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A place for young drupallers to meet each other.

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it's an regional drupal community of konaseema region

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Playing with drupal8 and building something awesome!!!

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Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

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This is a Drupalists Group

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Drupalistas Rome, Italy

A group of international professionals living and working in Rome with the common interest being Drupal

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HKDUG - Hong Kong Drupal User Group - Hong Kong SAR, China

Join 325

The DrupalGov initiative aims to help the public sector deliver on the promise of Open Government using Drupal.

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Google Apps Framework for Drupal

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People, partners, spouses, etc. who like to travel to Drupalcons, hang out, visit friends, and not talk about nodes.

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Drupaleros de Riobamba

Grupo de usuarios de Drupal de la ciudad de Riobamba.

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Working in drupal

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DrupalCS Castellón

DrupalCS Castellón (España)

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DrupalCon Wisconsin

A group for going over the logistics needed to submit a proposal to host a Drupalcon in Wisconsin.

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DrupalCon Paris 2009

A French/English group to facilitate the organization of DrupalCon Europe 2009 in Paris

Join 129
DrupalCon OSCMSS 2007

This groups is for the planning and coordination of the DrupalCon @ Yahoo that will coincide with OSCMS CON

Join 28
DrupalCon NYC Event Coordinator Group

This is the group that is going to discuss bringing DrupalCon to New York City

Join 75
Drupalcon North American Selection Committee

This group will be responsible for the selection, care and feeding of the North American Drupalcon Events.

Join 102
DrupalCon Maastricht 2009

A Dutch / Belgum group tendering for organising the EU DrupalCon in Maastricht (the Netherlands)

Closed 61
DrupalCon Latino Organizers

Coordinations for DrupalCon Latin America

Join 104
DrupalCon Brussels 2006

Organizing group for Euro OSCON 2006 and related Drupal activities

Join 53
DrupalCon Brasil 2010

Esse é o grupo de organização da proposta da DrupalCon Brasil

Join 51
DrupalCon Barcelona 2007

Organizing grup for DrupalCon in Barcelona September 2007

Join 63
DrupalCon Asia-Pacific Organizers (DCAPO)

People interested in making DrupalCon Asia-Pacific happen.

Join 213

Planning discussion for DrupalCampUK (including Ireland!).

Join 114
Drupalcamps Europe [international & english]

a group for coordination international (english spoken) camps in europe

Join 139
Drupalcamp Spain

Group devoted to organize the drupalcamps in Spain

Join 140
Drupalcamp Portugal

The base for Drupalcamps that take place in Portugal

Join 47
Drupalcamp Krasnodar 2016

DrupalCamp Krasnodar 9-11th of September

Join 2
DrupalCamp Guadalajara 2015

Organization group for DrupalCamp Guadalajara 2015

Join 15
DrupalCamp & DrupalCon Germany

Planning group for community-building events in Germany

Join 137

Discussion of the tool to collaborate and debug Drupal code snippets.

Join 36

As State and Federal agencies migrate to Drupal, this working group is to discuss best practices, collaborative development and shared resources.

Join 560
Drupal.Trade Facilitation-ASYCUDA

ASYCUDA users around the World to share ideas on ASYCUDA related issues and how a platform for this can be developed using drupal

Join 28 Testing Infrastructure

A working group around's automated test infrastructure:, PIFR modules, testbots, and the like.

Join 132 Improvements

A group for everyone interested in contributing to and maintaining

Join 504 Git Team

People who maintain and expand the Git infrastructure on

Join 292 2014 roadmap brainstorming

A temporary group for the Software Working Group to gather community input into the 2014 roadmap.

Closed 171

Are you a Drupal ninja (I hope not)

Join 3

Drupal Usergroup Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany, Eastern Baltic Sea coast)

Join 35
Drupal Wyoming

A user group for Wyoming Drupalers

Join 21
Drupal Workshops Dubai

We are working to have more Drupal developers in Dubai and we can spread Drupal everywhere in Dubai.

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Drupal Worker Cooperative

Discuss and template a worker cooperative model for Drupal and Open Source software operations.

