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We are currently converting a site that was done previously in Drupal 6 by an India contract firm to Drupal 7. This is far more than a standard Drupal site, as heavy customization was done in a number of custom modules, with little or no documentation.

Important note: We prefer US based small independent contractors.

I have converted about 75% of the code at this point, but we need it finished, so I am looking for someone to work in tandem with me and to bounce ideas with and help troubleshoot and finish off the code conversion. Must be strong in:
Custom module development
PHP (and some Java and JQuery)
SQL and the Drupal 7 database API
Some Theming conversion...
Job expected to last about 4 weeks... and can be done via the Internet / ie telecommute

Please provide some info on your experience with Drupal 7 and custom module development, as well as your proficiency in the Drupal 7 database API and debugging. Our budget is not huge, but we are very flexible on time etc.

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