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Full time
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We would like to include a responsible person into our team, with extensive experience in web application programming (PHP/jQuery/Drupal).
If you love solving back-end problems, PHP is your daily routine, you've developed a heap of websites and you'd like to work in an attractive development team, we can guarantee you a lot of work, occasional overtime, stimulative bonuses, colorful colleagues and focused superiors.
You're expected to be proactive, able to resolve tasks on your own, analyze and solve problems and have a keen attention to details.
We're not looking for a robot. You should have a natural desire to socialize and work in a team environment.
You'll be working closely with the rest of the team during the development process, be in occasional contact with other project's leads and sometimes have direct contact with clients.
Most often, you'll work on 2-3 projects simultaneously. Daily operations are a natural part of our workflow.

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