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@TaotiCreative is hiring a Website Concept Designer (Web UI / UX / Designer)

Taoti Creative ( Washington, DC-based digital strategy and Drupal-centric web design agency--is looking for a hybrid web design/UX/concept guru.

Essentially, your job is to lead the charge in coming up with the overall concept for the websites we build: what the layout will be, how the navigation will work, what it will look like, etc. You’d be heavily involved in the discovery and architecture phase (because if you’re going to come up with the new concept for the site, it’s important that you understand first-hand where the old website failed and what changes the client is looking to make in their next iteration of their site. Your key deliverables on most projects will boil down to detailed wireframes and then full-blown mockups. It will be up to you to be able to articulate your vision both on paper and in person to the client.

It’s a tall order of a role. You really need to understand the client, the industry, the existing content, modern web trends and technologies, the client’s strategy going forward, and on top of all that, you need to be able to create high quality deliverables and mockups that ooze innovation and polish.

It’s worth noting that may shops divide these roles into an art director and a UX strategist (or some variation of those roles.) And frankly, that’s what we do now as well. But as we grow out our creative department, we’re looking to see if a hybrid person exists who is equally good as creating the designs as they are figuring out what those designs should entail. Why? Because at Taoti, we believe in the seamless integration of form AND function. We don’t think that design is a separate process from UX/functionality. So it stands to reason that if one person was thinking in both mindsets, that integration would be even more seamless.

If we find our unicorn that can serve both purposes, we recognize that it’s going to be a pretty experienced person with a proven track record—and someone that commands a 6-figure salary. Money aside, there are lot of other benefits and perks to working at Taoti. Check out our slide deck:

There is no set application process—just drop us a line and show us what you’ve got (that ‘show us’ part is pretty critical.) Suffice it to say, we’re going to want to see your work—not just the finished products, but some of those precursor deliverables (annotated wireframes, for example) as well that demonstrate how you are able to present and articulate your vision.

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