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We are currently seeking an Entry-Level Front-End Developer. You will be a key member of out team team with lots of growth potential.

We're looking for enthusiastic candidates who create clean, semantic, accessible, interoperable HTML that validates, as well as the unique ability to use those concepts to increase search engine visibility. Beyond markup, we're looking for developers who demonstrate a high level of mastery with CSS and the ability to execute on complex designs, as well as a focused understanding of applying advanced inheritance patterns to create solutions that are efficient, fast, extensible, and appropriately tailored to our most advanced requirements of usability and functionality.

Additional Qualifying Considerations:
------Lenox exp. a plus
----- Heavy in phone technology/voice over
- 1+ years with front-end technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
- Experience working with development teams.
- Strong ability to communicate and coordinate with team members.
- Familiarity with web development in PHP is a huge plus.
- Proven track-record dealing with Win/IE and other browser quirks in CSS and DOM.
- Experience with JavaScript, XmlHttpRequest, DOM, and DOM Events.
- Familiarity with Cross-Site Scripting issues.
- Experience with mobile and implementing responsive designs is great, but not required.
- Familiarity with techniques for improving http performance is a plus.
Please email me your resume