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Hello! We're looking to supplement our in-house capacity and knowledge of mobile app development (i.e. PhoneGap or similar) for an upcoming project. At the same time, we're looking to expand our Drupal talent. Ok, now that that's out of the way, here's more information about us:

Want to learn, grow and be part of a high-caliber team of Drupal experts, working with good management, best practices, high-quality tools, as well as nice, fun, considerate, collaborative people? If so, this opportunity might be for you! We won't hold your hand, and everything won't be micromanaged and written out for you in stone, but we believe this self-sufficiency is part of what makes our team great. We're hoping to find another core team member - someone who is an autonomous worker yet dedicated and highly involved in the great work we're doing, the strategy of our growing and promising company, and can commit to at least 25 hours per week (or more - if you're looking for full-time employment, let's talk). Our company is called Origin Eight, based in Minneapolis, MN, USA with a team extending across the world. Check us out at http://www.origineight.net

We are looking for excellent back-end talent, but if you have additional talents such as sysadmins skills, leadership experience, project management, front-end, etc, please mention these as well -- we are trying to build redundancy in our team.

You would report to the Director of Engineering and a Project Manager, who report to me, the CEO. I'm the CEO, a software engineer and hard-core Drupal developer; this has many advantages to you, because I understand stuff that you go through, and provide a personal and personable managerial touch in addition to ensuring best practices in all technical aspects of the company. The great majority of developers who work with us very much enjoy doing so, provided that they (1) are who they say they are and (2) can communicate well and read/follow directions closely. We like to go to conferences like DrupalCon, have a yearly meeting in Minnesota, go to local conferences, and I often jet off to various coasts to attend Drupaly things, so while we are a distributed company we do like to connect in-person whenever we can and enjoy each other's company.

You should be proficient in these general skills:

  • UNIX command line (at least basic skills -- we do all remote dev, so if you can't develop on our remote dev server, that will be problematic -- you can still set up SFTP and use an editor, but all code must reside on our remote servers).
  • Experience working with git, or at least really good version control skills.
  • Experience using the Features module to push changes across environments is highly desired -- please mention this / describe your experience if applicable.

As a back-end developer, you should be quite proficient in things like these:

  • Custom module dev, PHP skills, good knowledge of the Drupal API.
  • Migrations (or at least a good idea of how they can be done in Drupal)
  • Advanced Drupal site-building skills (i.e. Views, Panels, etc).

This is an ongoing, contract opportunity. If you are extremely excellent and can jump right in, do well, and bill reasonable amounts of time, then we might be able to let you go full-throttle and be a part of our "core" team, bringing you on as a W2 employee (if that's what you desire).

We will respond to the best candidates via email, then screen via a Skype/phone interview, then our project manager will put you on a few small trial tasks first to make sure you're ready to roll.

Send a quick note or cover letter and credentials (resume / LinkedIn / etc) as well as hourly rates that you're willing to consider to jobs@origineight.net or apply through the link below. Calls or personal emails sent to me or my company will be ignored.

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