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Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg (BW)

General group for users of Baden-Württemberg - Local German language group

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Central Eastern Pennsylvania

Areas in Central Eastern Pennsylvania.

Join 98
Interaction Designers Network

A space to discuss, taste and contribute to the future Drupal-based networking platform of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).

Join 98
Drupal Campus Ambassador Program (DCAP)

An initiative to take Drupal to educational institutions

Join 99
Visual Branding of Drupal

For people interested in helping improve the branding of the Drupal project and community.

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Tidewater/Hampton Roads, Virginia

Drupal Users group for Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond, Virginia Area

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New Release System

Issues and ideas about the new system for releasing Drupal contributions

Join 99
Revision Control Systems

Discussion of Revision Control Systems (cvs, svn, git, hg, etc.)

Join 100

Group to conceive and develop Drupal modules to support effective integration of Drupal with SecondLife

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Maine Drupal User Group

This is a Drupal group that meets in Yarmoth, Maine

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Group discussing integration of Magento & Drupal

Join 102

Local German group for users and developers in and around Düsseldorf-Neuss-Duisburg-Krefeld (Germany)

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Google Summer of Code 2013

Group for everything related to GSoC 2013

Closed 102
Advanced Poll

Working group for advanced poll features, bugs, and feedback

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Drupalcon North American Selection Committee

This group will be responsible for the selection, care and feeding of the North American Drupalcon Events.

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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Discuss issues specific to UW-Madison, such as authentication, integration or themes.

Join 103

Usergroup for Drupalers working in Nicaragua

Join 103
Time Banking

Working group for planning, creating and maintaining time-based alternative currency systems with Drupal

Join 104
Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island Drupal Users Group

Join 104
DrupalCon Latino Organizers

Coordinations for DrupalCon Latin America

Join 104
Drupal for Community Supported Agriculture

This group is to discuss using drupal -- reusable components -- to support Community Supported Agriculture

Join 104
Public Media

Facilitating easy implementation and adoption of Drupal in the public media realm

Join 105
Inland Empire Drupal (IE DRUPAL)

Group targeted toward the Inland Empire in Southern California

Join 105
Quebec City - Ville de Québec

Drupal developers and users located in the region of Quebec City, Canada

Join 105
Drupal Open Learning

Working group for a new project learning program styled after the popular Google and Knight initiatives.

Join 105
Alfresco Integration

A place to discuss possible integration points between Drupal and the Alfresco DMS.

Join 106
Knoxville, Tennessee

Group for University of Tennessee and Knoxville area persons interested in Drupal

Join 107
Charlotte Drupal User Group (CharDUG)

Drupal user group for Drupal interested in the Charlotte, NC (USA) area.

Join 107
Drupal Worker Cooperative

Discuss and template a worker cooperative model for Drupal and Open Source software operations.

Join 107
Business Intelligence

Using Drupal as an Enterprise Reporting and BI tool

Join 107

Drupal module and theme development group in Jordan.

Join 107

A group for Drupalers from Israel

Join 108

Drupal Users from the Ruhrgebiet - Germany, NRW, Essen

Join 108

Support group for people using the NodeStream distribution

Join 109
Colleges in India

Fostering better interest in drupal amongst college professors, lecturers and students in India

Join 110
CSS preprocessors and compilers

A group for learning about CSS compilers like Sass (Compass) and Less CSS, sharing examples and discussing Drupal integration

Join 110
Using Open Data in Education

This group is dedicated to identifying sources of open data, and documenting best practices around the use of open data.

Join 111
Unofficial Drupal Roadmap

An unofficial roadmap for the upcomming release of Drupal

Join 111
Maharashtra, India

Group for people of Maharashtra, India

Join 112
TMGMT: Translation Management Tools

Manage the Translation Workflow

Join 112

Egyptian Drupal User Group.

Request membership 112
Contrib Development Best Practices

Help for contrib developers on best practices and problem-solving

Join 113

This is the Drupal Local User Group in Nigeria

Join 113

Planning discussion for DrupalCampUK (including Ireland!).

