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Upcoming Local Events

Small regular meetings are held in various parts of the country, usually on a monthly basis. See the list below for upcoming meet-ups in your area.

  • Dublin - Last Wednesday of every month at 7pm - at Annertech's offices, top floor, 61 Merrion Square, Dublin 2
  • Galway - Looking for a Promoter - venue available - contact alan at
  • Belfast - On hold currently. Start a thread if you want to meet up!
  • Cork - Last Wednesday of the month in UCC. Details of each meetup will be posted in advance here.
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Developer | dotMobi

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

You must have genius Java, PHP, MySQL and web skill. A strong mobile appreciation will help. Other talents useful too (like an a tolerance of our musical tastes in the office).

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BarCamp South East

Last saturday Alan and I went down to the BarCamp South East in Waterford. We did a presentation of Drupal, Alan went through the benefits of Drupal for a website, and I showed how to install Drupal 5 in couple of minutes.

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Roundup of Drupal Ireland Meetup

Well, it has finally happened.
The Drupal community in Ireland has had its first meetup.

Some photos here

We had 8 attendees, and a great deal was learnt by all.

Vincent will have a write up of the details later.

I want to thank John Breslin from DERI for organising the meeting room.
It was fantastic to have such a facility.

We're already looking forward to the next meetup.
We plan to have a 'local' meetup in about 3 months time, and then go for a National meet up again in the summer.

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Planning Wiki

Only local images are allowed.Planning Wiki page for Drupal Ireland Meet-up
Feel free to Edit and add your own details

Venue :

DERI: Digital Enterprise Research Institute, NUI, Galway.
Maps available at
Wireless Internet access

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Drupal Ireland Meet up

2007-01-13 10:00 - 15:00 Etc/GMT

Location: Galway
Date & Time: Saturday 13th January 2007
Hi Folks,
Its confirmed.
The First Irish Drupal Meetup in going ahead.

Don't miss out on this historic ocassion.
An Event to be compared with JFK visiting Eyre Square, the Pope in Ballybrit, and U2 playing the Claddagh Hall:

When your Grandkids speak in glowing terms of this event, you can sit back and go yes, I was there!

For people attending from outside Galway, the Event times will allow you to to arrive by public transport [such that it is...]

Venue :

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Next Irish Drupal Meet-up in...

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Somewhere else
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Total votes: 5
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Irish Drupal Meet-up

Hi All,

This has been discussed a few times, but its about time we had an Irish Drupal meet up.


The idea behind a meet-up is to exhange ideas and experiences, and build up a local network of support.

I guess we should have the first one in Dublin, where most people can get to easily.

I'm based in Galway myself, so can anybody organise something in Dublin?

We have an offer from Jonnie from to present something about their site.
Something for everybody to learn there..

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Well Done Mailfriends

Just Thought that this
was certainly worth of a mention here.

Well Done Fintan and all the people at Mailfriends!


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Drupalcon debrief for Galway

Having recovered from my trip to Belguim, and further to a suggestion

I will offer to present a debriefing session for any Drupallers in Galway, should there be enough interest.


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Anybody heading to Drupalcon?

Hi All,

Anybody here in Ireland heading to Drupalcon in Brussels.

I'll be booking my flight and Hostel this evening.
I'm doing this on the cheap!


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