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Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Mobiroo offers the first ‘All You Can App’ Android app subscription service for top paid apps and games. Mobiroo obtains content from various studios and other content providers, globally, and distributes this content through multiple markets and channels.

Since 2009, Mobiroo has become the leading provider of mobile solutions for app curation, discovery, promotion, and distribution, through their app gift card platform. Recognized as one of Canada's "Companies-to-Watch" in the 2011 Deloitte Technology Fast 50, Mobiroo was the first company to market with Android and BlackBerry app gift cards, which sell in thousands of retail locations in over 15 countries worldwide. By leveraging the popularity of top mobile apps and games, Mobiroo now offers unlimited Android apps for a monthly subscription, and is currently rolling out the 'All You Can App' service with partners worldwide, including recent rollouts in Japan and US with Tier-1 carriers.

A Drupal developer or aspiring developer with a hacker's mentality. You don't have to be maintaining modules on Drupal.org but you should be able to demonstrate some form of Drupal coding work, be it module development or custom theme development. A couple Drupal sandbox projects would be best at a minimum. We're looking for someone that isn't afraid to open up core or contributed module code, read it, get an idea of what it's doing and apply that knowledge to new problems.

Desired Skills and Experience:
• Experience working with Drupal 7, especially:
o Drupal module development experience (Drupal 7 preferred, 6 accepted)
o Experience with Drupal Commerce, especially module development
o Custom theme development, i.e., template.php customizations, TPL overrides, anything in code really.
o Knowledge of core Drupal APIs (Form API, Database API, Field API, etc). You don't have to be an expert but should know of the APIs, what they do, and how you can use them.
• Experience working with revision control systems, specifically GIT. Knowing how to branch, commit, push, pull are all sufficient but if you know the difference between merge and merge no-ff, know what it means to rebase -i and git blame, you're golden.
• Experience with OOP design and development. We're looking for someone who knows the difference between abstract and interface classes, can explain why class variables should be private and understands common design patterns, particularly Factories and Decorators.
• Knowledge of MySQL command line and experience writing complex, optimized queries, or a huge willingness to learn. Brownie points for past experience using the Slow Query Log.

All interested candidates are asked to email their resume to hr@mobiroo.com

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