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We are looking for a back-end Drupal developer. Here are some of the skills that we would ideally be looking for. Please send your resume for consideration to

Third-party companies will be ignored.

• Understanding of standard security practices and regulations
• Experience with either the Workbench or the Workflow module.
• Have written a custom module for a merchant gateway is a plus.
• Performance and Scalability
• Knows how to make a website fast and capable of standing up to N number of requests per second.
• Installation & configuration of APC, Memcache, Varnish, MongoDB, XHProf and know how to optimize these technologies to make Drupal faster / more reliable.
• Experience with MySQL master slave configuration, database query optimization
• Should be very proficient at the Linux command line
• Be responsive during normal business hours via email, chat, phone
• Great communication with clients and project management team is a must.
• Experience with other languages/frameworks is a plus.

Drupal Connect is one of the largest Drupal development and support companies in North America. We were voted the 266th fastest growing company in America last year and expect to make the list again this year. Our clients include AOL, NBC, Olympus, Sony Music, Yale, Stanford University as well as 300 other organizations all across North America.