This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

Selanjutnya..., Drupal.!!

Designnya kaku...! nggak berbeda dengan Nuke atau yang lainnya. Kotak_kotak....!!!
(sekilas kalau kita hanya melihat "design trend" yang dikembangkan oleh para user)

Dan sekarang anggapan itu tidak berlaku kalau kita sedikit kreatif atau kita mau sedikit corat-coret lembaaran "defaultnya".

Good Luck..

zhangyb's picture

SGD$3000 - SGD$4000 Junior Drupal/PHP Developer - Singapore based job | Red Airship

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Drupal/PHP Developer
Red Airship – Singapore

About Red Airship

We are a fast moving team of interactive product designers who find simple solutions to complex problems by uniting effective UX design and high quality code.

We don’t develop websites and apps, we build products and experiences.

We love designing and building products that have real value to real users. We take pride in practicing user-centered design throughout our processes because the end-user experience is the one most important aspect of the product.

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el7cosmos's picture

Software Engineer (Drupal) | PT Jobklik Indonesia

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

Kami adalah startup yang didanai dengan baik dalam ruang e-karir yang akan membantu generasi muda mempersiapkan tenaga kerja, dan membuat seluruh proses pengembangan karir pengalaman yang luar biasa.

Kami sedang menyusun sebuah tim yang berani bermimpi besar dan membuat sesuatu terjadi. Jika Anda merasa memiliki apa yang diperlukan untuk menjadi bagian dari tim impian kami, dan menikmati tantangan untuk membangun perusahaan kelas dunia, silahkan kirimkan lamaran Anda.

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suryanto's picture

Situs komunitas drupal Indonesia

Silahkan bergabung di situs komunitas drupal Indonesia:

Hosting disponsori oleh Acquia Cloud.

wismoyo's picture

Drupal Camp Indonesia 2012

Drupal Camp Indonesia bertujuan untuk mengumpulkan Drupal Themer,Drupal Developer,Pengguna Drupal, dan orang-orang yang ingin tahu lebih dalam mengenai Drupal CMS. Ayo bergabung dengan Drupal Camp Indonesia untuk dapat lebih mengenal dengan para penggemar Drupal di Indonesia.


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svenryen's picture

Vote on the date for DrupalCamp Singapore 2013

We're now planning DrupalCamp 2013. Head over to our web site at to vote!

svenryen's picture

August Singapore Drupal meetup - developer discussions

2012-08-14 19:15 - 21:00 Asia/Singapore

RSVP here:

There will be a Drupal meetup 14 August, so set aside the date. It will be a highly interactive meetup with much to learn and share for everybody.

Tentative program:

We are doing some necessary paperwork with the venue, so please stay tuned for the final announcement which will follow shortly.

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rcross's picture

Growing Drupal Downunder - Announcing DrupalCon Sydney, 6-9 Feb 2013

2013-02-06 (All day) - 2013-02-09 (All day) Australia/Sydney

We are very excited to announce that Drupal Downunder Sydney will be run as the first ever DrupalCon in the Asia Pacific Region.

DrupalCon Sydney will be held February 6-9, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Coogee only meters from the beach. The event will be filled with high quality sessions, BoFs, training and more - all with the theme of "Growing Drupal Downunder".

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svenryen's picture

DrupalCamp Singapore program posted

DrupalCamp Singapore program is here - sign up now if you haven't already, and plan your trip!

suryanto's picture

Ayo gabung di channel IRC #drupal-id

Untuk drupaller Indonesia yang menggunakan IRC. Silahkan bergabung di channel IRC #drupal-id pada Bisa juga melalui

Suryanto Rachmat

svenryen's picture

Nov 3rd. Meet the Drupal founder @ Blk71 - Lucky draw details

Lucky draw - S$13,250 worth of prizes.

For the lucky draw, you stand a chance to win

*** From Acquia Inc, 5 vouchers for free 1-year cloud hosting at Acquia DevCloud with nice features for backup/restore and GIT/SVN integration among many other features - worth USD 1984 (approx SDG 2500) each

*** From Rynet Pte Ltd/Zend, 2 licences for the Basic Zend Server Developer License each worth USD299 (SGD 375).

Note: In order to qualify for the prize draw, you need to be signed up for the event ( RSVP: ) and be present at the lucky draw

weesoon's picture

Drupal Developers and Themers | Maven Lab Pte Ltd

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 

Hi All, we are a Singapore based mobile and web development company and we have a office in Central Jakarta.

We are looking for good and passionate drupal Themers and developers to join our Indonesia team.