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Drupal with Dspace

Single Sign On functionality

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Drupal Users' Group Athens

For developers in and around Athens, Georgia.

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Drupal Usergroup Harz - DUG-Harz

Drupal Usergroup Harz - DUG-Harz

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Drupal User Group (Davao)

Drupal User Group Davao

Join 24
Drupal Türkiye

Türkiye'deki Drupalcıların buluşma adresi

Request membership 548
Drupal Thailand

A group for Drupal Developers in Thailand

Request membership 7
Drupal talking


Invite only 1
Drupal Sports & League Management

Discussions about running a website focused on providing services to sports clubs and leagues.

Join 177
Drupal Solutions for Digital Marketing

Share and discuss Drupal Solutions for Digital Marketing

Join 17
Drupal Social Initiative

Working group to harmonise Social Networking functionality in Drupal

Join 190
Drupal Slovenia

Drupal users and developers in Slovenia.

Join 95
Drupal SGF

A local users group for the Southwest Missouri area.

Join 27
Drupal Scotland

A group dedicated to bringing together Drupal users in Scotland

Join 298
Drupal Sao Paulo

Grupo de Usuarios de Drupal do Brasil

Join 18
Drupal Rainbow

A group for gay/lesbian/bi/trans/queer/intersex Drupalistas

Join 218
Drupal Prometheus

Drupal Prometheus ( ) General Discussion Group

Join 27
Drupal Products

Best practices to use Drupal for products and software as a service.

Join 73
Drupal PHP Extension

Creating a PHP Extension module implementing all Drupal core functions

Join 86
Drupal Persian

Drupal's Persian/Iranian Users

Join 115
Drupal Open Learning

Working group for a new project learning program styled after the popular Google and Knight initiatives.

Join 105
Drupal on Windows

Working group discussing best practices for Drupal development and deployment on Microsoft Windows.

Join 266
Drupal Odisha Community

Welcome to Drupal Odisha Community

Join 6
Drupal Object Model

A think tank group for creating a Drupal object model.

Join 39
Drupal North Regional Summit

Drupal North is an annual regional summit to promote the Canadian Drupal community.

Join 53
Drupal North America

Drupal North America Users Forum

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Drupal Nordics

Event planning group for a big Drupal event organized in co-operation between Nordic countries

Join 69
Drupal Newsletter

A group to help organize and write the monthly Drupal Newsletter

Join 162
Drupal Newbies -DN

Drupal New commer should join this group

Request membership 1
Drupal Nepal

Drupal Developers from Nepal

Request membership 7
Drupal Nebraska Group

Drupal Developers and Users in Nebraska

Join 117
Drupal Meetup Dubai

its about drupal meetups in Dubai, UAE

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Drupal Marketing and Sales Collateral

Collection of all necessary Marketing and Sales Collateral to help Business sell Drupal based Solutions

Request membership 2
drupal maintenace

Share information about updating a project(s) for drupal community or individuals who need information ahead to updating a drupal website or similar s

Join 4
Drupal Macedonia

First serious Drupal Group in Macedonia.

Join 8
Drupal LTS

Find, discuss and organize strategies for a Drupal Long Term Support

Join 125
Drupal Ladder

Build and maintain Drupal Ladder distro and

Join 300
Drupal Kent UK

A monthly meetup group for those afflicted with the Drupal in Kent UK

Join 21
Drupal Kayseri

Drupal has really very limited scope in Kayseri. This group will help to create larger Drupal community in Kayseri.

Request membership 1
Drupal Jobs

For Drupal-specific job postings.

Join 2,556
Drupal Jeddah

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia based drupal groups

Request membership 9
Drupal Indore

Drupal Community Indore

Join 17
Drupal in Higher Education

A place to discuss Drupal in Higher Education

Join 724
Drupal in Education

A space to work on building and maintaining a Drupal distribution for Education

Join 1,863
Drupal in Australian cultural institutions (GLAM)

A group to discuss Drupal's role in Australian cultural institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums)

Join 5
Drupal IDE

A working group discussing developement enviroments for Drupal developers.

Join 510
Drupal Hawks

Eastern Iowa User Group

Join 77
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