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Job Summary

Young, enthusiastic and driven company based in Melbourne CBD seeks professional web development staff to further develop their flagship online SaaS product in the property management industry.

Equiem is a 3 year old company, with a quickly growing client base, and ambitious development roadmap looking for a fourth full time developer to help improve and scale the product.

Our PHP development is based on and heavily leverages the Drupal API, but we're happy to hire and train an experienced PHP developer in the Drupal framework (we've done this successfully a few times before!).

Job Description

Equiem provides cutting edge solutions to Australia's largest property owners and managers. Our cornerstone product leverages social technology to change the way building managers, tenants and retailers connect & communicate.

We like to make work fun but still take what we do very seriously. Our office is located in the Rialto Towers on Collins Street, Melbourne CBD. Our tools of choice are Mac OS X, Pivotal Tracker, Acquia Cloud and Github to manage our development operations and release cycles.

The position is available immediately. Salary is negotiable based on what you can bring to the team.


Our product is based on and heavily leverages the Drupal API, but we're happy to hire and train an experienced PHP developer in the Drupal framework (and it's idiosyncrasies).


  • You've been working with PHP for some years now, understand and embrace the Open Source ethos and want to take things a step further.
  • You have a deep understanding of JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.
  • You have an eye for detail and can research and develop new code in a structured manner, without excessive trial and error and can communicate your findings clearly to management, or non-technical staff.
  • You can read other people's code, understand why and how it works, as well as how to extend it to achieve new goals.
  • You have very good English skills and are keen to learn and improve.
  • Your ability to take ownership of projects and drive them has proven successful in the past.

When you're not in the office working on projects for money, you're tinkering away at home building DIY software for passion projects "just because". You've attended industry social events in the evenings and on weekends, because you like to interact with others sharing your interests.

(Also, you are not a recruitment agency)

Nice to have:

  • Existing experience with Drupal 7's API
  • Working knowledge of CSS preprocessors, responsive theming and CSS3 (SASS)
  • Experience using JavaScript to build dynamic page elements and handle AJAX behaviour


While a resume is nice to have, we would much prefer you provide a cover letter explaining specifically why you are right for this position with our company. We mean this in the nicest possible way, but it's unlikely that you are right for this position if you can't or won't write a cover letter for us.

Send it to: - Head of Platform Operations