business people in and around Louisville, KY

Join 83
Lucene, Nutch and Solr

Integration of Drupal, Lucene, Nutch and Solr

Join 413

Luxembourg Drupal Users

Join 35

Macedonian Drupal Group

Join 30
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