Are you a Lighty fan in an Apache world? It turns out the Lighttpd web server is a great platform for running Drupal too. This group is for discussion of using Drupal in conjunction with Lighty and vice versa.

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Basic rewrite issues - lighty newbie!

Hi all

I have an ASUS Transformer T700 running Android 4. I have installed an app called KSWEB which has MySql, php5 and lighttp.

I have downloaded d7 and it installs fine, and i have exported my site database from my laptop and imported to the 'droid ok.

When i go to the localhost via the pad browser, the home page is served but anything else fails with a 404 error. If i use the '?q=' in the url, then the sub page loads. I cannot get it to work with clean urls.

There is only 1 site, no virtual hosts or anything like that.

Any help in working out a rule would be great!

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I gave up on Lighty.

Well, after years of waiting for version 1.5 to come out, I finally decided to give up recently when upgrading between sub-point-releases of 1.4 on my VPS caused my site to go down (again) and I couldn't quickly figure out why. Yep, even though I founded the Lighty GDO group, I'm running nothing but Nginx now, both on my VPS and locally. Here's a few quick thoughts on the switching experience.

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Lighttpd config for multisite Drupal

Here is my lighttpd config. It supports shortened URLs for the /files & /themes.

$SERVER["socket"] == ":80" {

# drupal specific stuff

# Deny access to backup_migrate module dumps
$HTTP["url"] =~ "^(/sites/(.*)/files/backup_migrate/)" {
    url.access-deny = ("")
$HTTP["url"] =~ "/files/backup_migrate/" {
    url.access-deny = ( "" )

# drupal vhosting

$HTTP["host"] =~ "(.*)$" {

    ### default to drupal 7
    server.document-root = "/local/www/drupal-7/"
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Multisite on Drupal 7


I was wondering if any one could share how they've gotten D7 with clean urls and mutisite working in Lighttpd? Any success with out LUA? The most relevant documentation that I can find is here:

However it's still not working for me, I have custom .conf files for each domain, so I'm not sure if I should just edit the main domain .conf, or create separate .conf's for each multisite?


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D7 Update

Looking at lighty for the first time but wanted to know if/how people are using it with D7. I have a few sites running D6 I'm not concerned about based on everything I've read -- but knowing I can use it for future sites on D7 is quite important ;)

Can anyone weigh in on this?

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Need lightttpd clean urls


I have started using drupal on lighttpd for the few days.. My directory set up goes like this .

I am able to get the clean urls for the above sites using lua scripts. I have no problem on accessing the pages using both apache and lighttpd

But I got another site,like


When I click the pages on the subsite3 and subsite3.1 I am getting page not found errors when I use lighttpd. but it works fine with apache2. I need help on this.

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Clean URLs On The Same LIGHTTP Server That Also Serves Static Sites

My lighttpd server is serving both a Drupal based dynamic content website and a static content website. On the dynamic website Garret Albright's LUA script at: works like a charm.

But on the static website it seems to cause Lighttpd to ignore the configuration file directive:

server.indexfiles = ("index.php", "index.html",  "index.htm", "default.htm")

Also tried:
index-file.names = ("/index.php", "/index.html", "/index.htm", "/default.htm")

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Issue with multi-site & macports on Snow Leopard


I'm having an issue that's really driving me nuts:

I'm on a Mac and moved from Leopard to Snow Leopard. I did a clean install of xcode and macports and installed all necessary ports. After some fiddling mysql (5.1.50), php (5.3.3) and lighttpd (1.4.26) are running fine. Drupal (6.17) runs fine also but I cannot get the multi-site feature to work again (it worked on Leopard). The relevant part (probably...) of the lighttpd.conf is:

Name all drupal hosts such that they have a '.dev' toplevel domain

$HTTP["host"] =~ ".dev" {
url.rewrite-final = (
# imagecache

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Heads up with Drupal 7 tests

A heads-up to my fellow developers. I ran into this problem on Lighty, but it probably is going to occur on all non-Apache server daemons, so I'm cross-posting this to the Nginx and IIS groups too.

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multi site with lighttpd

I wasn't happy with the vhost modules in lighttpd, I host a few drupal sites on a multisite setup, as well as a few non-drupal sites, so a single way of defining vhosts was a bit too restrictive. I came up with a script which is loaded by include_script, based on this howto. I'm using the mod_magnet script from here.

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