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Full time

Drupal-PHP Developer

Full time with flexible schedule

Company Description

WikiJob is the UK's largest graduate jobs website, running Drupal 7, delivering over 1 million pages a month. We are also an open source contributor to Drupal.org, and we maintain high code standards.


Language: Russian

Desired Knowledge / Skills / Experience

  • Experience (3+ years) of working with Drupal
  • Basic knowledge of Linux, Nginx, Git, Redis, Solr, Varnish, Drush
  • Drupal APIs we use:
    • Theme API
    • Form API
    • Schema API
    • Database API
    • Entity API
    • Views API
    • Cache API
    • Search API
    • Queue API
    • Batch API
    • Ctools API
  • Modules:
    • Views
    • Panels
    • Features
    • Rules
    • Mailchimp
    • Elysia Cron
  • Intergation:
    • PayPal
    • Mailchimp
    • Mandrill
    • Google Analytics
  • Testing
    • Behat
    • Simpletest
  • Debuging:
    • Xdebug
    • XHProf / Xdebug's Profiler
    • Web inspector
  • Frontend:
    • AngularJS
    • jQuery
    • Twitter Bootstrap

Extra points

  • Open source projects (ex: contributed modules on Drupal.org)
  • Knowledge of other languages/technologies

To apply

  • Please submit the code of a Drupal module you have written.
  • If you have any open source projects, please provide links.
  • Please provide your drupal.org username.

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