The Media group is the working group for the Drupal 7 File entity module, Media module and all the various modules that extend Media. The Media group is a place for all interested parties to collaborate and discuss anything related to the Drupal Media "ecosystem".

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Embedded Media Field Provider Tutorial

FYI, I'm planning to do a Dojo session (using DimDim) sometime hopefully early this week around Embedded Media Field, with the following goals:

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Discography module - in development notice

hi Guys,

I've just been comissioned to develop a discography.module for Drupal. As the name suggests, it's designed to allow site admins who manage band/artist/label sites to insert discography information into a Drupal site, without having to jump through hoops with CCK & views.

I've had enough emails from site admins, getting stuck and asking for help, to know that there would be a demand for this module. Thought I'd post a notice up here to alert the art & music group to progress.

  1. Release name (node title)
  2. Release type (Album/single/ep/other)
  3. Release format (Vinyl/CD/DIGITAL/Cassette/DAT/DVD)
  4. UPC (unique product code)
  5. Record Label
  6. Artist
  7. Track Listing (including audio previews)
  8. ISRC codes (per track)
  9. Release date
  10. Release information (node body)
  11. Amazon/itunes/shop links.
  12. Release artwork
  13. Release genre
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Media Sprint TODO?

The Media Sprint 2009 Wiki has a rough outline, based on an earlier document started by arthurf, but needs some serious fleshing out. I plan to begin working in earnest again on the sprint later next week and the following (am trying to slot 3-4 solid working days towards it).

There are also several volunteers who have offered to help over the coming weeks as well. We need to try to build some organization.

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Drupal Media Sessions

Lessons, sessions, workshops, and other events that advance and promote the Drupal Media Initiative.


Would you like to lead a session? Submit it here and reference it below.

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Media Code Sprint (2009)

Media Code Sprint and Media Module Specifications

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Road map and Time Line
  3. Use Cases
  4. API Description
  5. $item structure
  6. Wireframes
  7. Deliverables
  8. Timeline
  9. Risks
  10. Resources


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Solution for media upload and distribution


Looking to identify the best web based solution (Drupal or third party) that would allow a content creator to upload and distribute media (video, audio, photos, ...for starters) to external sites and services.


These would vary depending on the specific needs. Could be a combo of Drupal modules, third-party solutions or both.


  • Web based service that can embed on any web page
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mCommerce SMS Payment gateway module for Drupal eCommerce

Hi guys,

I'm at the final stages of a new mCommerce gateway module for Drupal ecommerce for a client that okayed the release of it on brief, what the module does is allow you to use mobile phones as a method of payment on a Drupal ecommerce site. i.e. instead of using paypal, credit cards, debit cards, google checkout etc. you can now offer an mCommerce option where the customer pays via their mobile phone (reverse SMS txt billing message).

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What modules are best for building a site for animators and musicians

Was just wondering if anyone could help, am kind of lost with modules and I am about to put together a network thats for collaboration between musicians, animators, writers and artists.

has anyone built such a site, I do know how to install stuff and that but am just a bit overwhelmed with what to use, as I have a horrible habit of installing stuff when i probably shouldnt have done.

Any comments would be really appreciated or pointing me in the right direction

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The future of the asset module

I've been doing some thinking about the future of the asset module. First of all, I'm completely dedicated to bringing it to Drupal 6 and beyond. What is not sure however is in which form it will move forward. With the improved hook_form and specifically with filefield and emfield tying into the youtube api, flvmediaplayer, the new media player et al, I certainly don't want to duplicate efforts. The asset module itself is quite a big project and maintaining it requires a lot of my time.

That's why I've been thinking lately of stripping the asset module down to the asset wizard: leaving the uploading of files to the *field modules (having the admin decide which modules he prefers and what type of files he needs) and managing them with the asset wizard. The asset wizard could be taken so much further if it could get all the attention it deserves. One thing I could use help on is the interface from a usability perspective: both on the asset wizard itself and on how to tie it in the different fields (filefield, emfield, ...) and editors (TinyMCE, WYSIWYG, ...). Everything is welcome: from concepts and wireframes to mock-ups and patches.

How do you want to handle the files and embedded media that have been already been imported by media mover, uploaded by filefield or integrated by emfield?

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Ingredients for an Album/Track page

This wiki is an attempt to explore the various options we have to build an album page with the ability to play individual tracks as well as the complete album/playlist. Ideally we'll get input/advice from some of those who have built and/or implemented this type of solution.

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Media sites using Drupal

Media sites using Drupal

Scandinavian Companies and Market Scandinavian business English language news magazine (London)

Sections below include major newspapers, local newspapers, college newspapers, weekly newspapers, magazines, newspaper-related community sites, other online news sites, public and commercial broadcasting stations (radio and television), grassroots or citizen journalism sites, and more.


The Independent Barents Observer (English/Russian)

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