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We are looking for people with Drupal experience to work on a contractual/hourly basis doing UI Redesign, Drupal admin changes, and heavier design and deployment of our new areas. We are looking for one or more talented people to work with us on this. The ideal candidates will have both technical and management/communication skills to collaboratively design something that meets our needs efficiently. If you or anyone you know is interested in such an opportunity, please have them get in touch. We are interested in a fairly quick ramp up. Designers can submit separately, if desired.

Tasks we need completed:
-redesign site entry w/ better flow
-install customer options to elicit pricing schema (e.g. bookstores registered get auto discount, regular user do not)
-implement bulk pricing for all non-digital products and incorporate into ecommerce
-provide site admin training for 2 LN staff
-and more...

We are about to get a second round of funding from EBay's philanthropic investment arm to make enhancements to our Leverage Networks website to build and test a new membership model and learning community setup as well as to enhance the UI and flow to improve user experience and uptake of our offerings. The online hub is a new vision for a Systems Thinking Community (derived from MIT Sloan School and work popularized by Peter Senge in The 5th Discipline) that has been around for over 50 years and needed to move beyond publishing and conference delivery to achieve financial stability and better serve the community.

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