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This is one of the most active job listings for Drupal site builders, developers, and themers. It contains a mix of full time positions, free lance contracts, training requests, and other smaller paid tasks.

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Organization Position Post datesort icon Groups
Panmedia Drupal Web Developer 3 hours 54 min ago Jamaica
Secret Drupal Shop Drupal Developer and Themer (virtual) 4 hours 21 min ago SF Bay Area, LA Drupal (Los Angeles Drupal)
ConSol Partners Drupal Architect - Remote 5 hours 38 min ago New York City
AT-Tech Drupal Developer - Full-Time, Direct-Hire - Tyson's Corner, VA 9 hours 49 min ago Drupal Jobs
AT-Tech Drupal/PHP Developer - Contract - Alexandria, VA 9 hours 56 min ago Drupal Jobs
Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) – Servizio web Drupal developer 13 hours 38 min ago Switzerland, Drupal Jobs
ThomasArts E-Learning Software Engineer 1 day 1 hour ago Utah
Development Factory Group Webmaster 1 day 3 hours ago Latin America, Spanish, Peru
Elephant Ventures Drupal Theme Developer 1 day 3 hours ago New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey, Drupal Jobs
Texas Creative Front End Drupal Developer 1 day 21 hours ago Austin, San Antonio Texas, Central Texas
Save World Art Drupal site creater and developer 2 days 1 hour ago Portland (Oregon), Drupal Dojo
ImageX QA Lead 2 days 3 hours ago Vancouver
REI Systems Drupal Developer-Sterling VA 2 days 11 hours ago Washington, DC Drupalers, Northern VA Users Group
ZIYO Design Drupal/PHP Developer 3 days 4 hours ago India, Bangalore, Delhi
The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences Web Designer 3 days 5 hours ago Central Ohio
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) Drupal Developer 6 days 9 hours ago Seattle
Safety as a Service Custom Module Coder - Telecommute OK 6 days 9 hours ago Denver / Boulder Colorado (DBUG)
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Drupal Site Builder 6 days 12 hours ago Wisconsin
Genuine Interactive PHP/Drupal Web Applications Engineer 1 week 6 hours ago Boston
Family Office Exchange Drupal Intern 1 week 6 hours ago Internship and Exchange programs
Altarum Institute Web Developer 1 week 7 hours ago Washington, DC Drupalers, Northern VA Users Group, Maryland, Drupal Jobs
Origin Eight Core team member: Excellent Senior Drupal Engineer (back-end) 1 week 22 hours ago Minnesota, Drupal Jobs
Exaltation of Larks Senior Agile Project Manager 1 week 1 day ago Boston
ConSol Partners Senior Drupal Developer - Telecommute 1 week 1 day ago Washington, DC Drupalers, New York City, Chicago, Northern Arizona
Canadian Discovery Ltd. Senior Web Developer 1 week 1 day ago Calgary
LIN Digital Analytics Developer 1 week 1 day ago Drupal Jobs
The Ocean Agency Drupal Developer in Chicago 1 week 1 day ago Chicago
Jodi365.com Software Engineer (Products) / Web Developer 1 week 1 day ago India, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai Drupal Community
Jodi365.com Software architect / Technical lead 1 week 1 day ago India, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai Drupal Community
Fitrangi Co-Founder 1 week 1 day ago Mumbai
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