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Hi All,

MUST BE ABLE to meet in person at least once.

I am technical project manager for a full site re-creation. We are looking for a company to do redo our site with a theme that is within our university guidelines, and re-working our site information architecture/content audit. We can handle re-writing our content based on the recommendations. This is a high profile project for the School of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. If interested, please respond to

We are looking for a company that has a good track record with Higher Education.

We have extensive in-house Drupal expertise and in-house linux administration. Our REF is extensive and we are taking bids on the project. Please note, we will be augmenting the company we choose, with internal resources to drive the cost of the project down.

We have a budget in the range of 100K. For the right company, we can negotiate this amount versus scope. The most important parts of the request are the theme design/implementation and some of the features, we need and can drop some as needed ( to make the budget work). All of the internal systems, database maintenance work and even memcache creation will be done in house and the site will be hosted in our environment. Some components of the the RFP attached, we know are negotiable.

Ideally, we would like to meet with the vendor at least once in person, but almost all of the work can be done via telecommuting. We would prefer a Northern Ohio Vendor, but as long as they can meet in person on a rare basis, we are open to other vendors.

Currently we have about 75 Drupal 6 installs on a multisite, and are looking instead to a have single Drupal 7 ( or 8 if possible), with one site where we can partition access to users as needed. This must interface with the our Universities ADS and can do so through Ldap. We get about 30000 hits a month, so this is not a excessively used set of sites.
Although we have alot of individual sites, we do not expect the vendor to migrate all the sites. We just need to migrate to the new site, 1 department site, and 1 research site to insure everything is working. We do all the other migrations, end user training and maintenance.

Some the key features we are looking for include in the RFP:
*Full site redesign and information architecture redesign.
*Site sections that are designed and consistent for each department.
*Site sections for each research group.
*Internal site sections for committees ( so secure file usage/intranet).
*Various embedding of Media such as Youtube and Vimeo
*End-user back end simplification.
*Some publication workflows
*A few different content types and specialized Views theming ( which we are willing to talk about and discuss if they can be included).

We have an RFP deadline for proposals as of December 1st, but the project has more relaxed deadlines after the RFP and vendor is chosen. Again, if interested please respond to

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