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Hey Drupalers, I'm looking for a front end web developer. Someone amazing of course, who can just magically and intuitively understand everything that is needed without proper briefing documents! Seriously though, someone like this:

  • Good understanding of UX principles
  • Great CSS and Javascript skills
  • Good understanding of Bootstrap theming
  • Not afraid to work on a massive Drupal website (prior Drupal experience would really help but is not essential)
  • Not averse to working for peanuts (relatively speaking) on a really worthwhile health-tech innovation
  • You'd be working for the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation, a health promotion charity
  • You'd be working with another full time Drupal developer who is focusing on back-end functionality, and myself as the project manager
  • Part time or full time can be discussed
  • Ideally you would be able to come to work at NEST Coworking in Thornbury at least a day or two a week, preferably more, even if working remotely the rest of the time.

If a person with a particularly amazing set of skills turns up, there's the potential for the role to morph from 'front end developer' to 'tech lead' and a long term role, perhaps with equity, could emerge. Please contact me through the group, or mail [at] or 0438 004 807.

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