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Company Overview
EmpowRx is a healthcare technology startup creating digital patient education and 3-D interactive exercise programs which patients love to do! By joining our start-up, you have the opportunity to further your career, improve your financial position by investing your efforts/earning equity and also to improve health and quality of life for millions of patients.

Project Overview
EmpowRx is seeking development partners to help design and build its web and mobile multi-user healthcare technology environment using a combination of open source technology and commercially available technology. Initially work will be for equity with potential to convert to employee status once venture is funded.

What we are looking for
We are looking for front and back-end software developers with solid knowledge of SQL and 3-D animators with rig experience. Please apply if you have skills in one or more of these areas. Must be comfortable working remotely with virtual team, use source control systems to commit work, and be familiar with UX and testing. Incentives offered for referrals.

Drupal Development:

  • planning, prototyping and delivering new websites using HTML/CSS and Drupal
  • create assets from artist mockups (convert PSD to code)
  • test and refine UI
  • ability to produce a commercial product with documentation
  • Experience with open source, PHP, Java, JSP, PERL, SQL, LAMP
  • Familiarity with iOS and/or Android/Linux

Requirements (What you will be doing)

  • prepare a development plan and delivery schedule for your part of the project
  • participate in analysis, planning, testing, development, support, upgrades, error correction, and maintenance.

To respond to this opportunity, please answer the following questions:

  • Provide portfolio, work samples, or links to previous work with any the necessary fields (3-D, front end, back end, gaming development)
  • Describe your experience with relevant technologies and your testing and documentation practices
  • Describe how you will ensure that the project will remain on schedule
  • Once we are funded, are you prepared to join EmpowRx as an employee?

Equity and Future Pay and Perks
1. The position starts with equity as compensation and transitions to paid employment with benefits and perks once we have received funding or a commercially viable product
2. When we are funded and profitable, developers will be eligible to receive a salary and benefits based on work effort, job description, and amount of time invested

Contact Information
Any questions about this opportunity or its requirements should be directed to Heather Raymond 917-660-1742 or

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