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We’ve been in business for 18 years and hold true to practicing clean and powerful designs and development practices.

We know there is a smarter way to work. We are obsessive about doing things the right way. We have seen a strong surge in Drupal projects with our clients and building on a strong engineering foundation, we are expanding our capacity to meet this demand.

We need Drupal to drive our front end, not the other way around. A Drupal Engineer here is a strategic thinker well founded in the Drupal philosophy, but in sync with modern web development practices.

What’s the job?

Write beautiful CMS templates
75% of time writing Drupal functionality
15% giving technical direction to Drupal developers
10% efficiency improvements
Planning and implementing Drupal for client projects
Working with producers to deliver on time with 100% functional coverage
We use GIT for source code management and JIRA for project management.
Most of our projects require Responsive Web Design.
Help develop guidelines for our front-end developers to facilitate Drupal integration, i.e. theme friendly HTML/CSS/JS
Develop documentation for Drupal best practices specific to clients and philosophies
Architect production hosting configurations with vendors like Acquia and Pantheon
What do you need?

Experience building large-scale Drupal sites, including active participation in the Drupal community.
Experience with Responsive Web Design.
Degree in Computer Science preferred.
A specialization in Drupal, not surface level experience with Drupal and 16 other CMSs.
What’s in it for you?

A deep appreciation for engineering elegance and doing things right.
A supportive and collaborative team of like-minded engineers, with many years of experience.
Enlightened designers and other experts with an appreciation of the complexity of the modern web.
Free lunch on Fridays.
Free beer on Thursday afternoons.
We offer a very competitive salary and great benefits. If you’re interested, please apply today!

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New York City

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