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I'm a small LA photographer who is hopefully in the final stages of having a new portfolio site. The problem is that my programmer has flown the coop, and now I have a site that he says is 98% complete.

I'm looking for someone to help out immediately with finalizing the last bits of functionality to be worked out. Ideally you live in LA so we can meet about this. I am not a Drupal programmer at all, just looking to hire one. I have 2 functionality issues, 1-2 css/ design issues and 1 mysql problem.

Here are the specifics:


mysql Error:
When we transferred the site over to my server, this is the error my programmer last left me with:
mysql error : Duplicate entry 'comment_publish_action' for key 'PRIMARY' drupal

*This is the most immediate problem, because I can't get the site to run to even get a quote on the other issues. I'm currently hosting with Dreamhost, and I'm on Drupal 7.

Mostly the menu isn't functioning correctly in the current mobile version, and my drop down menu on a non-mobile browser is a little wonky. The problem is that I can't give you more than this link for reference:
When I/ we attempted to transfer the site to my server I had a number of problems.

Looking to have my custom font implemented into the mobile version's menu.

Deadline: I'm looking to have my site running by the 10th. (Gulp!)

Cost: I understand this may be difficult to supply a quote for. Maybe suggest a range of expected costs?

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