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I've been a member of the Drupal community here in NYC for 6 years 2 weeks. I've been a themer and site builder for CNN, Sony Music, Columbia University, among others.

I'm now independent, picking up good projects, I've finally reached a point where I have more work than I can handle myself. I need a hand.

  • I'm looking for a really great Drupal themer + site builder.
  • I'd like that person to be local (near NYC) or in California (I'm originally from CA and I travel there every other month).
  • I need that person to have at least 15-20 hours free per week to really do great work.
  • I'd like that person to have at least 4 years of Drupal-dedicated front end work under their belt.
  • I'd like that person to know and love responsive development.
  • I need that person to be able to show past work; to show a dozen past projects.

If you're into it, let me know your rate and availability and experience.

Thank you!!


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