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Malagasy Drupal's user

Join 15

Grupo de Drupal de madrid

Join 334

Group discussing integration of Magento & Drupal

Join 102
Maharashtra, India

Group for people of Maharashtra, India

Join 112

A special interest group to discuss mail modules within Drupal

Join 294
Maine Drupal User Group

This is a Drupal group that meets in Yarmoth, Maine

Join 101

A group for discussing the upkeep and maintenance of this site

Join 225

Drupal people in Málaga (Spain)

Join 94

For everyone living in Malta and supporting Drupal

Request membership 6
Mark Boulton Design Drupal 7 Project

A group to facilitate the efforts of Mark Boulton and Crew

Join 201
Marketing of Drupal companies

The group’s aim is to gather people who are in charge of marketing processes in Drupal teams. We’re also scheduling the meetup at DrupalCon Vienna.

Join 38

Marketplace Group offers a Drupal Services Marketplace for Drupal Project RFPs, Website Ideas, Solution Designer/Consultant/Everyone's offers!

Join 468

Group for my country Maroc, french group

Join 52

Martinique User Group

Join 9

A group for those interested in development of Drupal living within Maryland, USA

Join 577

Mathematics on Drupal

Join 58

Drupal user group for mauritian developers

Join 19

Drupal Developers

Join 3

A working group for the Media module and modules that extends it for Drupal 7.

Join 828
Meeting module development

Group to discuss development of full featured meeting tracking - including agenda and action point tracking, etc.

Join 67

Drupal users group for Melbourne, Australia

Join 211
Member Drupal Indo

Kumpulan bareng member drupal indo

Join 2
Membership / Association Website Building

Tips and Tricks on how to build a professional membership website for association/industry organizations...

Join 245
Memetracking and Content Recommendation

Group for developers and users of the memetracker module, and all parties interested in content recommendation

Join 77
Memphis, TN - Mid-South

Drupal Users in Memphis Region

Join 39

For people who do: irc core mentoring office hours, mentor at sprints, or are interested in the general principles of mentoring in the drupal communit

Join 215

The Drupal menu system for Drupal 6+

Join 93

Merced Drupal Users Group

Join 14

Discussion of the mercury project

Join 467

Let's speak about ways to link Drupal and different metaverses...

Join 22

For Drupal users and developers in Mexico

Join 317

A group for Drupal developers in Miami-Dade county

Join 2
Miami, Florida

Miami Drupal users

Join 198

Local Drupal user group for Michiana (South Bend, Indiana and surrounding counties)

Join 49

Michigan Drupal Users group.

Join 189
Micro Shops

Discussion of the unique challenges of life and work in a very small (<=5 person) Drupal shop.

Join 209
Microchic's Learning Studio for Site Builders

Further Customizing and Extending Drupal Distributions

Join 3
Microformats in Drupal

A group to discuss the implementation and support of Microformats in Drupal, from the core to module support.

Join 172
Microsoft Servers

Bridging the gap between Microsoft Server Products and Drupal

Join 147
Mid-Atlantic USA

A group to coordinate activities and resources in the DC<->NYC corridor of the USA.

Join 296
Migrating from Joomla

A group for those who used to use Joomla and now want to try Drupal.

Request membership 4
Milwaukee WI

Hoping to seed a group of drupal users in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area. Main focus is to host get togethers among local drupal users.

Join 73

Minnesota's Own Drupal Community

Join 177

A place to collaborate, learn and share ideas within the local community.

Request membership 2

Missouri users, developers and themers

Join 67

Mobile development issues and Drupal

Join 1,017
Mobile User Experience & Design

A intiative to design the mobile UX of Drupal.

Join 387
Module metrics and ranking

Organized to develop a refined, balanced, and highly usable system in which to rank modules by quality and popularity.

Join 90

The group of Drupal developers in Republic of Moldova

Join 67

This is a discussion and working group for anyone interested in implementing mongoDB with Drupal.

Join 160

A group for core Drupal users who are located or related to Mongolia.

Join 21

This group is for all Montenegro Drupal users and developers.

Request membership 8

Drupal group Montpellier

Join 24
Montreal, Quebec

Groupe d'utilisateurs Drupal de Montréal, Québec / Montreal, Quebec Drupal users group

Join 614

Morocco group

Join 38
Mozilla Open Badges for Learning

A working group to define shared requirements and align development efforts around modules related to the Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure

Join 39
Multi-user blogging

Configure and maintain multi-user blogging environments.

Join 208

Discuss aspects of running multiple sites from a single Drupal install.

Join 1,128

Connect and Discuss Drupal related issues in Mumbai, India.

Join 368

Für alle Münchner, die Drupal lieben

Join 280

using Drupal for museums

Join 149

A community interested in leveraging Drupal for musicians and music publishers.

Join 626

Drupal Developer Community for Myanmar

Join 37

Tips, tricks, and code-sharing for users of the MySite module

Join 181

MySQL use in the Drupal

Join 342

Group for Drupal Developers from Nagpur

Join 62

A Group for Namibian Drupal Users, Developers and Themers

Request membership 3

Drupal experts, novices and hobbyists getting together from the Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo and North of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Join 37

Share drupal and meet in Nanjing

Join 3
Nashville, Tennessee

Drupal fans grouping regionally.

Join 153
Near Shore in South America

This group is aimed to discuss work for Near Shore Drupallers

Join 2

Come together all Drupaler from nepal and join hand for the use and promotion of Drupal in Nepal.

Join 41

Its for nepalese people, for interested in drupal

Join 38
NetSuite Integration

NetSuite is web-based business management software. This group welcomes discussions about making NetSuite talk to Drupal via the SuiteTalk SOAP API.

Join 59
New Actions API

New Action/Trigger metadata API working group

Join 23
New Brunswick Events

Drupal events in New Brunswick

Join 14
New England DrupalCamp (NEDcamp)

Revolutionizing the New England Drupal community

Join 74
New Hampshire

Drupal Users/Developers in the Granite State

Join 333
New Jersey

North, Central and South Jersey Regional Drupal Group

Join 546
New Mexico

Drupal group for people in the state of New Mexico, USA

Join 71
New Release System

Issues and ideas about the new system for releasing Drupal contributions

Join 99
New York City

NYC Drupal users group

Join 2,766
New Zealand

New Zealand Drupal Users Group

Join 352
Newfoundland - Canada

A Drupal group for developers in Newfoundland, Canada

Join 36
Newspapers on Drupal

A place for newspapers running on Drupal to share ideas, problems and solutions

Join 1,531

Live usage examples, experiences and everything related to running Drupal on the nginx webserver

Join 749
Niagara and Hamilton Region

General Group serving the Niagara and Hamilton regions of Ontario, Canada

Join 89

Usergroup for Drupalers working in Nicaragua

Join 103


Request membership 15

This is the Drupal Local User Group in Nigeria

Join 114
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