Join 114
International Drupal Associations

A group for those involved in organising national Drupal associations, whether formal or informal

Join 114
Central Texas

Drupal group for Waco, Temple, and everything in between.

Join 114
Federal Digital Government Strategy

A group discussing best-practices, tips and tools for implementing the Federal Digital Government Strategy using Drupal

Join 115
Drupal Persian

Drupal's Persian/Iranian Users

Join 115
Drupal Nebraska Group

Drupal Developers and Users in Nebraska

Join 117

coordinate drupal arabization efforts and discuss building Arabic websites with drupal

Join 118

Oxford (UK) Drupal Users' Group

Join 118

Finland Drupal User Group

Join 118
Zend Framework

Implementing Zend Framework Components in Drupal

Join 119
Dubai Drupal Group

Drupal Developers Group in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Join 119
European Regional DrupalCon Organizers

DrupalCon Europe

Join 119
Wales, UK

A Drupal group for users in Wales, UK

Join 120
Quality Assurance

Testing and quality assurance coordination group for the Drupal project (core and contrib)

Join 120

This group is for anyone who is using Redmine to help manage a team of drupalers and their drupal projects

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Comunitat catalana del Drupal

Catalan Drupal Users Group

Join 121
Czech Republic

Drupal users from Czech Republic

Join 121

A meeting point for users who reside in Barcelona.

Join 122
Santa Barbara Drupal

Santa Barbara, California - Drupal Users Group

Join 122
SF Peninsula

Bi-Weekly Drupal group to meet up on the San Francisco Peninusla.

Join 122
Drupal Art

Group for anything that has "Drupal Art" under the sun.

Join 122
SoC 2007

If you are interested in Summer of Code, either as a student, a mentor or someone else, join this group.

Join 123
Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Drupalists

Join 123
LDAP integration development and modules

Group dedicated to people interested in development of integration modules between drupal and LDAP

Join 124
Data Mining

Analyzing data about Drupal for insight and growth

Join 125
Cornell University

Cornell Universities Drupal discussion group

Join 125
Drupal LTS

Find, discuss and organize strategies for a Drupal Long Term Support

Join 125
Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp (GLADCamp)

GLADCamp is a DrupalCamp serving the Greater Los Angeles Drupal community.

Join 126

a group for people using Drupal to host Indymedia sites to discuss ideas and share code.

Join 126
Open Outreach

A working group for users and developers of the Open Outreach Drupal distribution for nonprofits

Join 127
Comunidad Valenciana

Drupal group for people in Comunidad Valenciana (Spain)

Join 128

Discussion, Collaboration, and Planning for Ajax.module

Join 128
Paying for the plumbing

A group for discussion of creative funding and business models to provide sustainability for developers contributing to Drupal

Join 128
West Midlands UK

Covering the West Midlands, including the cities of: Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton (among others).

Join 128

IRC matters

Join 128
UMass Amherst User's Group

UDU — The official Drupal users and developers group at the University of Massachusets Amherst.

Join 129
DrupalCon Paris 2009

A French/English group to facilitate the organization of DrupalCon Europe 2009 in Paris

Join 129

Serbian group for sharing advice & thoughts about Drupal

Join 129
Object Oriented Programming and design

Discussing OOP in Drupal

Join 129
Object Embedding (Flash)

This group is focussed on Object Embedding. Integration with 3rd party Flash Tools. Embedding displays from You Tube and Flickr. ActiveX anyone?

Join 130

Dedicated to facilitating SaaS systems using Drupal

Join 131
Science Applications

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and other uses for Drupal in science.

Join 131

A place for young drupallers to meet each other.

Join 131
Oklahoma Drupalers

The goal of the group is to combine experince and ideas within the state

Request membership 131

Traditional Chinese Drupal group.

Join 131
Arizona State University

For anyone interested in Drupal at ASU or the surrounding area. Tempe, Arizona

Closed 132 Testing Infrastructure

A working group around's automated test infrastructure:, PIFR modules, testbots, and the like.

Join 132
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