If you are interested, pls email me your resume and a short write-up about yourself to .

Thank you for viewing.

Wee Soon

svenryen's picture

DrupalCamp Singapore - inviting a speaker from overseas - post your candidates here

As you may have noticed, Singapore was granted money for Community Cultivation by the Drupal Association so that we can bring in an international speaker to our DrupalCamp.

Is there anybody you would like to invite?
The funds should be sufficient to bring in somebody from Europe and maybe somebody from the States if we use sponsor money to top up.

Please post your suggestion as a comment, and also - when you post,
1) include the name of the proposed guest
2) write a short explanation why you think we should invite this person
3) what you think are the benefits for the drupal community in singapore / South/SE Asia

Alternately, add to the discussion that you second one of the proposed candidates.

Note that I'm including some groups in the region besides Singapore - there might be funds available for a stopover somewhere else in Asia, so I also encourage members from nearby countries to suggest candidates for the overseas speaker.

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tvn's picture

Translation of Drupal 7 release announcement and press release

Hello. As you know, Drupal 7 is almost here! We are looking for volunteers to help with translation of Drupal 7 release announcement and press release to multiple languages.
More information here:
If anyone would like to help - please edit that wiki page and add your name.

Thank you!

discursives's picture

Location for DrupalCamp in Jabotabek?

Where could we have a DrupalCamp in Jabotabek? I'd like to help put one together for the weekend of March 4-5, 2011, during DrupalCon Chicago Pre-Conference Training.

*Friday March 4th - Pre-camp activities
*Saturday March 6th - Full day of sessions

Here's a page with some potential locations:

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jmsb's picture

Freelance Drupal Developer | Mike

Employment type: 
Part time

-I need to build 2 websites using Drupal. The site is already accessible online so I will give you the admin logins
-One website is very simple with Latest News, Welcome Message, Flash Rotator/Carousel, and some static pages
-The other website involves the SAME content as first website, but also needs to do create a module that does form processing, see attachment for flowchart
-I'm also looking for someone that can create a Drupal theme. We will give you the images, you just need to construct into Drupal
-You must be able to start immediately

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segments's picture

Drupal Community Development - Indonesia / Europe

Hello to all!

I would love to exchange exp. from the European Drupal Community and local user groups from Europe.

I will arrive in Jakarta on the 22. October.

So I will be in the following areas, where I could meet up with local Drupal enthusiasts.

probably between 26 - 30th October.
in Kalimantan

Then later in Jakarta and Bali again until the 1-2 Nov.

I'm founder of Drupal Bulgaria (see ) and active Member of

I would like to discuss the development of the Community in Indonesia / Europe and how we can help each other to develop Drupal.

Ivo Radulovski

Read more
Ralf's picture

Merge Indonesia group to Indonesia TKI

Merge Indonesia group to Indonesia TKI and rename Indonesia TKI to Indonesia.

Indonesia TKI is the older one and has more members.

TKI is the abbreviation of Tenaga Kerja Indonesia which means: Indonesian citizens who work abroad

But I think we do not need 2 different groups which have (nearly) the same topic.

Thanks/Terima kasih

DC Asia-Pacific's picture





不过,首先须有尽多的亚太Drupal社群共同参与涉入。您们可以通过翻译及另外登载此通告在其他亚太Drupal使用者及社群有机会看到的网址。请勿忘了去 注意亚太DrupalCon会议组织者小组的任何翻译及转载,以便我们能够观察到进展情况,同时大家也能相互分享交流译文。

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DC Asia-Pacific's picture

DrupalCon Asia-Pacific Organizers Invite You to Participate

We are excited to announce the DrupalCon Asia-Pacific Organisers group. DCAPO intends to lay foundations that will facilitate international Drupal Conferences (DrupalCons) in the Asia-Pacific region.

DCAPO welcomes and needs input and assistance from Drupal users and communities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. DrupalCons are a lot of work, and are only possible through the community's effort. Please join the DCAPO group to share your opinions and experience, volunteer your time, or nominate yourself or others for roles on the selection team.

DCAPO will later announce a call to the community to suggest and research locations for the first Asia-Pacific DrupalCon. Note that a lot of work goes into researching locations. The DCAPO selection team will only be able to seriously consider locations with suitable venues, dates and event management companies, financial estimates, potential audience and motivated local teams.

But first, as much of the Asia-Pacific Drupal community as possible needs to get involved. You can help by translating and reposting this announcement on other websites where Asia-Pacific Drupal users and communities are likely to find it. Don't forget to note any translations and reposts in the DCAPO group so that we can track progress and share translations with each other.

Read more
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