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Your job is largely to quarterback big Drupal projects—not so much from a project manager point of view, but as the tech lead who will determine what to build and how to build it based on the planning documents you’re given. You’re an accomplished developer at this point, perfectly capable of executing the project on your own, but your role is as much about helping other (more junior) devs up the ladder as it is about getting things built.

You’re all about elegant (yet simple) solutions that leverage Drupal in ways that foster efficiency and quality work. And speaking of quality, you’re a stickler for it! Not just in terms of bug-free work, but you like to make sure that the final product is actually useful and useable—not just that it meets the specs.

Everyone is looking for Drupal devs in DC, right? So why should you consider us? In short, growth. Taoti is a great place to grow your skills, your influence, and your career. Unlike a lot of shops that just want a bunch of senior devs that they can plug into whatever the project de jour is, Taoti would rather figure out what makes you tick as a developer, and then both harness and foster whatever it is that you're passionate about and help you become master of that domain. Whether you like working with interactive maps or have leadership aspirations, our M.O. is to generally hire one level below what we're looking for and then build you into the position in a way that is good for both your long term goals as well as Taoti's.

Be sure to click the link and check out our slide deck about why you should join our team!